Effective home remedies for abrasion wound care and its results

Picture showing abrasion
Picture depiction an abrasion

There are various infections and diseases that are prevalent today. One of the common and heard one is abrasions. This article is going to explore home remedies for abrasion wound care. Although we are very excited to provide you with the information on abraded skin, one must first learn what these cuts and abrasion actually are. Hence, read below carefully –

An abrasion to put down lightly is a wound that can occur because of one falling or damaging their skin. There can be deep abrasions or a partial one that is considered quite superficial. These cuts and scratches need to be dealt with, and thus today we are going to highlight various abrasion wound care. Although, we are providing home remedies – it is not certain that they will suit you.

One obviously has permission to visit the doctor for abraded skin treatment. Nevertheless, do give this article based on abrasion wound care a read. This might do more wonders that your doctor!

Below are various Home remedies for abraded skin treatment and abrasion wound care


Abrasion wound care is something very common, as children keep falling and hurting themselves. However, these abrasions should be dealt with as fast as possible; otherwise, scars can be left behind. One of the many popular abrasion wound care remedies is turmeric.  Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent. If the fall was bad and the wound deep – then apply turmeric on the wound. This will give one instant relief. Nevertheless, it will also lead to fewer chances of having a scar.


One of the very popular ways of abrasion wound care is by applying garlic to the wound. Garlic is known to have certain properties which help in healing abrasions fast, and provide an instant cure. You will notice that once garlic is applied – the wound will stop bleeding, hence, the pain will reduce and instant healing will happen! So, all one has to do is apply a few garlic cloves.


Picture showing honey

Another very important remedy for abrasion wound care is honey.  When an abrasion occurs, waste no time in putting homey over it.  Infections are kept out of the wound with the help of honey. Honey as well all know is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.  It is best to apply honey directly on the abrasion before one washes it!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best home remedy when it comes to abrasion wound care.  It is surmounted with various properties that help in the healing process, keeps all infections away, and makes sure a scar is not left behind. Take an aloe vera leaf, cut it open and use the gel. Apply the gel directly on the wound, and you will see the wonders it will do!

Coconut oil

When abrasion wound care will meet coconut oil, everything will be butterflies and rainbows. Coconut oil is the best home remedy when it comes to healing wounds. In fact not only does it keep infections away, but also assures that no scar is left behind. So, if you’re worried about the abrasion on your leg, hand or anywhere – just apply coconut oil and experience the soothing relief!


A very good cure for abrasion wound care is onion.  They contain a compound name allicin that helps the wound from gathering any form of infection. A very good home remedy for abrasion, mix homey with onions and apply on the wound. This is a very good way of healing an abrasion and keeping it away from leaving permanent scars on the body

Marshmallow roots

This is a plant which is highly recommended for abrasion wound care. It is popular for wounds because it is very good in destroying the toxins and other bacteria’s from the wounds and abrasions. It is also very much useful in shortening the healing time of any wound. If one desires speedy healing and no marks then marshmallow root it is!


This is an herb which is very useful for abrasion wound care. It is good not only for abrasions but many other health conditions as well. To use it on a wound – collect its dry leaves, pack it into a cloth and then gently apply it on the wound. This will provide instant relief!

Apart from the above, there are other home remedies for abrasion wound care. Some being arnica gel, tea tree oil, and calendula. These are very much useful and give very good results in healing and doing away with infections!

Visit your doctor if –

We have provided one with various home remedies that help to cure an abrasion and prevent it from leaving a mark. However all these remedies may not provide one with 100% satisfaction, and if that is the case then for abrasion wound care go to your doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you with medications that we don’t do. The above home remedies are natural and a good way to cure abrasions.

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