Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies for Better Health

Non allergic rhinitis home remedies along with its symptoms, causes and the diet for quick recovery from this problem of allergy.

Today, we are talking about Allergic Rhinitis home remedies along with its symptoms and the diet for quick recovery from this problem. Although there is no permanent cure of this allergy, you can follow some things to keep away or control it. So, read this article further to know more about allergic rhinitis home remedies.

rhinitis problem

What is Rhinitis?

Rhinitis is actually a type of fever, usually a hay fever in which you cannot spot the symptoms very easily because of its mildness. You simply feel some sort of inflammation in your nose. The reason of suffering from rhinitis is weak immune system because you tend to overreact to allergens present in the air. It is of two types: Allergic Rhinitis and Non-allergic Rhinitis.

How does Allergic Rhinitis appear?

Well, there are many causes of Allergic Rhinitis. Mainly, one can catch it from pet hair, pollen, dust or mold. In many cases, people even suffer from these problem because of the genetic problem. Generally, people whose allergies have connection with pollen. They suffer only a few times in a year, while others may have to be more careful because they have a risk of developing asthma or atopic dermatitis.

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis?

Whether the Rhinitis is allergic or non-allergic, they both have similar kind of symptoms. Keeping your health in mind, we are sharing some common symptoms through which you can easily come to know if you are suffering from the problem of Rhinitis or not. Have a look on the symptoms given by us to have the clear idea about the symptoms of this problem:

inflammation in nose
  1. Some of the symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis are connected to irritating feeling in your nose: they could include a runny, stuffy or itchy nose. At the same time, you spot it if you have problem of sneezing.
  2. While you can even have cough, itchy and watery eyes or a sore throat.
  3. In some cases, you can even have dark circles under your eyes.
  4. If you start having the problem of headaches which are frequent. In that situation also, you may have to be a bit more cautious.
  5. Sometimes, people even have symptom of eczema that include extremely dry or itchy skin along with blisters.
  6. In this disease, you also feel very much tired.

Foods to avoid Allergic Rhinitis:

So, what foods to avoid for allergic rhinitis? Yes, it is very important to have the knowledge of the right food which we need to consume to recover from this allergy. This disease can have many severe effects on your health if it is continued for a prolonged period.

Avoid the following fruits in Rhinitis:

avoid banana in allergy

Of course, fruits are very healthy. But unfortunately, you cannot consume all of them, if you have Rhinitis. To your surprise, some fruits such as bananas, zucchini and melons trigger the problem of rhinitis. So, stay away from them until you do not get rid of rhinitis.

Avoid vegetables with skins:

Similarly, there are some vegetable which can even accelerate and increase the irritation in Rhinitis allergy. So, you even need to try to avoid some of them. For example celery and corn can do worse in this oral allergy. For your knowledge, celery has a stimulator that can cause allergies. It is as same as pollen grass.

don't eat skin

So, the best you can do is that whatever vegetable you like to eat, just take its peels off that vegetable and then cook. You don’t even have to avoid all the vegetables just because of this allergy because vegetable are good for your immune system. Therefore, follow the same process before cooking vegetables which we have told. Moreover, cooking will kill all the bacteria present in the vegetables.

Avoid food and beverages which are cold:

ice creams

For your better health while suffering from this allergy, we even recommend you to avoid all types of cold beverages and cold food. On consumption of extremely cold beverages and cold food, one can even have difficulty in breathing because it causes bronchospasm in breathing tube. For this reason, avoid ice creams, cold drinks and alcohols.

Avoid eating nuts, seeds or herbs:


At the same time, please ignore sunflower seed, almonds and hazelnuts along with the herbs echinacea and chamomile in order to have fewer problems in Rhinitis.

Food which you can have to feel better in allergic rhinitis or such allergies:

There are a few options for people with allergies like rhinitis. So, try to have them to get better before such allergies start interfering with your personal and professional life. Let’s get into some allergic rhinitis home remedies further.

Take herbal tea to get relief from allergic rhinitis:

herbal tea

Drinking herbal tea on a regular basis is also very good to do away with rhinitis. This tea is very good, especially when one takes prey to allergies. The herbs are caffeine free and contain rich anti-inflammatory properties!

Have apple cider vinegar to get relief from allergic rhinitis:

Apple cider vinegar is very effective in any kind of allergies. Thus, we recommend you to have it in the problem of allergic rhinitis for relief from irritation and inflammation. Of course, it also clears the mucous. If you want you can even mix one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and drink it for some instant relief. Also, you can take it for 2-3 times in a day for better results. Definitely, by telling you about this, we don’t mean that this is the permanent cure for allergic rhinitis, but yes, it can make you feel much better. If you want, you can even take this drink before the seasonal allergy starts alarming.

apple cider vinegar

Consume more and more onions and garlic in allergic rhinitis:

onion and garlic for allergy

For the same purpose, you can even start consuming more and more onions and garlic as they have quercetin. By consuming more and more onions and garlic, you can start feeling better with the allergies like rhinitis.

Have Omega 3 for relief in allergic rhinitis:

omega 3

Omega 3 is another very helpful in case of allergic rhinitis. This is because it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties too and we have already talked that food items which are either antioxidant or rich in anti-inflammatory can relieve you from the problem of rhinitis. It, on the other hand, include a lot of fish contents such as Salmon and Herring which is good for allergies.

Permanent cure of allergic rhinitis:

Until now, even doctors have not found any permanent cure of allergic rhinitis. So, with the help of above mentioned solutions, you can control this problem, but cannot curb it completely. Although the symptoms are sometimes prevalent, they disappear on taking precautions and avoiding a few food and drinks.

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