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How anorexia can be prevented by effective home remedies

How anorexia can be prevented by effective home remedies

Showing anorexia

It is very evident that our society has defined what beauty is. Not surprisingly, for women, beauty is about being skinny and having a good complexion. Thus, leading to many women adopting the anorexic life. As a society, we should be ashamed of categorizing beauty as being thin, and skinny. Hence, today we are going to stress on – How anorexia can be prevented. Before we indulge further into this topic, let us bring to light what anorexia really is

What is anorexia?

Anorexia is basically an eating disorder. Most people when anorexic are in fear of gaining weight, and hence they hardly eat. For them, even consuming one apple is a lot! People who have anorexia see themselves as fat, even though in reality they might be really skinny!

When we mention the word anorexia, thousands of questions appear – is anorexia an addiction? Is anorexia deadly? Can anorexia be genetic? Can anorexia kill you? And can anorexia be cured? How anorexia can be prevented?

Even though there are various questions raised, anorexia is a disorder where one is obsessed with their weight, and starve themselves, because as laid down by society – being thin is being pretty and beautiful.

showing anorexia

We are going to talk about how anorexia can be prevented by home remedies


Ginger is loaded with properties that are beneficial to one’s health. Take a piece of ginger and combine it with a pinch of lime and rock salt. This tends to stimulate one’s taste buds. With this stimulation, one’s desire to eat may increase automatically! It is said that ginger should be always consumed raw.

picture showing ginger

Tamarind and Salt

picture showing tamarind

When one is anorexic, they totally lose interest in food. Tamarind and salt help in enhancing taste buds. What one should do is – take a teaspoon of tamarind and salt powder, and just lick it. This will enhance your taste buds, and increase one’s interest in food!

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showing cardamom

Cardamom is said to be a very good cure for people with anorexia. It has a unique taste, which increases one’s affection for food. Adding cardamom in small amounts in various dishes can stimulate one’s need for food and a taste that is yummy and unique.

Hot water

Hot water is good for all kinds of disorders and infections. Having at least four glasses of hot water a day can make your body feel better and helps to do away with all the toxins and bacteria that one’s body accumulates. As per some people, drinking hot water increases one’s interest in food items! there are also benefits of hot water for weight loss


The above home remedies are useful in treating anorexia. There is no assurance that they will help for certain, but if one wants to seek help within the bounds of home, then the above might come to use. Being thin is a tag that society puts on us, and because of that eating disorders like anorexia occur.

Go to a doctor if

Anorexia can become a serious condition, a condition where women become skinny to an extent where only bones show. In such cases, home remedies may not end up working, and visiting your doctor is the only solution left. If the case is very serious, then take no chances, go to a doctor and seek professional help.

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