Appendicitis “The most common cause of abdominal surgery between the age of 10 and 30

Appendicitis Symptoms and Causes to Cure without Surgery Treatment via Antibiotics and home remedies with apple and vegetable juices.

Appendix is a small outgrowth of tissue forming a tube shaped sac attached to the lower end of large intestine. Inflammation of the appendix presents itself in acute and chronic forms. Burst appendix is a life threatening situation and needs immediate medical treatment. Usually appendix is considered a vestigial organ (meaning of no real use). It impacts about 10% of the population. Disease is often misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis. 

It may not be of great use but once ruptured it spills bacterial in the abdominal cavity, which in turn can infect the inner lining of the cavity-causing a life threatening problem called septicemia. 

Appendictis Cure

Can appendicitis occurrence be reduced? The answer is people with more fiber in their food, healthy lifestyle, have lesser chances of developing appendicitis. As we repeatedly say, diseases have their origin in mind. So he best prevention for any disease is a healthy stress-free mind. 

 Causes and symptoms of Appendicitis

 It generally begins with a sudden pain in the center of the abdomen. The pain may be preceded by a general discomfort, low-grade fever, bloated stomach, and difficulty in passing gas diarrhea or constipation. Gradually pain moves towards the lower right part of the abdomen. 

appendicitis home remedies

Appendicitis occurs when an excessive amount of waste material is in the caecum. As a result, the appendix gets irritated and inflamed. Inflammations are caused by the presence of germs.

Home Remedies Appendicitis

When the patient experiences the above-mentioned symptoms, urgent medical attention is required. Medications mentioned here should be taken only with the consultation of the doctor.

Green Gram: it is a proven remedy for restoring the injured appendix.

A preparation made with Green gram and ginger is very effective. Ten teaspoons of juice of lime should be mixed with juice of ginger in the same measure. One gram of rock salt should be added to the mixture. The above preparation should be kept in sunlight for three days. A teaspoon of the mixture should be consumed after both the meals for three days. It will improve the digestive system and strengthen the appendix.

Apples for Appendicitis

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an old adage and still applicable in 21st century. Apples are rich in vitamins and, minerals. They have anti oxidant properties, which make them potential anti-cancer agents. They overall give a fresh feel to the body.

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In the case of appendicitis, apples help by stimulating an enzyme called pepsin. Pepsin is the most important enzyme that our stomach produces. Its additional production stimulates the overall digestive system

Fenugreek seeds for Appendicitis

Regular use of tea made from fenugreek seed has proved useful in preventing the appendix to accumulate human waste and excrement. The tea is prepared by putting one tablespoon of seed in a liter of water and letting it simmer for half an hour at low heat. The tea is consumed when cold.

Vegetable Juice

 A good combination is an equal measure of beet and cucumber juices mixed with three times of carrot juice. The combination should be consumed twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

Butter milk

Is beneficial for chronic appendicitis. A litter of buttermilk can be taken daily for the purpose.

Whole Wheat

The consumption of whole wheat, which includes barn and wheat germ, has been found beneficial for preventing several digestive disorders.

Mix the barn with flour in the ratio of 1 is to 6. Consume 2-3 chapattis every day.

Dietary conditions

At the first symptoms of severe pain, vomiting and fever the patient should resort to fasting and nothing except water should enter the system. Fruit juice may be given from the third day onward, for the next three days. Thereafter the patient may adapt all-fruit diet for 4-5 days.

After this tightly regulated regime he/she should adapt a well balanced diet. It consists of seeds, nuts, grains , vegetables and fruits.

Other measures

 When the first symptoms of pain, vomiting and fever occur the patient is advised complete rest. A low enema containing about half a liter of warm, water should be administered every day, for first three days to cleanse the lower bowel 

Hot compress is often used to mitigate pain Abdominal packs made of clean cotton should bound tightly around the abdomen fro the time being till symptoms subside.

When the symptoms subside almost after three days, patient should be given a full enema with warm water and the process repeated until the inflammation and the pain has subsided.

Once the waste matter in the caecum starts passing into the colon, the accumulated dirt would be removed. This, in turn, would reduce inflammation and pain. Thus curing the ailment.

Appendicitis FAQ

How do you rule out appendicitis?

The physical exam is done to assess pain in the abdominal area. A qualified practitioner should be able to diagnose the pain.

  • Blood test ,A high WBC count, might indicate an infection 
  • Urine test
  • MRI imaging could give you a much clearer picture of the entire stomach area, and inflammation if any on the appendix readily seen.

What is the pain in appendicitis?

Dull pain near naval region, which becomes sharp as it moves to the lower abdominal region. Nausea, loss of appetite, inability to pass gas are other symptoms which may indicate appendicitis.

Does Appendicitis pain come and go?

Initially, it may come and go accompanied by fever, but after some time it will become constant. 

How do I know it is Gas or Appendicitis?

If you have bloated for a couple of days, have a problem passing gas, have a lot of gas accompanied by pain. These symptoms indicate appendicitis. They might be accompanied by fever and nausea.

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