Cure appendicitis with home remedies, naturally without Surgery


Appendicitis home remedies are very common. Some of the most important ones include garlic, oregano oil and apple cider vinegar.

There are times when people tend to avoid an ache thinking that it might be gas, or due to something they ate. Appendicitis is something like that. Many people don’t give much notice to it – thus, this leads to a bigger problem than it should. The ache is usually in the lower right abdomen. Hence, if one feels a tinge of pain in that area, do not avoid it. Our focus today would be on appendicitis home remedies

In short, appendicitis is a condition where this organ is inflamed and swollen and is surmounted by pus. It is a small pouch found on the right side of the abdomen. Before we move on to the appendicitis home remedies, let us talk about the symptoms and causes behind appendicitis

Symptoms of appendicitis

The very first sign is when one face a sober pain near the naval. This ongoing pain becomes acute in a matter of sometime.  When one has appendicitis their craving for food decreases, resulting in a loss of appetite. One also starts to face nausea and vomiting.  Apart from these, one also catches fever and passing of gas becomes difficult

Etiology of appendicitis

As far as the etiology goes this infection occurs when there is a massive blockage in the appendix. Many people question as to why does this blockage occur in the first place? To that the answer is due to stool or an foreign object. Cancer can also be a cause.

What is the appendix and do you need it?

Appendix appears to be a worm like tube that attaches itself to the cecum. In terms of what the function of the appendix is, it tends to produce some amount of mucus that flows into the cecum. Appendix also contains a layer of muscle, however this muscle is very poorly developed.

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There is not much evidence to speak about if the appendix has an important role in the body. With children, appendix may help with immunity – however, one has studied that people don’t face long term and major health problems while removing the appendix, however there may occur a slight increase in certain diseases like Crohn’s disease.

Appendicitis home remedies

Though surgery is a common way to treat appendicitis, a lot of people question how to cure appendicitis without surgery. Thus, we are going to lay down some appendicitis home remedies that have a good effect and are cost productive

Garlic for appendicitis


Garlic is not only one of the appendicitis home remedies but also a remedy which is good for many other ailments. It is mainly recommended because it aids in reducing pain and is anti – inflammatory. One is suggested to eat at least two to three cloves of garlic on an empty stomach every day!

Fenugreek seeds


Fenugreek seeds are said to be very useful as they tend to prevent waste in the intestines and also make sure excess mucus is not accumulated. Apart from this these seeds also help to reduce the pain. Thus, one should eat and chew on them every day

Apple cider vinegar for appendicitis

This is one of the best appendicitis home remedies. Apple cider is good not only for appendicitis but other ailments as well. In order to absorb this – mix a bit of the vinegar in water and intake the mixture slowly. This every day will end up reducing the pain. Hence, this vinegar is regarded as a very good remedy especially because it is anti-inflammatory

Castor oil

Castor oil is a very good home remedy for appendicitis since it is loaded with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Thus, making it very good for the appendix pain. One should apply castor oil every day, apart from applying it one can also sip it in the mornings on an empty stomach! Castor oil also aides in doing away with constipation.

Oregano oil for appendicitis

Oregano oil is one of the very good appendicitis home remedies. Like castor and olive oil, if one applies this on the area causing pain – the pain will definitely sober down providing comfort to the person with appendicitis. It has been suggested that people can also drink this oil early in the mornings on an empty stomach!

Drink plenty of water


People with appendicitis are suggested to drink lots of water. If one doesn’t drink plenty of this then they may suffer from constipation – which may cause inflammation of the appendix. This can cause further problems, and hence one should drink as much water as possible.


pineapple new

Pineapple is yet again one of the very good appendicitis home remedies. This is considered very good as it contains an enzyme called bromelain.  This enzyme helps in improving one’s digestion and also in reducing pain from appendicitis.


This milk is very good for appendicitis, especially people who are suffering from chronic appendicitis. It also helps in reducing the pain. Hence, one should drink buttermilk every day!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very good home remedy. It tends to soothe the digestive system and relieves the gas trapped in the stomach. It also reduces inflammation. Thus, one should intake baking soda to reduce the acute pain that one undergoes due to appendicitis

Thus, above have been mentioned appendicitis home remedies that are very useful in preventing the inflammation and reducing the pain. Apart from this we are also going to elaborate on other things like

What tests diagnose appendicitis?

When a doctor tries to diagnose appendicitis, they begin with a history and physical examination. One ways to figure is when there is pain in the right lower abdomen once it is pushed.  If the inflammation has spread beyond to the peritoneum then one faces and experiences rebound tenderness.

To diagnose the doctors take a look at the white blood cell count

The cell count enhances due to infection. Thus if one falls prey to appendicitis then they can see an increase in the blood cells. However, the white blood cell count rises not only because of appendicitis, in fact any form of infection or inflammation can lead the white blood cell count to go high.  Thus, just this cannot be too helpful in diagnosing appendicitis!


This is basically a way to examine the urine and detect the red blood cell count, white blood cell count and any kind of bacteria in the urine. One will find this procedure abnormal where there is a certain inflammation of stones in the kidney or bladder. But there has been study to prove that people suffering from such a condition have a normal urinalysis.

What happens if the appendix ruptures?

There may be times when the patient doesn’t consult their doctor till the time the appendicitis ruptures. If that is the case then there will be an emergence of abscess. However, this can be treated with the help of antibiotics. But the abscess does require drainage and to do that a small plastic tube is insterted in the skin – this in return helps to figure out the position of the abscess and helps to drain it out from the body.

What is an appendectomy or the surgery?


This is regarded as one of the best and favorite surgeries to get rid of appendicitis. While this surgery the surgeon makes an incision through the skin.  This incision helps the doctor to figure where the appendix is located.  Before the appendix is removed the area around it is carefully looked at. The removal of the appendix is a complex phenomena where the appendix is free from the colon. Once the above has been achieved – the incision is closed.

Apart from the above another method is also applied. This includes the use of laparoscope. Why this method is so beneficial because this is a thin telescope with an attached camera. This works wonders because it allows the doctors to look deep inside with only a small cut. Basically the surgery will not be very painful and can be fulfilled by making small incisions rather than big ones.

Through this method one can also clear the fact that if they are suffering from appendicitis or not.

How to avoid appendicitis surgery

There has been research and study has proven that people who suffer uncomplicated acute appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics rather than going through an appendectomy. Most cases are usually uncomplicated which implies that the appendix hasn’t been ruptured.

There was a study undertaken where people with uncomplicated acute appendicitis either took antibiotics for ten days or went through an appendectomy. After a period of five years, 61% of the people who took antibiotics had no recurrences of appendix!

Those who took antibiotics and required surgery – they often had it within a year after the medicinal treatment. Even though they had the surgery, they tended to have fewer infections and less incision pain compared to those who had surgery immediately without any antibiotics.

Thus, a study has proven that antibiotics may actually be a better way to cure appendicitis rather than the process of undergoing immediate surgery.

How does an appendicitis pain feel like?

Apparently appendicitis pains a lot and there are many people who have spoken about it. Hence, we are going to lay down some testimonials from people who have described the pain

  • As per one women appendicitis felt like knives carving up her insides
  • Another woman around 40 stated that she was so much in pain that it took a couple of staff in the ER to uncurl her and examine her
  • For one of the victims the pain would first come in waves, then after a point the pain just intensified and didn’t leave her body
  • Another woman talked about a stabbing experience. She said that it felt like someone was stabbing the person, and pushing the knife deeper and deeper into the stomach.
  • A woman clearly said that even though she looked fine on the outside, however the scans showed that she was a mess internally.
  • One of the men when felt this pain was under the impression that he may have worked out too much and over exerted himself at the gym
  • For some people this was the worst pain they had ever experienced in life, and it hurt to breath, walk or even speak
  • There were people who complained that they felt nausea and vomiting

Thus, the pain is very severe, and as one can see from the above it can lead one to feel that someone is stabbing them in their stomach. Hence, if you are under the impression that your appendix has taken a severe turn then do visit your doctor!


Thus, we hope the article on appendicitis home remedies come to use, and one doesn’t necessarily need to undergo surgery. However, do keep in mind that when one comes under the umbrella of any of the symptoms – make sure immediate action is taken. Do not take the sign of the pain as something small – appendicitis can get serious, and hence one should look into it as soon as possible!

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