Apricot : Health Benefits , Side Effects & FAQ

Health benefits of Apricot Fruit & Seeds and dry apricots. Here you can read about its side effects , dosage , warning and commonly asked questions.

How Apricot benefits your health

Apricot is a small but power packed fruit to provide you all the nutrients necessary for the body. Apricots are a rich source of Fiber, Vitamins & some calories. Before you start reading about all the health benefits from this fruit, we will first read simple data about apricot. 

Dried Apricots

Apricot History

Apricots were originated from China. Soon the fruit became popular and the farming was done in the United States. California contributed i80% of the total world production. The long journey of apricots were helped by the travellers who took this little fruit to Persia, Mediterranean and later in California. The mass production of apricots was done in 1972. 

All fruits are found in their season. Also the fruit consumption in its season. Apricot is found in end of May to the Mid of July. 

Season of Apricot 

The scientific name of Apricot is Prunus armeniaca. Apricot is good for eyes, heart diseases like BP & cholesterol and better digestion. 

It is also rich in antioxidants which helps in skin and hair. One by one , we are going to place all the benefits which are known to us. 

16 Benefits Of Eating Apricots

Apricots are rich in multiple nutrients. Here we are going to provide you all the details of the same.

Helps in Digestion

Apricots are rich in fiber which is easily soluble. It provides bowel movement in the stomach which results in bulky stools. Basically, the fiber helps in breaking fatty acids faster and this way digestion is done faster. 

Fiber present in apricot helps in improving stomach health and reduces the risk of stomach infection, constipation and bloating

Best for a Diabetic Person

Apricots do not have much calories & carbohydrates in it. Which is why it is good for a diabetic  person. Regular consumption of apricot can help you in regulating blood sugar levels in the body.  

In scientific terms, Apricot has been found with low glycemic index. This means that it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels and do not let it level up. Also the anti-oxidants presents in  the apricot helps in lowering the blood sugar level. 

A study has proved that adding dry fruits to the diet helps in lowering diabetes. Dry apricot can help you do this. 

Help Fight Inflammation

This benefits does not come from eating the fruit but it comes from its seed. The oil extracted from the apricot seeds is useful in relieving the ulcerative colitis i.e. an inflammation bowel. 

Apricots are rich in beta-cryptoxanthin which helps in preventing various forms of arthritis. It also helps in inflammation caused by arthritis

Improved Eye-sight 

Eyes are one of the most important body parts for humans. 90% of our activities can be slowed down, if our eyes won’t work properly. Apricots helps in improving eyesight and helps in preventing the various eye related problems. 

Apricots is comprised of a nutrient i.e. carotenoids and xanthophylls. Which helps in better eye care. Most important , the rich source of Vitamin A is always helpful in the eyes health. 

Apricots Prevent Liver Damage 

Apricots are an old friend to our liver. This means that regular use of apricot helps in liver damage. Also it helps in reducing the fatty liver and also remove the symptoms of it. 

The apricots grown in natural environment in total natural process helps in regenerating the liver cells. 

Heart & Apricot are old Friends

 Apricot helps in fighting various heart diseases. The fiber present in the fruit helps in lowering cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.  It helps in controlling the Blood pressure levels to reduce the risk of heart attacks .

Apricots Aid Weight Loss And Metabolism

Weight loss is basically related to the metabolism. And metabolism is related to the calories consumed. The fibre present in the apricot helps in stimulation of brain cells which in result helps you control your appetite. Fibre is also helping body in keeping healthy nutrients inside and throwing out the unnecessary ones. 

Strong Bones with Apricot

Apricots helps in building stronger bones. The calcium present in the fruit helps in strong bones. The other nutrient i.e. potassium helps in increasing the absorption levels in the body. The balanced absorption levels of a body helps in absorbing calcium and uniform distribution of calcium in the bones. 

The bone metabolism can be reserved by apricot after longer dosage.

Prevents & Fight Anemia 

Anemia is a simple iron deficiency disease. Apricot is rich is iron that can help reduce or cure anemia. Iron deficiency causes low quality of blood. Iron helps in better blood flow in the body. 

Apricots for Pregnant Women 

Apricots are rich in copper and iron. This is helpful for pregnant women and is advised to consume during the pregnancy. The severe consequences of pregnancy can be avoided by regular apricot consumption. 

However , apricot consumption must be done in suggestion with doctor. As this could be harmful in some cases of pregnancy. 

Ears Pain

clogged ears pressure relief

Ear pain can be relieved by putting 2-3 drops of apricot oil in it. Before using in your ear, a person must consult his doctor before he starts using it actually. 

Helps in Scalp Issues 

Apricot oil can be helpful in treating some skin issues like dry scalp, dandruff & eczema. The Oil is rich in Vitamin A & E. These nutrients helps in skin repair during dryness. Also, this oil can be used to restore the moisture in the dull and dry hair. 

Apricot Oil is helpful in Hair damage 

Hair damage is mostly done by the free radicals present in the food. The Vitamin E & fatty acids present in the Apricot Oil helps in promoting hair growth. 

Apricot is a Dermatologist 

Apricots are an excellent skin cure. Apricot oil and it’s skin can be used to fight many skin diseases. Vitamin A & C are helpful in skin health. Using Apricot oil can be helpful in dry skin and eczema. 

The Apricot skin can be used to clear acne in the skin. The apricot leaves juice can be used to cure sunburn, eczema and scabies. 

Apricots Delay Signs Of Aging

Apricot scrub can be used to remove dead skin cells and helps in regrowing new skin cells. The scrub helps in removing the wrinkles and lines which occurs on the body by regrowing the whle segment of skin to the body. 

Apricot Oil helps in 

  • Maintaining Skin Clarity 
  • Growing elastic skin
  • Face mask of apricot helps in softening skin. 
  • Baby skin is also nourished with it. 

Treat Respiratory Ailments

Apricots eater is always immune to the various respiratory diseases. Either the person who is suffering from the breathing problem can be helped by the apricot nutrients. 

Also Apricot helps in betterment of immune system if body and prevents from various flu and cold

Side Effects of Apricot

Apricot is a very healthy fruit for humans. Expect , there were some cases , when this fruit has shown some side effects to the person. 

  1. Sulphur is present in the apricot , when it becomes dry. 
  2. Dry apricot should not be eaten , if you are suffering from asthma or any other breathing problem. 
  3. Eating unripe apricot can cause digestion problems. 

Frequently Asked Question about Apricot 

Some commonly asked questions about eating apricots are answered here.

Does eating too much of Apricots leads to gastric

The apricot is rich in fiber and eating too much of this fruit can lead to stomach gas. Many of the people deny this, but this must be kept in mind before eating too much.

Does Dry Apricots needs washing ?

The pack of dry apricots are clean , but doing a small wash session for them can be helpful for you. Dry the moisture form it before storing it in the refrigerator 

What are the popular practice of consuming dry apricots?

Dry apricots are usually eaten like the following ways.

  1. Eat them as an evening snack
  2. Make a smoothie or salad using them.
  3. Apricot can be eaten with ice cream too.
  4. Cheese and Dry Apricots is a very tasty combination

Are Dry Apricots anti-inflammatory?

Dry fruits are anti-inflammatory in general. But there is no specific research that proves anti-inflammatory properties of dry apricots. 

Nutrients Present in Apricot ( Calculated for 30 pieces of Apricot )

Proteins 4g
Fat 5g
Carbohydrates 63 g
Fiber 3 g 
Potassium1160 mg 
Calcium 55 mg 
Iron 3 mg 
Magnesium 32 mg 
Phosphorus 72 mg 
Selenium 2 mcg
Vitamin A 180 mcg 
Vitamin C 1 mg 
Folate 10 mcg 

Final Words 

Fruit must be a very important part in one’s diet. If you are a person who does not eat fruits, then you must be feeling any type of deficiency in some way. In case of apricot , there are so many nutrients in the fruits, that no one can leave this fruit from hand. 

Also we have told you so many benefits of apricot for skin, hair , breathing problems and other. Do not try to cure yourself without any expert supervision. 

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