Schizophrenia (Mental Disorders) Treatment in Ayurveda in Kerala – Is Schizophrenia curable?

Schizophrenia ayurvedic treatment

Schizophrenia or mental disorder treatment in Ayurveda in kerala. It is curable or not with patanjali and Baidyanath medicine

Schizophrenia ayurvedic treatment
Schizophrenia ayurvedic treatment

Many people today undergo various types of mental disorders. One of the very common and dangerous ones include Schizophrenia. To explain what happens in the brain is that one’s mental balance is affected. This is a long term disease where one cannot process their thoughts and emotions. Thus, leading to hallucinations, and thinking of the world as a fantasy. The mind is not correct at this point of the time, and most people do not know what and why their actions are the way they are. We are going to lay down not medical but a way to treat this disorder at home, thus our topic today is – Schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Some of the very common symptoms include delusion. The person starts hallucinating and is deluded by many things. If one is undergoing disorganized thinking and acting negatively not only towards their families but also the society.

Causes behind schizophrenia

There are many reasons as to why one has this mental disorder. Some reasons being that it runs in the family and the genes, another may be due to the brain structure being different, an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Taking a whole lot of stress and abusing drugs is a common reason behind one becoming schizophrenic.

As mentioned above we are going to lay emphasis on natural and home remedies and hence we will stress on schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda

Schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda

This is a situation where the person with this disorder cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Eat and live a good healthy lifestyle

fruit diets for schizophrenia
fruit diets for schizophrenia

People undergo this mental disorder especially if they are not living a healthy lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. In such a case, a person needs to be disciplined, and lead a healthy lifestyle. One should keep a lookout of their diet and even the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Healthy Routine

One should follow a routine like waking up early in the morning and sleeping early at night. Apart from that one should exercise and do yoga to keep the mind at ease.


follow a good diet

One of the good schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda is to keep a watch on their diet. One should eat fresh food, vegetables, and delicious fruits. It is suggested that people should avoid chicken and non-veg along with alcohol.

Being inspired

When one is schizophrenic then they should try being inspired and think about life positively. Read good books, good poetry, and inspirational readings. This helps one to do away with the negativity and think positive.


practice yoga

Practicing yoga is a very good way to treat the mind and achieving calmness. Apart from all this, it is also necessary to have a good support back up and friends to be there for you!

Ayurvedic treatment for mental disorders in Kerala

Thus, we have stressed on schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda, and to continue – we are going to emphasize on ayurvedic treatment for mental disorders in Kerala. There are many places in Kerala which believe to cure one of the mental disorders naturally and without any pain.

The many prominent ways of treating this disorder is by practicing meditation and yoga. Most patients are asked to follow this. Through yoga, one can achieve calmness and stability and hence why it is so important to practice yoga. It helps to gain psychic balance. Apart from yoga, meditation is another way of keeping a control over one’s thoughts and thought process. Thus, yoga and meditation are two very important exercises that have been recommended


There are many herbs that help to cure the disorder. These are called medya rasayanas. They are very helpful for neurological tissues. Panchkarma is a very popular way to treat mental disorders and is known as a combination of five treatment processes. The five processes are mainly ‘nasya, vamana, virechana, vasti. Vasti is of two kinds in panchakarma.

Nasya is a nasal way of doing things, where some medicinal liquids are poured down the nose. Vamana is vomiting, Virechana is basically purging and vasti is the therapeutic enema.

Apart from the above, there are many questions that people seek an answer to some being – Is schizophrenia curable disease, Patanjali treatment for schizophrenia, Baidyanath medicine for schizophrenia. We will answer them one by one

Is schizophrenia a curable disease

Is schizophrenia a curable disease
Is schizophrenia a curable disease

The illness can be treated and managed. However, there may be no permanent cure and one might never come out of its clutches altogether. However, as mentioned it can be treated and kept under control.  The main thing is to have a good support system and people there to be by your side

Patanjali treatment for schizophrenia

In terms of Patanjali treatment for schizophrenia it is suggested that herbs should be used to treat mental disorders.  It has been proved that nature has answers to all sorts of ailments and illnesses. Synthetic drugs may not always work and come with a lot of side effects. When that happens, one looks up to nature. Herbs are a very good way to treat any form of mental disorders. Synthetic drugs are not appreciated much because of the side effects that come along with it!

Is schizophrenia a curable disease
Is schizophrenia a curable disease

There are several natural medicines and herbs that are provided by Patanjali for a cure of mental disorder.

Baidyanath medicine for schizophrenia

Baidyanath is a herbal and ayurvedic medicine which is regarded as one of the bests ways for schizophrenia treatment in Ayurveda. It is 100% natural and helps to treat many mental disorders such as psychosis, Mani, Schizophrenia, Hysteria, Epilepsy, Anxiety, and even fever! Hence, one of the most natural and effective medicines with no side effect whatsoever!


Hence, we hope that the above ayurvedic treatment helps to cure one’s mental instability. A lot of people would rather visit doctors and indulge with synthetic medicines – however, what one is not aware of is that not all the synthetic medicines may end up suiting one’s condition, and apart from just not working, they also come with a whole lot of side –effects

Thus, Ayurveda is a good way to maintain one’s mental balance along with certain exercises and yoga to keep the mind calm

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