Baba Ramdev has found a cure against Corona Virus- Here’s what you should know

Baba Ramdev has found a potential for people suffering from coronavirus. Read more to know

Baba Ramdev has Claimed to find a cure for CoronaVirus Threat 

Indian Yoga Guru Ramdev has claimed that he has found a cure for the pandemic Novel coronavirus ( COVID-19). During a public event, he declared that the Research department has found a potential cure for the coronavirus.

He said Ashwagandha is a herb that prevents blending or corona protein into blood. He has not provided the research details but said the research has been sent to an unknown International Journal. 

As we all know that there is no vaccine or any form or cure available for the Coronavirus Infection. Many countries are spending huge money to develop a vaccine for this. 

USA & Israel have claimed to develop a vaccine for which they are starting human trials to get a rock solid cure for the same. 

This statement of Mr. Ramdev has created misleading news in other professional health researchers. 

How Health Researchers have reacted to it

Professor Giridhar Babu, an epidemiology expert has responded to it by saying “These kinds of messages give a false sense of security. People who are not well educated, they are the ones who will get misled,”.

Mr. Babu has requested to ban such advertisements where Mr. Ramdev is claiming about the cure of CoronaVirus. 

After this announcement, Mr. Ramdev was reached by various calls and emails. All of them were unanswered by the Patanjali team. 

Mr. Ramdev has urged Indians to do yoga daily to boost immunity and promoted a hashtag #YogaForCorona. 

Patanjali has promoted many of its products in the urge of fighting CoronaVirus. These products helps in immunity boost and maintain health during the pandemic 

This Virus has infected more than 2 lakh people all over the world. 140 cases came in India, in which three cases were dead.

Reactions of Govt Officials

Mr. Manoj Nesari has said in a press conference “ That patanjali products are promoted by the Government from time to time to spread awareness in people for herbal products. But he is not aware about the claim made by Mr. Ramdev , he can not comment for it currently”. 

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