How to stop bad breath from tonsil stones naturally at home

tonsil stones

Bad breath from tonsil stones cured using natural home remedies using apple cider vinegar gargle and other essential oils or salt water mouthwash.

These days it is becoming quite popular for humans of all genders to develop tonsil stones. To make it clear, tonsil stones are minute stones that arise where the tonsils are located. There aren’t many signs to their formation; however, tonsil stones can cause terrible breath. Thus, our focus is on – bad breath from tonsil stones!

These stones mainly emerge as things start to get collected in the tonsil area. Accumulation of these things turns to hard materials, thus taking the form of tonsil stones. Not many people can figure if they have tonsil stones. However, one very acute and popular sign is bad breath. Many question how to cure bad breath from tonsil stones, to which we will answer below:

tonsil stones

How to prevent bad breath from tonsil stones

Low pressure irrigator

Bad breath from tonsil stones is the worst thing ever. Thus, one is suggested to use a low-pressure irrigator. These are useful as they help loosen tonsil stones. 

Non alcoholic mouthwash

Nonalcoholic mouth wash is suggested for bad breath from tonsil stones. One should rinse with this kind of a mouthwash as it will help to remove any form of bacteria in the mouth. Once the bacteria is dealt with, there are fewer chances of stones being formed.

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Saltwater gargle


Saltwater gargle is an excellent way to loosed tonsil stones and do away with bad breath from tonsil stones. This can be done by preparing water and mixing salt in it. One should rinse with it daily for at least some minutes. Hence, one is suggested to take up this remedy if they want to prevent bad breath!

Apple cider vinegar gargle

apple cider vinegar gargle

This vinegar helps to cure bad breath. Thus, one should rinse with apple cider vinegar and see how the bacteria is reduced. Once the bacteria is fought with chances of emergence of tonsil stones becomes less.

Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are seen as a way to get rid of tonsil stones. However, this is a risky method and one should talk to their doctor before they go forward and apply it. One is required to wet the swab a little bit and then insert it at the back of the throat. However, if during the process bleeding starts to occur – then stop immediately!


Like a cotton swab, many people implement the back of a toothbrush to get rid of the stone. However, one should try not applying this method with children as it is hazardous. The way to go about is by using the back side of the brush – which will aid in freeing the tonsil stone. One is asked to brush correctly as that will reduce the bacteria in the mouth – hence reducing the chances of tonsil stones taking place! A perfect remedy to do away with bad breath from tonsil stones

Now that we have discussed how to get rid of bad breath from tonsil stones, it also becomes our responsibility to explore how to get rid of tonsils in the first place. Hence read below:

Tonsil stones home remedy

Energetic coughing


To do away with bad breath from tonsil stones, it is necessary to know how to do away with tonsils itself. When a person coughs energetically, this helps to loosen the tonsil stones. This helps a couple of times, however, if it doesn’t then various other ways can be implemented.

Use your tongue

As we all know by now that tonsil stones cause bad breath. However, if they are not painful to touch, then one can use their tongue to loosen them. One is first asked to rinse their mouth with salt water, and after that one can either swallow the stone or push it out with the help of your tongue.

Apply garlic


Garlic helps to fight bacteria. Hence, by helping to fight bacteria, there are fewer chances of tonsil stones emerging.


This is an excellent remedy to get rid of tonsil stones as it contains probiotics. These help in fighting bacteria and thus reducing the chances of tonsil stones. Hence, one should eat lots of yogurts.


Another way for tonsil stone removal is by eating lots and lots of apples! This works as apples contain properties that help to fight bacteria and hence the chances of tonsil stone emerging are way fewer.


Carrots are seen as an excellent remedy because they increase the saliva in the mouth. Apart from just that they also lead to natural antibacterial processes. Thus, carrots are beneficial to do away with tonsil stones!


Yes, we know onions leave a rotten smell in the mouth – but they are essential in terms of getting rid of tonsil stones. Thus, making onion a part of your everyday diet will surely do wonders, and keep away bad breath from tonsil stones at least!

How to prevent tonsil stones from emerging in the first place

One significant way to prevent tonsil stones is by looking after your dental health. One should brush at night and during the day. They should also floss to keep away particles from sticking to the teeth and causing yellowness. Thus, doing away with tonsil stones means maintaining their dental hygiene


bad breath

Therefore, we have jotted down the various home remedies to do away with tonsil stones, and keep away bad breath from tonsil stones. However, some of the above solutions like using cotton and the back of the toothbrush may not be very safe, and hence one should talk to their doctors before indulging in them

If the above home remedies do not end up working due to the severity of the situation – then we suggest you visit a doctor!

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