Beet & Carrot Health Benefits & Side Effects

Beet and carrot juice are very helpful for weight loss, Exercise , smooth and glowing skin. Also read nutrient table and few recipes with celery, Tomato and

Beets and carrot are winter vegetables. If you are feeling a little less fit, then you can add these two vegetables in your diet for better health. Carrot and beet are root vegetables which can be used as root veggies are also equally useful to drink their juices. 

Beet and carrot Juice

Benefits of Beets and Carrots

Both of these veggies are having multiple nutrition benefits for the human body. 

Beets helps in Blood Flow

Beet juice helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain which helps fight dementia. The body when feed with beet creates more nitric oxide from the nitrates present in beets. Nitric oxide helps in relaxing arteries and improves blood circulation to the brain. 

Beet is good for healthy brain 

Beet consumption helps in improved blood circulation to the brain. Especially it makes blood flow to the frontal lobes which is controlling movement, planning & memory. 

Nutrient found in Beet

The nutrient content in beet per 3 ounce is given as. Eating 3 ounce of beet daily can help you in getting 3% of Vitamin C, 4% of Iron , 8% of Fiber. Beet comprises of following nutrients. 

  1. B-complex vitamin folate
  2. Vitamin C 
  3. Iron
  4. Fiber

B-complex vitamin folate helps in the DNA production and amino acid metabolism which prevents neural tube defects. Folic acid also works with vitamin B6 & b12 to reduce homocysteine in blood flow. 

Carrot Prevents Cancer Cells

According to a research published by “Journal of Medicinal Food”. After exposure of leukemia cells to carrot juice to 3 days has caused early death of cancer cells. Luteolin is an antioxidant which helps in killing cancer cells. 

Beet and carrot are rich in Vitamin A

Carrot contains a pigment called beta-carotene which is used by the human body to create Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very helpful for better vision of eyes. It also helps in better sight in dark areas. Also Vitamin A helps in the prevention of night blindness.. 

Carrot & Beet Juice for Weight Loss

Carrot and Beet combination is a treat for overweight people. It can be used for salads and juices. As both are rich source of Vitamins and minerals. This isn’t just good for the weight loss but also provides you enough energy and nourishment.

The dieticians stated that one cup of carrot juice has 74 calories. The natural taste of carrot and beet is sweet, so there is no need to add sugar in it.

If you want to lose weight and stay fit, then carrot and beet juice is one of the finest options available. The high fiber amount present in the carrot and beet provides more energy with fewer calories. This keeps body healthy, hale and energetic.  

Beet roots are rich in amino acid which helps in decreasing body fat levels to shoot the protein availability and provides stronger and denser muscles. A specific amino acid called leucine helps in lowering the body fat.

Beet and Carrot helps faster Muscle Recovery

Sometimes when you do an intense workout session from gym, then muscles may feel soreness and pain. Studies have shown that regular usage of carrot and beet juice helps in stronger muscle. This also helps in faster recovery of muscles soreness and weight management as compared to other nutritional food.

Faster Digestion

Beet root and carrot juice are rich in fiber. There are various nutrients in the juice which helps in breaking the toxins in simpler compounds to digest it in less time. With better digestion, you can free from various stomach related diseases like constipation and other.

Carrot and Beet are an excellent Supplement

Carrot and beet juice can be used an exercise supplement which helps in better weight management. People who want to gain healthy weight for their body by stronger and denser muscles can use this to gain weight easily by carrot and beet root. Beet and carrot are rich in multiple nutrients like Vitamins, magnesium, Iron and calcium.

These all nutrients help in gaining better muscle mass for the body and keep you healthier.  

Beet and carrot reduce cholesterol

People who are suffering from higher level of cholesterol can get benefits from the beetroot. An experiment was done on humans in 2012, when some high cholesterol people were taken as given beetroot and carrot juice for 4 weeks. After four weeks they were seen an observable decrease in the cholesterol. Beetroot helps in lowering the cholesterol and triglycerides. Also increase in HDL (good cholesterol) is found that helps in better liver health. As beet root is rich in flavonoids, this f flavonoid helps in lowering the cholesterol.

Increases Stamina

As we have already told you that carrot and beet juice are very healthy and are rich in various nutrients. Many body builders and athletes are using this as an alternate supplement for the energy.

Athletes who want to increase stamina to improve their work out performance drink the mixture of carrot and beet juice. Some are mixing more vegetables to make it more nutritious, but carrot and beet juice mixture is one of the most popular stamina building drinks for athletes.

Beet root helps in lowering Blood Glucose

Beetroot has high level of sugar in its natural form, but it helps in fighting the diabetes. The natural sugar present in the beet root is very slowly dissolved in the body causing less chances of diabetes. If you are drinking in juice form, then you will a sudden relief in diabetes after few days

Popular Mixtures of Beet and carrot juice Mixtures

Carrot and beet root juices are enough to keep a person healthy. But, if you can add any more nutrients to it, then why not doing. Health isn’t a milestone, it is a lifelong journey.

Beet root, carrot & Apple Juice Mixture

You already know about the health benefits of mixing carrot and beet root, Adding Apple in the juice will just enhance the health benefits which previous mixture is providing. Apple, beet and carrot acts as a liver stimulant and rejuvenator. This means that it can purify the organs and improve your body appearance. It also acts as a purifier in the body which takes away the impurities in the body.

Carrot, Beet root and lemon Juice

This trio is a very beneficial drink for body’s health. As the two early veggies are enough healthy, it started giving it more nutrients.  It consists of Vitamin A , C, K , carotene and polyphenols, iron. The trio mixture is called as miracle drink. This miracle drink is used to build immunity in the body to keep you away from the diseases.  

Carrot, Beetroot and Celery

This mixture is mainly used to purify the blood and keeps the skin glowing. It helps in slowing down the de-aging process. This juice mix is rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium, folic acid, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron.

Beetroot, Carrot and Tomato Juice

This mixture is good for people who need detoxification. It is a very popular drink which is used for body detox. This juice is rich in antioxidants which help in forming free radicals to immune body from infections.

Side Effects of Beet Juice and Carrot

The side effects if Carrot and beet root is very negligible. There is a very few percentage who experience bad effects on body for using them. But still, excess usage of anything can cause bad effects.

  1. Drinking regularly will make you see that your urine color has changed and you are experiencing pink or purple color in urine. This happens because of natural pigments present in the urine.
  2. Regular use of beet root can affect your blood pressure. If you are experiencing any problem in your BP, then you must take an opinion from your doctor before you start using it in your routine.
  3. The high level of oxalates present in the body can cause kidney stones in the body.  

FAQ for Beet Root and Carrot Dosage

How much consumption of beet root and carrot is recommended?

There is no standard limit given for the consumption. All bodies have different need for them. So you need to watch your own needs and decide a dose. However, 20mg per day has been found  a safe number.

Which time can yield the best result for Beet and carrot juice?

Drinking it in the morning time is the best time recommended for it. This time, body’s absorption level is at its peak. Other time is also good, but the mornings are voted the most.  

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