Best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth along with results

hair fall

Home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth & causes of hair-fall. Some include applying coconut milk, green tea and henna

What defines beauty? Is it one’s skin? One’s complexion? One’s weight? How tall one is? To be honest, beauty is a complexed subject which includes all of the above. Our main emphasis today is on hair. Best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth. Maintaining one’s hair is a difficult task, especially in winters when one is targeted with hair fall and dandruff. Today, let us remember ways to keep our hair healthy and prevent it from falling in massive amounts

A varied amount of questions are perked up when the topic of hair is laid down. some being – how to stop hair fall and regrow hair naturally, home remedies for hair fall and dandruff, hair fall problem, and fast hair growth secrets. Apart from these, there are many other questions that arise by a curious mind, but before we delve into those, let us look at some best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth.

hair fall

Home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth

Apply onion juice

onion juice

Using onion juice is one of the very famous remedies in the books. Onions are so good because they contain sulphur. Sulphur is a property that enhances collagen production in one’s tissues and helps hair to grow fast. One may decide not to use onion due to its strong smell, but don’t worry this smell goes away with just one wash!

Take a piece of onion and squeeze out its juice. This juice should then be applied to the scalp, and one will witness dandruff free and lustrous hair

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is useful because it tends to clean the scalp and maintain the pH balance. By helping to maintain this balance, one’s hair tends to grow faster. Mix apple cider in water, and put it on your hair. Wash it off after some minutes, and one will find instant results!

Apply eggs on your hair


This has been witnessed as one of the oldest home remedies. Eggs are very good for the hair and help in hastening the hair growth. They contain high levels of protein and are rich in properties such as sulphur, zinc, iron, and many more. Thus eggs don’t only provide protein when we eat them, but also when we apply it to our hair

Green tea

This tea does not only come as health benefits but is also beneficial for one’s hair. In terms of how to do this, make sure one applies a small amount on the hair. Leave it for some time, and then rise it thoroughly. Being highly rich in antioxidants, this tea does wonders!

Indian gooseberry

image showing indian gooseberry

This is a fruit that is sour but very healthy. It contains a very high dosage of Vitamin C, thus helping one’s hair to grow fast and becoming lustrous and healthy. This is regarded as one of the best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth. Mix the amla juice with lime juice and let it dry. Results will be instant and very effective!

Coconut milk

Many question as to how coconut milk is effective and important for hair growth. It is rich in Vitamin E as well as fats. This leads as a natural moisturizer and helps to keep hair healthy. Apart from this, coconut milk is full of proteins, and minerals. Thus, washing one’s hair with coconut milk will reduce the chances of hair breakage, and strengthens the hair. Hence, one should apply coconut milk almost every day.

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image showing neem

Neem is very good for the hair and regarded as one of the best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth. It contains antibacterial properties. These help to get rid of dandruff and makes sure that the scalp is healthy and the hair growth is fast. Neem is also very good to eliminate lice and nits

Greek Yogurt

This is a natural conditioner for hair. It is essential and does wonders because it contains Vitamin B5 and proteins that help hair to grow fast and shiny. One should mix this yogurt with honey and lemon, and leave it on the hair for some time. Once hair is rinsed, you will find it soft, healthy and shiny!



This vegetable is so good for the hair and is one of the best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth because it contains potassium, vitamin c, and iron. These properties tend to enhance the health of hair. One should make a juice of potatoes, and apply it for a while. After about some minutes, rinse it and experience the difference!


Henna is regarded as one of the oldest home remedies when it comes to hair. Not only does it leave a red tinge, but also conditions the hair, and makes it healthy. Many women apply henna to their hair once a month! This is one of the best home remedies for hair fall control and regrowth

Causes behind hair fall

Apart from the home remedies which are useful and prevent hair fall, we need to stress on what are the causes behind severe hair fall. Some of the very common reasons for ample hair fall and damage are – stress, something that is in the genes, hormonal imbalance, eating a lot of unhealthy food, too many chemical treatments on hair, deficiency of protein, anemia and iron deficiency.

hair fall

Although hair fall is a concern, but then we also need to know how much of hair fall is normal, and at what stage should one worry. Losing 50 to 100 strands a day is normal, but if one starts to lose more than that, then it is a cause to worry.


So, if one wants to prevent from going to bald and having strong shiny hair, the above home remedies are very useful. Sometimes hair fall starts to happen with such intensity that the above remedies may not work and provide one with a solution. If that is the case then one is suggested to pay a visit to their doctor

In order to keep your hair healthy, make sure you wash it regularly, apply oil and take care of it.

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