Best natural medicine for memory loss with no side – effects


There may occur a time when a person finds it difficult to remember things and being forgetful becomes a common characteristic of that being. This memory loss is known as amnesia, and it has thousands of people under its umbrella. So, if one starts to forget things, it may start as a diminutive form, but later its intensity only heightens and they fall prey to the very common disorder and mental illness popularly known as amnesia. We are going to enlighten one in terms of – best natural medicine for memory loss. This is a very invigorating read, and will hopefully captivate our readers!

What is amnesia?

A lot of laymen question amnesia – is it about forgetting things easily? If so, how to be less forgetful? Once memory disappears how to regain memory loss?


These questions are no doubt very relevant and before one provides an answer to it, let us understand in depth what amnesia really is. For many people, amnesia is a mental disorder/illness which is responsible for memory loss. This can be caused due to brain damage or a psychological trauma. To put it in simpler words, it is when a person is not successful in remembering certain events that have occurred in the past

Obviously, this is not a happy thing to live with but there are ways, and answers to question regarding – how to treat short term memory loss. Today we are going to highlight the best natural medicine for memory loss

Symptoms of amnesia

Some very common symptoms of memory loss include when a person is always confused, suffers from acute memory loss,  he/she is not able to recognize faces that are very close to him, for example, his close friends and many more.

So, if one finds themselves under the above symptoms or their family members / close friends under this umbrella – begin treatment immediately. As mentioned we are going to emphasize on natural remedies with no side effects.


If one wants to treat this disorder naturally then do give this a read!

Causes of amnesia

There can be many reasons behind memory loss. Some popular ones being a head injury, a person undergoing severe illness, one facing very high fever, psychological trauma can also be a reason, an overdose of drugs can contribute, brain surgery, nutritional deficiencies, a lot of alcohol and drugs, head injury and strokes

Hence, this is a disorder that can make a person sway far away from his loved ones, especially because he tends to forget not only events but also people who may his close friends and family. This disorder can be very disheartening.

Best natural medicine for memory loss

Do not take prescription medications

These medicines honestly end up doing more harm than good. One should read the warning signs behind the medication. These play a major role is causing memory loss, especially statin drugs! To get rid of these medications, one should look out for natural supplements. They are healthy and come with very few side effects

Eat organic, paleo foods

organic food

Nonorganic foods are infested with pesticides and toxins. They are held responsible for not only memory loss but also hamper other health benefits. Paleo and organic foods are gluten-free and non processed. Hence, if one is undergoing memory loss then we suggest you to eat organic food.

Eat spicy food

spicy food

Spices, herbs and other vegetables are brain food; they actually strengthen the brain and improve one’s memory. So, if one is suffering from amnesia – then eat spicy food. All one needs to do is put a tinge of organic spices on the meal you are consuming

Get a good night’s rest

good sleep

In order to support memories, sleep is very important. In fact, it is when a person is sleeping that short term memories get converted to long term memories. A night of good sleep makes a person refreshed and rejuvenates his/her body, and hence to boost memory one should get good sleep

Eat apples

Apples are a very good and best natural medicine for memory loss. This is because it contains high properties of vitamins and minerals. These are mainly phosphorus and potassium. They are very good to treat people with amnesia. Hence, an apple a day does keep the doctor away!


Eating walnuts is very good for the brain and any brain disorders one may face. So, don’t eat just one but many walnuts in a day. They are said to overcome any form of brain disorder. There are side effects of walnuts as well



Eating almonds every day in the morning is very good. We all are aware as to how they strengthen the brain activity and helps retrieve any form of memory loss. Hence, if one is suffering from amnesia then almond is considered best natural medicine for memory loss


Fish is very good for the brain as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. These are very good for the health of the brain. The part to remember is that omega 3 fatty acids are not found in plants, and hence one has to consume fish to intake a good amount of these!


Hence, above have been mentioned several best natural medicines for memory loss. Amnesia, as mentioned above, can be very disheartening as many people tend to forget their own parents, brothers, sisters, their peers and even the ones they are married too. Leading a life where you can’t remember things, and your memory is decreasing every day, is a life with no color and adventure.

Go to a doctor if

However, even though we have mentioned best natural medicine for memory loss, there may come a time when amnesia becomes so severe that not of the above natural remedies are able to help. In such a scenario one should not wait – but immediately visit your doctor and take his advice. Even though the above remedies are effective and have worked wonders, one cannot solely rely on them, as amnesia can become severe and a doctor at that time

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