Broken wheat porridge for weight loss and its health benefits

broken wheat porridge for weight loss

Eating healthy means staying healthy. Today, we are going to stress on a food item that is not only healthy but also helps one to lose weight. The star of this article is broken wheat porridge.  If someone is in dire need to lose weight, then this article is an apt read. Broken wheat porridge for weight loss is a winner when it comes to losing weight. Apart from the above this porridge is also very healthy for infants!

Although we are eager to inform how this porridge helps in losing weight, we would first like to throw light on broken wheat porridge nutrition, broken wheat porridge recipe, and how to make broken wheat porridge.

Broken wheat porridge

It is like any other porridge, one just needs to add more nutrients and mix them well. Broken wheat porridge helps in losing weight and is a food that is easily digested by infants and small babies. There are several benefits of this porridge

Below are broken wheat porridge benefits

Good for muscles

This porridge is very good for the muscles. It is very rich in proteins and helps one to gain muscle mass. Apart from just the proteins, it is loaded with essential vitamins. One should eat a bowl of this porridge at least once a day!

Good for people with diabetes

picture showing diabetes

Broken wheat porridge is very good for people with diabetes. It contains a low glycemic index and complex carbs. These properties help in ensuring a slow and steady release of glucose into the blood.

Increases metabolic rate

picture depicting good metabolic rate

Broken wheat porridge is especially good to increase one’s metabolic rate. It is a wheat product which contains high amounts of fibre, helping one from constipation and leading to a good digestive system!


image showing nutrients

Broken wheat porridge also contains high amounts of nutrients. This porridge is helpful not only for adults but young babies and children as well!

Gives energy

Broken wheat porridge provides one with a lot of energy. If one is feeling down or tired, make yourself a bowl of broken wheat porridge, and you will see the rise in your energy levels!

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Apart from just the above health benefits, broken wheat porridge is also good for weight loss. We are going to talk about broken wheat porridge for weight loss. There are several ways by which this porridge helps one to reduce weight

Broken wheat porridge for weight loss

Very low in calories

low in calories

Broken wheat porridge for weight loss works wonders since it is very low in calories. Having even a big bowl of this porridge would leave you full, with very little calorie intake. So, for those who are trying to lose weight, incorporate broken wheat porridge in your diet!

High on fibre

high fibre

Broken wheat porridge for weight loss is also good because it contains high amounts of fibre. With this increase in fibre – one is ensured of a good digestive system. Having good digestion means weight loss! A bowl of broken wheat porridge in the morning will keep one full till lunch. This will prevent one from having food that contains fat since you’ll be stuffed

Low Glycemic index

Broken wheat porridge for weight loss is also good because it contains a very low glycemic index. This index is a ranking of carbohydrates in foods as per how they end up affecting the blood glucose levels. Broken wheat porridge is low in GI – hence, does not get absorbed quickly, thus enabling slow release of sugar, which helps in weight loss. As per some nutritionist, broken wheat porridge is high in fibre, leading to a delay in digestion. Also, because the output of sugar is not in a big quantity, it is not converted to fat!

Rich in protein

high in protein

Broken wheat porridge for weight loss is also suitable because it contains high amounts of proteins. Protein diet takes much longer to digest, reduces ones urge to eat and boosts the metabolic rate. Hence, a good protein diet is very helpful in losing weight!

Regardless of the above benefits and its usage in losing weight, broken wheat porridge should be ideally consumed every day.  We are also going to lay down simple steps that tell us how to make broken wheat porridge

  • Soak the cracked wheat – put the wheat into a small bowl and cover it with water. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes
  • Fry the cumin –  Make sure you transfer the ghee to a pressure cooker. Add the cumin seeds when the ghee is hot
  • Add ginger, onion, and chili – make sure the onions are slightly soft and ginger gives off a good smell.  Keep mixing regularly, otherwise, the mixture will stick to the pan.
  • Add turmeric, tomatoes and other vegetables –  One can also add other vegetables they like
  • Toast the wheat –  This will help in bringing about a nice aroma, and make it flavorful.
  • Cook the dalia in the water –  After the above is done, add salt and water to the pressure cooker and stir the mixture.
  • Let the pressure cooker rest – Your broken wheat is ready, and let it cool to taste its yummy flavor!


So we hope the above article has provided one with ample information regarding broken wheat porridge – how it is not only healthy but also contributes to one’s weight loss. So, if one wants to eat healthy and feel the need to shed off some weight, then broken wheat is the ideal meal! Broken wheat is rich in protein and contains a good amount of fibre. Thus, having only one bowl of this yummy porridge will make you full, and remove one’s hunger pangs

However, losing weight is a difficult task, and one needs to be very focused and motivated while trying to do so. Eat broken wheat porridge every day without fail, and you will see the results. Having the same porridge every day might get boring – but don’t forget this is the same porridge which will help one reduce weight!

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