Several effective burn roof of mouth remedy and their result

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Burn roof of mouth remedy provides solutions to a burned mouth which occurs due to eating hot foods and sipping hot beverages.

There comes a time when one cannot restrain themselves from the delicious food and beverages in front of them. For example – a hot pizza that one bites into even though it’s really hot, or sip into steaming hot tea. This enthusiasm to dig into hot foods may lead to the roof of the mouth to burn. Our focus today is on – burn roof of mouth remedy!

In short, we have determined what it means when one says they their roof of the mouth is burned. As stated above, it is mainly due to not having patience and consuming foods that are extremely hot. Later below we are going to lay down burn roof of mouth remedy, but before that let us delve into the signs and symptoms of a burned roof!

remedy for burnt roof of mouth
remedy for burnt roof of mouth

Thus the question arises, who should be blamed? The person for not being able to resist the temptation, or the food for being so delicious in the first place. Any which way we are going to lay down burn roof of mouth remedy and how to deal with a burned roof in the mouth

Hence, when one does suffer from a burned roof in the mouth it can be quite painful and various home remedies should be looked into to cure it in a matter of days.

Symptoms of burned roof of mouth

There are several symptoms that will indicate one to undergo burn roof of mouth remedy. Some of these being a burning sensation in the tongue, lips, gums. One may also face very dry mouth and feel parched most of the times. There is also a change in the taste, and finally a numbness sensation in the mouth.

Thus, if one is under the impression that they are suffering from one of the above home remedies then it is essential to give a look and read through our burn roof of mouth remedy

Natural remedy for burned roof of mouth

Below we are going to discuss some home remedies for burns on roof of mouth. These burns can have a sensation that is not very nice, and hence we are going to lay down some burn on roof mouth remedy

Cold water

Colder water is considered an excellent burn roof of mouth remedy. As soon as one feels that their roof is burned, drink cold water. As soon as the mouth is burned, sip some cold water. Once the water has warmed up – spit it out and replace it with cold water again!

Yogurt and milk

One is suggested to eat some cool yogurt or even drink a glass of milk. These are considered effective because they end up providing a barrier. Even though this barrier is temporary – it can prevent the irritation. Apart from just eating cool yogurt and drinking milk, one should consume a lot of cold water. This is a very effective burned roof of mouth remedy

Aloe vera gel

This is a home remedy for a lot of ailments and works wonderfully. This gel is used externally and can help reduce any form of inflammation. Apply it on the burned area, and feel the relief only in a matter of time. This is an excellent burn roof of mouth remedy


Honey for burned mouth

It consists of healing properties and is very effective in helping the roof of the mouth to heal.  A study has shown that honey contains antimicrobial properties, allowing it to destroy harmful organisms. Thus, honey is excellent in healing.

Eat soft food

One is suggested that eating soft foods is an excellent burn roof of mouth remedy. Eating soft food is important because once the mouth is burned, a new skin comes out. The new skin is very sensitive and hence food that is sharp can damage the new and tender skin. Eating soft foods will only make the healing process faster.

Indulge in ice cream

Ice Cream for Burn Roof

When undergoing a burned roof in the mouth – it is stated that ice cream is one of the very important foods to consume. Yes, enjoy a burned roof till you can, because after it is healed – one will not be allowed to eat so many of these delicious ice creams!


Sugar is said to be healing and a property that helps to soothe the affected area. What one is required to do is put some amount of sugar in the burnt area. Make sure it dissolves. Sugar is excellent because it reduces the burning sensation and eases the pain. In fact, many people have testified that sugar helps in healing and reducing pain. Thus, one should consume a lot of sugar and place it on the affected area. This is an excellent burn roof of mouth remedy

Mint Leaves

Mint for Burn Roof

A Mint is quite popular in terms of healing burns since it has a cooling effect. Apply some mint toothpaste on the burnt tongue. Mint comes with a cool sensation and thus helping to reduce the pain and soothing the area wonderfully.  So, in order to heal one is asked to dab a little bit on mint on the burned area. However, to remember to rinse your mouth straight after

There are six steps to understand that your roof is burned

Feel the burn

The very first thing is to realise that the roof of your mouth is burned due to you not being able to control your temptation for food that is hot and steamy. Hence, there is an urgent need to know and realise that a certain food has lead your roof to be burned

Know the burn

burned roof
Burned Roof Home Remedy

Luckily, there are doctors who can help one understand the burns and know them. Usually burns are not that severe, and can be treated within home itself through some effective home remedies. However, if your burns are not healed in a week or two – then yes, your doctor should be consulted and one should take the prescribed medication

Understand the burn

It’s essential to understand what kind of a burn you are facing. Whether it is a serious burn or a mild burn. One needs to know the details of the sufferings that they have been showered with.

Swelling and blisters

Swelling and blisters

One should know that after a burn in the mouth one faces swellings and blisters in the area. Hence, the process is quite a simple one yet people have to be able to understand it and know what a burn in the mouth can do and lead to.

Pain relief

After the mouth burn there is a certain pain and swelling one feels in their mouth after the burn – this implies that one is healing. Thus, this is actually the good part, but if the pain is intense and you’re not even able to eat or drink then one can apply a numbing gel to the area.

Healing time

After all the above, one has to make sure that they give their mouth time to heal. Hence, it is important to not eat something hot and steamy till the time your tongue isn’t healed and till you are not able to stay away from the temptation of gulping down hot food in front of you!

How to prevent future burns

Now that we have laid down some burn roof of mouth remedy, let us figure ways to prevent future burns. One of the ways is to apply common sense. We know the food might look very tempting and delicious, and you might be very hungry and may not be able to lay your hands off it – but don’t eat just about then. Wait for the food to get cooled. Eating hot and sizzling food will lead to burns on the roof of the mouth, and will cause irritation and remain with you for at least ten to twelve day! Hence, if you want to avoid this scenario then do not eat hot foods

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How to know that if the burned roof is severe

burned tongue
Check , if burn is severe

There are times when one has to realize that the situation is very severe. There are the first degree burns which one doesn’t necessarily have to worry too much about, and then there are the more severe burns – this requires immediate medical help.

One will be able to tell if their burn is severe by the below symptoms – if one faces severe pain, if there are blisters popping out, there is a certain swelling and if one sees redness.

Burning mouth syndrome

Thus, in burning mouth syndrome one may experience a burning sensation in the mouth. If this continues after a certain period then one should visit their doctor:

 Some of the important symptoms include

One of the symptoms is burning pain in the mouth along with numbness, one will have a dry mouth and a certain taste which will not be so nice, one can also be a victim to numbness in the tongue, lips and even gums!

A burning mouth sensation can make one feel that their mouth is burned. The effects can be mild or even painful. However, burning mouth sensation can occur at about anytime without any warning. It may last for days in one go, or keep appearing on and off

Mouth Burns in children

When a child faces a burn in his mouth, one should treat it exactly how one would treat an adult with a burned roof. The first thing to do is give the child something cold – like cold milk or even a yogurt. However, if the child cannot manage the pain and is really suffering then give them medicines. Be careful to not use those medicines which contain ingredients that the child is allergic to.

The child will clearly be In pain and will suffer quite a bit. However, if the symptoms are not improving then one should take their child to a doctor. One should not wait for the condition to become severe and serious.

The doctor will come to a lot of help and he will also be able to tell if there is certain damage to the nerves or the tissues.

Diagnosis for burned roof of mouth

The doctor is likely to examine certain things before diagnosing the condition:

  1. Review the past medical history and medications
  2. Examine your mouth
  3. Ask the patient to describe their symptoms

Apart from the above the doctor will also do some medical exams to figure out the situation. These being

Blood tests- this is essential because it helps to check the blood count, glucose levels, thyroid and all other things that may enhance the discomfort in one’s mouth

Biopsies – This will help to understand whether one has fungal, bacterial or viral infection

Allergy tests – the doctor may do this to figure out if the patient is allergic to certain foods or things they may be asked to consume

Salivary measurements

Due to burning mouth, one’s saliva level goes down. Thus, the test is urgent as it will indicate whether the victim has low saliva levels.

  • Imaging – One’s doctor may recommend other scans as well in order to test for other health problems
  • Medical adjustment – if one has been taking a medication that causes discomfort in the mouth, then the doctor may suggest a different form and type of medicine which will not hamper the mouth and provide much less discomfort!

In addition to that psychological questionnaires –  One may also be asked to fill up questionnaires that will help predict whether one has depression, anxiety or other mental health scenarios.

When to see a doctor

Nevertheless, usually, burns go away in a matter of days, but if the burn hasn’t healed with a period of two weeks or more – then please visit your doctor. The case can be severe and may be a situation where home remedies may not be able to provide any form of healing. Thus, visit your doctor and take his advise! Hence we hope this article provided one with ample information in terms of having a burned roof of mouth.

Thus, the very best way to prevent it is by taking control of your temptation, realising that the food is hot and steamy and thus waiting for it to cool down – and then gobble it up!

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