Can Alzheimers be prevented through home remedies

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Alzheimers cure , symptoms and preventions or early signs. Prevent with healthy diet , proper exercises , meditations and sunbath.

Today, we are going to talk about Alzheimer and how it can be prevented through some home remedies. It is a disease in which causes the person to becomes forgetful. It is a neuron degenerative disease which can start worsening as the time passes by. Can Alzheimer be prevented or not? Well, there is no particular medicine is there to cure it completely, but there are a few things which person can to help the sufferer of Alzheimer.

What is Alzheimer?

Alzheimer is a chronic disease. In this, the patient starts forgetting about even latest events. Alzheimer and Dementia are quite interrelated. The onset of this problem can be seen in elderly people after an age of 65.


Symptoms of Alzheimer disease:

There are a few symptoms of this disease, although they are also very difficult to spot in the early age. They may include:

  • The patient has difficulty in remembering the things from the recent past.
  • Problem with the language could be another symptom of this disease.
  • In some patients, mood swings are quite common and it even becomes very difficult to handle them.
  • Behavioral issues are another symptom in this disease, so a drastic change takes place in the personality of Alzheimer’s patient.
  • Person has difficulty in his or her own self care.
Causes of Alzheimer disease:

There are a few causes of this disease which are as follows:

  • Main cause of Alzheimer is genes as it runs in generations.
  • In few cases it could due to an injury in the head
  • One may also see hypertension and depression as one of the causes

What are the home remedies of Alzheimer’s disease?

Let’s talk about some ways to cure Alzheimer at home itself. Below are laid down various home remedies that are a good way to cure this disease. Please read the article further for the same:

Take healthy diet:

Undoubtedly, healthy diet plays a very important role for the patients of Alzheimer. But it is not possible for them because they cannot handle their own self care, so there is the requirement of somebody else who can take the lead. Of course, whatever you consume shows through your mental health.

rich diet for alzheimer patients

One should consume more and more superfoods such as blueberries and walnuts that ultimately maintain brain cells. It is because superfoods are highly rich in anti-oxidants. When we talk about walnuts, they are an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids. So, one has to eat superfoods in a good proportion to prevent any further brain damage. However, one should keep a track about side effects of walnuts as well

Do proper workout and exercises:

exercise for alzheimer patients

There is no surprise that there are many benefits of exercise for alzheimer patients as it helps them in easing out. Surprisingly, you tend to be much happier if you do some sort of exercise on the regular basis. Therefore, the Alzheimer patient should also do some workout and exercises. There is no doubt that exercising on daily basis helps you maintain a better mental health. It not only improves one’s blood circulation of the overall body, but also gives a beautiful body shape.


sunlight for alzheimer patients

Patient of Alzheimer should also try to be exposed to sunlight more often. As you know, one gets Vitamin D from Sun rays. It is one of the cures of Alzheimer as it protects one from neurodegenerative disorders.


meditation for alzheimer patients

Simultaneously, meditation can be a very good home treatment for Alzheimer patients. People who do meditation on daily basis do not suffer from this heart-wrenching disease. Of course, there have been many changes in the lifestyles of the people, but people have also learnt to keep up with them with time. Now, we have classes for meditation available and after learning it people can practice it at home to keep away from any stress causing element. There is no doubt that alzheimers brain exercises are equal important to have a better mental health. Overall, one of the alzheimer’s prevention medication is meditation for sure.

Coconut oil:

coconut oil

From the ancient time, the coconut oil has been very popular for many physical ailments. Undoubtedly, it has many effective applications over our skin. But it can concurrently help one with the problem of Alzheimer. Why is coconut oil helpful as a home remedy of Alzheimer? Well, there are ketones present in coconut oil along with the healthy fats. These different elements help the lining of nerves grow. As a result, the brain health improves. But for this, Alzheimer patients have to start consuming it and not strict it for external use only.

Refrain from tobacco:

tobacco is not good

Tobacco is highly injurious to one’s health and when it’s about the people suffering from Alzheimer, they cannot have it at all. As per many doctors, people who usually take tobacco are diagnosed with the problem of either dementia or Alzheimer at a certain point of time. One who does not smoke at all definitely owns a much healthier cardiovascular system. Therefore, people have no issues related to mental health. People with much better cardiovascular system have much better supply of blood to their brain. This ultimately provides enough oxygen to the brain to function.

Intake of essential vitamins:


Undoubtedly, vitamins play a vital role in keeping our overall health in a better shape and when it comes to having vitamins, some vitamins are inevitable for the mental health of the human beings. Vitamins like B, D and E are highly essential as they keep our overall functioning smooth. Vitamin E is on the one hand, is essential for making the memory sharp. Thus, this is very important for the patients of Alzheimer or dementia to take vitamin E to retain their memory. That’s why we recommend all the nutrients in alzheimers prevention food.

Consult with a psychologist—

Although the home remedies mentioned above are extremely helpful, we can still not ignore the advice coming from an expert. You should definitely try to consult a psychologist and go for regular visits.  Of course, counseling helps in many ways. At least you can get a chance to open up with the person who is not known to you and is not going to share your personal life with anyone. Every problem comes with a solution. So, look for it rather than concentrating on its negative side.

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