Chilgoza Health Benefits, Side Effect and Nutritional table

What is Chilgoza?

Chilgoza is a nut which looks like a pine stone. It is generally found in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Chilgoza looks very much like a pine of stone. This nut is a high source of carbohydrates and protein. This is used as a supplement for the body. Chilgoza is eaten raw or fried. Also used in oil form in salads.  

Nutritional Value of Chilgoza

In 100 grams of Chilgoza, there is 673 calories , minerals and antioxidants. Protein is measured as 13.70 and sugar is just 3.59. Due to this much health content, chilgoza is known as a good snack. 

Chilgoza is also rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium. A good percent of iron, folate and Vitamin A is also present which helps in various eye and blood related problems. 

Nutrition table of Chilgoza

Calories 673
Fat 100
Sodium 2 mg
Potassium 579 mg
Carbohydrates 13 g
Protein 14 g

Vitamin & Minerals in Chilgoza

Calcium 0.01
Vitamin C 1%
Iron 30%
Vitamin B-65%
Magnesium 62%

Health Benefits of Chilgoza 

Chilgoza pine is rich in many nutrients which helps in better health and decreases the health risks from various diseases. Chilgoza has rich antioxidants which lets you reduce the bad cholesterol and balance the good cholesterol in the body. It also improves the body’s immunity and reduces the risk of the common cold. This is because zinc present in chilgoza helps in improving Immune system of the body. Another advantage of zinc is treating infertility.  Chilgoza also helps in better sleep and for diabetic patients. It is also helpful in pregnant women health to pass with healthy babies. Some benefits are heart health and cancer prevention.

Chilgoza for Diabetes

Chilgoza is good for diabetic people. People with Type 2 diabetes can control by eating Chilgoza. In many researches, it has been shown that people with Type 2 Diabetes are given chilgoza for a month has shown balance in good & bad cholesterol.  

Chilgoza also helps in controlling glucose & blood lipids.This is because it helps in increasing the vegetable oil intake in Diabetic patients. Plus it reduces diabetes side effects without increasing the weight.  

Skin & Hair Health Benefits

Chilgoza is good for skin care and hair. 

As it is rich in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, it helps in skin care. Vitamins & antioxidants helps in slowing the aging process. People who have sensitive skin or have inflammation problems can get help with chilgoza. 

Chilgoza also provides moisture to the skin and reduces various skin related problems i.e. itching, pimples, scabies, eczema, and sores. A combination of coconut oil and chilgoza is used for body scrub which helps in removing dead skin cells.  

Another use of Chilgoza is hair care. Due to the Vitamin E, hair growth is increased and the scalp is kept in best condition. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, then this can be used for both problems. The high concentration protein present in the chilgoza is helpful in reducing and repairing the hair loss.  

Chilgoza during Pregnancy

Chilgoza is helpful in pregnancy as it is a high source of protein & minerals in it. It acts as a highly nutritious food for pregnant women.  

Constipation is a very common problem during pregnancy is cured by chilgoza. 

If the pregnant woman is vegetarian, then chilgoza can be a very good supplement for her. It helps overall health of mother and baby. A very common problem i.e. iron deficiency is solved by increasing iron absorption in blood by chilgoza. 

Chilgoza for Managing Body Weight

Pinolenic acid present in Chilgoza helps in balancing the body weight. It suppresses the body’s appetite and helps in weight loss. The fatty acid present in chilgoza helps in burning belly fat. Chilgoza helps in increasing saturated fats in the diet and reduces the body weight with less exercise and diet changes.  

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Chilgoza is a high source of Omega 6 and selenium. These two minerals helps in reducing the chances of cancer. The presence of antioxidants eliminates free radicals which are responsible for cancer risk and other symptoms.  

Muscle Health 

Pine Nuts or Chilgoza are rich in protein which reduces fatigue in muscles. If someone eats chilgoza regularly, then it helps in muscles sprains and pain. A protein called Lysine is helpful in reducing hypertension.  

Improves Immunity 

Chilgoza helps in improving immunity of body and reduces various virus infections Most common infections causes cold, fever. Eating it daily helps in strengthening immune system of a person and prevents from various infections.  

Manganese helps in hormonal balance in the body which strengthens the connective tissue. Plus zinc helps in increasing White Blood cells that destroys the pathogens in body. 

Bone Health 

Vitamin K helps in stronger bone formation. In case of various bone diseases like osteoporosis , Vitamin K helps in treatment. In fractures and less bone density, Vitamin K helps in a much faster way than calcium. Eating Chilgoza helps in reducing all the mentioned health crisis. 

Heart Health 

Chilgoza is good for the heart and it decreases the risk of heart attack. The various minerals present in it are MUFA, magnesium and manganese, Vitamin E and vitamin K helps in reducing heart based risks. 

Pinolenic acid is something which reduces various health risks and balance cholesterol levels in the body. Blood clots present in the arteries can be removed by Chilgoza. It also reduces the blood pressure levels of the body.  

Chilgoza boosts Brain health

Various mental problems like anxiety, stress and depression can be cured by eating Chilgoza. Due to it’s high source of iron, it helps in providing more oxygen in the bloodstream. 

High magnesium levels helps in curing the mood disorders and other behavior problems and lead to a happy life.  

Enhances Your Energy

Chilgoza is good for increasing stamina of a person and the minerals in it helps in giving better energy to do any work. Due to less nutrients in diet , body can feel tired or fatigue. Chilgoza helps in repairing tissues and increased muscle fiber. Due to this, it helps in providing you long lasting energy. 

Side Effects of Chilgoza 

Chilgoza is a very fine dry fruit to eat , but still in some cases side effects are seen. If someone is allergic to the Chilgoza, then it can be harmful for you. 

  1. Chilgoza is a seed and it can cause allergies in someone.
  2. And due to its fiber content, it can lead to indigestion. Do not each too much, if you are a pregnant woman or a healthy man. 
  3. Eating too much can harm a pregnant woman and a man can see sudden weight increase  
  4. This allergy is known as pine mouth. In this person’s taste buds stays with metallic or bitter taste for longer time.  Some other symptoms are rashes or itching. 
  5. Some have also seen indigestion, bloating and vomiting.  

If this happens to someone, then it can last for a week in the worst case. If you feel such symptoms after the consumption of chilgoza , then stop eating it and consult a doctor for expert advice.  

How to Eat Chilgoza 

Chilgoza is eaten mostly in fried way as a snack. But in many places it is eaten as a vegetable or in sauce form. 

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