Cockroaches Home Remedy – Roach Killer Natural Remedies

cockroach home remedies

Cockroaches home remedies repellant or for roaches using Baking Soda and sugar. Do the infestation of roaches faster and get rid of these

Cockroaches precede us by far, as the life on earth is considered. It’s been living since the time of dinosaurs. They are stubborn, they would probably be the only species living after an atomic holocaust.

cockroach home remedies
cockroach home remedies

Killer Cockroaches Home Remedy in 3 days

A cockroach can live for weeks without their heads because they breathe through little holes in each of the body segments.

In the Spanish language, Cockroach is called Cucaracha. The English word is the slang for it. Cockroaches are fairly troublesome, for they multiply really fast. In her lifetime female cockroach can lay as many as 150 eggs.

Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and in the process collect a lot of germs and bacteria. They also shed their skin on the food contaminating it. Their cast- off skin and waste products can cause an allergic reaction, particularly amongst children.

Anecdotally speaking, many people suffer from cockroach phobia. According to Richard Kane an entomologist with California state university, they are the number one feared species by humans, amongst insects.

According to a team of researchers, female cockroaches could produce, further female cockroaches for years without their male counterparts.

There are more than 4,500 species of cockroaches, of these 30 are considered as pests. Four of them are notoriously bad.

Interestingly Cockroaches can regenerate their limbs. They are also difficult to catch as they can run up to three miles an hour. To put that in perspective it is equivalent to human being doing 200 miles per hour.

Cockroaches have two brains, one in their skull and second a primitive one near the abdomen.

Remove Cockroaches using home remedies

Cockroaches runs from a tidy place

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” was the mantra of Mahatma Gandhi. The great Mahatma was looking at a bigger picture. But had he been thinking of Cockroaches his answer would have been the same.

They need food to survive and grow. Make sure you discard food left over’s, get rid of the trash bag daily. In the squeaky clean household, cockroaches will not find any debris to nibble at during their nocturnal sojourn. They would make multiple attempts but finally, stubborn cleanliness would force them to give up.

Close and Seal the cracks and holes

wall holes
wall holes

They need to hide during day time, there preferred place is various nooks and corners in the house. If these are sealed, they would be immobilized and ultimately perish.

Keep the area dry and water free

They like damp areas, so a leaky sink tap is a paradise for them. Leaking water is the major cause of the infestation of cockroaches.  Water is essential for the survival of the cockroaches. Dry any such area however trivial for good results.

Do not make piles of your old things

Roaches are one of the most stubborn and versatile creatures to reside on earth, They feed not only on food but on everything like paper, dirt, and glue. So sweep every unnecessary item from your household.  if you have a pile of books donate them Get rid of anything that attracts dust over time.

Natural remedies for Killing Cockroaches

According to researchers, Cockroaches have become almost impossible to kill, a common species has become immune to insecticides. Killing them is also not easy as they can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. However, there are some home remedies that can help you easily fight off the menace.

Still some of the most effective Cockroaches home remedies are given as

Baking soda and sugar

A simple but very effective remedy to get rid of cockroaches is to mix baking soda and sugar. The sugar would attract the roaches while baking soda would kill them.

Boric Acid and sugar

Mix three tablespoons of boric acid and three spoons of flour with a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix them thoroughly and make small balls of the mixture. Place them at several points in the house.

Boric acid
Boric acid

Boric acid in itself can be placed like a single tiny thread around the expected nests of the roach. Even tiny amount of it would prevent the roach from crossing over. Repeat the process each week for several weeks till you get rid of the problem. You can use peanut butter, sugar or honey instead. The idea is to bait the insect and kill it.

Boric acid if ingested is dangerous for kids and pets. Keep them away if you are applying the treatment.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

A good alternative is food grade diatomaceous earth. This natural white powder is abrasive and has absorbent properties, that is why it is so good at killing roaches and other insects. It cuts into the exoskeleton of the insect and absorbs water from the insect’s body. The insect dies of dehydration.

It is akin to walking on glass shreds for them.  So sprinkle the powder everywhere you can. In the nooks and corners below the window sill, In your washbasin sink, beneath the furniture and appliances. Make sure you get the food-grade powder, not the pool grade one.

Bay leaves

Roaches are supposedly repelled by the leaves. So crush the leaves into a powdery form and sprinkle it around all the places where roaches reside. The essential oils contained in the leave are supposed to repel the roaches.

Fabric Softener Spray

Mix three parts spray with two parts water, and spray it around the roach hot spot. Its direct application indeed kills the roach.

Lemon Peels or Lemon Juice

The high acidic smell of lemon repel the roaches; keep them every night to realize their efficacy. They would certainly repel the insect from your home.

Coffee Traps

coffee traps
coffee traps

Coffee is nature’s natural poison against roaches. For one it is acidic in nature and secondly, its natural chemical composition is toxic to them. Sprinkle grounded coffee in the roach infected area.

You can also seek professional help in combating roaches. Hiring an expert can treat roach infection safely, will be more effective and would provide a permanent solution.

FAQ about Cockroaches Home Remedy

Are there any smells that keep the roaches away?

A little peppermint oil is very effective. A mix of peppermint oil and vinegar is an excellent remedy for getting rid of several pests. Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, and essential tree oils all mask and disrupts the scent trail of the cockroaches.

Can I use Eucalyptus oil instead?

Yes, you can, It repels roaches effectively. Add 15 drops of it to half a cup and spray the mixture around. Most probably roaches would have to find a new way around.

Can I make my own bait?

Yes, Mix three parts boric acid and one part sugar, The sugar attracts the roach while boric acid kills it. You can also make a bait of boric acid and peanut butter, Or mix boric acid with banana pieces.You can also mix boric acid with flour.

What are cockroach nests?

Nests are often found behind refrigerators, in compact spaces and kitchen cabinets. The roach lay several eggs at one go contained in a sac. If you come across mounds of dead skin, egg cases, dark spots or smears than it is the telltale sign of the existence of nest in the area.

Does Vinegar oil repel roaches?

It does not repel them, but it does discourage them from having a snack in the nearby area. Undiluted vinegar oil is also good for the killing of salmonella bacteria.

Can I use Sticky traps instead?

Yes, you can use them; you can use multiple units of sticky roach trap and place them at various places. Use them preferably at night for better results. Take care not to touch the glue when you place the traps as it could be very sticky.

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