Benefits and results of coconut water cure for hangover

coconut water cure for hangover

Coconut water hangover cure and its other health benefits. It is rich in electrolytes that provides one with energy and low in calories

Weekends are regarded as the best days of the week. It is evident why – mainly because people are off from work, and decide on meeting their friends and spending time with their families. These little get-together usually have alcohol present among them. This is where – coconut water cure for hangover comes in.

Weekends are known for gobbling down the alcohol and waking up the next day with a very bad hangover. We are not here to dote on the fact that it’s wrong to drink alcohol, but more to empathize with you, and provide you a solution for a hangover cure

coconut water

It is in times like these that coconut water should be remembered. We wish to enlighten one about coconut water cure for hangover. In this article, one will not only see coconut water as a god for hangovers but also realize coconut water benefits, how coconut water and hangover goes hand in hand, and finally the importance of coconut water for hangover!

Before we delve into whether does coconut water help a hangover, which it certainly and evidently does – let us understand what it contains that makes it a winner

Coconut water Nutritional Value

Coconut water is recommended because it is filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants as we all know are essential to get rid of a hangover! They aid in bringing back the energy levels and rehydrating a person facing a severe hangover. Apart from that they are enthused with electrolytes which are considered very good in terms of bringing about energy in the body

Coconut water cure for hangover

coconut water

As mentioned above coconut water cure for hangover. Coconut water will boost the energy levels in your body and make it fit again, especially after the dizziness one feels post drinking a lot. The good part about this water is that it is fat-free, very tasty and contains a sweet tinge to it. However, the main point is that it contains antioxidants and electrolytes like potassium and  a high level of sodium which help rejuvenate the body.

This water is such a good hangover cure because it helps one when they are dehydrated. It helps to bring back the energy and also refreshes people. It is so good that it helps the mind and the body to function properly!

How Coconut water cures hangover with ease ?

  1. After drinking much, a person is dehydrated, and it is at this time that coconut water comes to the rescue and prevents dehydration.
  2. Coconut water also consists of electrolytes which are very essential for a body. Alcohol doesn’t provide any and the more you go to urinate the lesser in they become. The good part is that coconut water contains all the five electrolytes that are found in one’s body
  3. A very good part about coconut water cure for hangover is that it doesn’t contain fructose. Fructose is said to be very bad for the liver. And hence, drinks that contain sugar and are made up of fructose are very bad for the liver – especially during a hangover. So, drink coconut water and feel healthy in no time!
  4. After a night of drinking, one’s sugar levels drop very low. So, there is a need for little sugar – and guess what has just that, coconut water! It contains the right amount of sugar, not too much and not too less.

Electrolyte in Coconut Water

What is amazing is that coconut water comprises of the very five electrolytes that our present in our body. These help to prevent the body from getting dehydrated. Drinking a handful of alcohol leads to one urinating a lot – means lessening of the electrolytes from the body. Hence, coconut water very efficient and helps to energize the people with a hangover!

coconut water

Coconut water cure for hangover works best when one drinks some coconut water before going out, and drink some after in taking alcohol and before going to bed! And once you wake up, the first thing you should say good morning to should be coconut water again. Not only will your hangover run away, but your body will also remain healthy.

So, drink coconut water and do away with the lack of energy and enthusiasm!

Apart from just curing hangovers, coconut water also has several health benefits

Natural sports drink

Coconut water, seen as a natural sports drink is thought to be more efficient than the other energy drinks out there. This is so, because it is enthused with all the five electrolytes that are found in our body. Sports drinks contain only two.

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However, not everything comes without a flaw. Coconut water doesn’t have much sodium, and that is the main electrolyte that is diminished through sweating. Sports drink have more sodium, thus making them a winner. On the other hand coconut water also lacks carbohydrates, which increases one’s level of performance.

Even then coconut water is seen as the best alternative for sports drinks since it is natural and doesn’t contain much sugar!

Low in calories

coconut water

Coconut water is very low in calories and is considered a very good substitute for sodas and juices with high amounts of calories. No one will put on weight by coconut water, in fact, one will only feel way more energized and refreshed after drinking it! In fact, it has all the electrolytes and is antioxidant


Coconut water is the champion in terms of dealing with hangovers! One of the very other important thing is that it contains good amount of potassium. Potassium is a good friend when it comes to reducing the blood pressure. So drink up the yummy calorie less water and see a difference


Hence, coconut water is good not only for hangovers but has other health benefits too. People have suggested that women who are pregnant should have a lot of coconut water. This water keeps one healthy and refreshes anybody who sips into it. Hangovers can be easily cured by this drink since it contains all five electrolytes along with antioxidants. So, if one is undergoing a bad hangover – then you know what drink you should consume!

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