Safety Measure to be Taken for Older People in Corona Virus pandemic

Prevent Old people 60+ & 80+ from Novel corona Virus ( Covid -19) infection. What safety measures can be made to keep elder citizens safe.

How to Prevent your Old ones from CoronaVirus Infection 

As we all know that CoronaVirus has been declared as a pandemic in the world. Multiple countries are seen with the effect. Global health emergencies have been declared and people are instructed to stay at home. Public gathering for any event is restricted to a minimum. 

The basic information about the CoronaVirus has been written in this article. Read it from here. 

Here we are going to talk about why older people are more vulnerable to the danger of CoronaVirus. People who are above 60 and especially above 80 need special healthcare. 

Here’s Why 

As you all know COVID-19 is related to the respiratory illness that is seen as pneumonia or asthma. So here we have to identify people who are nearby and suffer from respiratory illness.

The various cases that are happening in the world has shown that old people who have lungs problem and less immunity must be kept in more care due to the pandemic 

  • The first country China who have faced the infection with more than 1 lakh people has seen a death rate of 2%. And the median age of people who were dead is 75 years. 
  • In the US, people who were dead are 425 in total and the median age of dead people is 59. 

So the data clears that the people with the age 60 and above are likely to be affected by the COVID-19 infection. 

Your Lifestyle underlying Conditions Play a Major Role

Vineet Menachery, an immunologist, has said that the elasticity of your lungs plays a major role in the high immunity of your body. In a young age when our lungs are in the best state, they do not stay the same in our old age. 

In old age, the diseases that sicken the body come in a more furious way and make us sick. 

But there is a twist here if you are young but your current body is weak due to your poor lifestyle then you could also be affected by the same. 

Doctor Vineet Menachery has mentioned “Age and your condition in life will really drive your susceptibility. You may be in your 40s, but if you have these chronic health conditions, you’re going to be more susceptible, just like you see with flu.”

So that means a 60+ man can be healthier due to its better lifestyle and a young man with a poor lifestyle can be more vulnerable to the Corona infection. 

Safety Measures to Prevent Corona Virus Infection

The basic and common safety measures for all ages are being written first. In the next,  we will provide you with special safety measures to keep with old people. 

  1. Wash your hand with hand sanitizer properly after you finish eating, blow your nose and sneezing 
  2. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and ears to avoid any spread. 
  3. Make public gathering to a minimum, go out only when required. 
  4. Do not throw your tissue and hankies in public. 

How to Keep Care of Older Adults 

These older adults can be in your house, neighboring and locality. CDC has recommended the following safety measure to take care of your loved ones. 

  • Observe what medicine they take for their medical problems. See if any other can be given to them for better health.
  • Create a back-up plan and store good quantities of oxygen, dialysis or other useful things to keep them in the best condition. 
  • Stock food items for a few weeks so that you or they do not have to visit a store for buying again & again. 

Prevent from Fraud Schemes for Cure / Vaccination 

There are many fraud organizations who by using other names claiming to provide vaccination for the COVID-19. Currently, there are no vaccines for the coronavirus. If you see any e-mail or any promotional offers that are claiming the same must be seen as fraud offers. 

These fraud schemes are just made to get money by exploiting the global pandemic caused by the disease.

Another face of this scheme is to ask for donations for people who are affected. Verify them by their organization name and donate only if they are legit to use the money for people welfare. 

The Other Seasonal Flu Period is also arriving 

As the summers are arriving there may be other flu and diseases which come in season and affect people. Visit your doctor for vaccinations and keep yourself safe from the other diseases of summer. 

Don’t Buy Masks if you are healthy 

Hospital authorities have instructed that people who are not infected by Corona must not buy any masks to keep them safe. Either if people start buying masks from the market who are healthy, then it would be a scarcity for the hospital authorities. 

Hospital Authorities are in need of those masks while treating the people for it. It is advised to not buy masks if you are healthy.

If you are seen COVID 19 positive, then you must buy an N95 mask from the medical store to keep people safe from your infections. Learn to wear the mask properly after you buy it. 

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has said that wearing the mask properly is a very important thing to be done. If you are wearing it properly, then you could be responsible for spreading it more. 

Final Words

CoronaVirus is a global pandemic, it is our duty to keep us and people near to us safe. The instruction provided by the health Institutions must be followed strictly so that we can minimize the effect of global health emergencies. 

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