All About Corona Virus: Origin, Symptoms, Precautions and FAQ

This article is written about the epidemic disease popularly known as CoronaVirus. After reading this, you will know all about Corona Virus i.e. its origin, prevention, and precaution measures.

What is coronavirus?

As per the report of the World Health Organisation, CoronaVirus is a family of viruses that are responsible for the common cold and some other severe problems like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Origin of Corona Virus

According to the WHO, this virus has been transmitted from animals to humans. This means SARS originated from civet cats to humans and MERS came from a camel.

There are still more coronavirus in other animals that haven’t affected humans yet. The name of coronavirus is taken from a Latin word corona i.e. crown. By observing it from the electron microscope, the image of the virus is similar to the solar corona.  

Coronavirus new name

This coronavirus was observed by Chinese authorities on Jan 7th, 2020 & named as COVID-19. The information about this epidemic is still limited and researchers are still finding a way to control the disease from spreading. 

The origin of the Corona Virus has been unknown but the Chinese authorities have suspected illegal seafood which is traded in Wuhan by people as delicious food.  

Chinese researchers have ruled out all the suspect food on February 7th and declared that an animal called pangolin which is illegally traded in the Wuhan coast & some snakes and bats are a source of this virus. Pangolins are used in Asia as a delicious food as well as medicine. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus 

The most common symptoms in infected people are fever, cough, breathing problems, organ failure, and pneumonia

The estimated time for infection and symptoms to be seen are up to 14 days. Generally, people are seen with symptoms under 5 days.  

Many cases haven’t shown any symptoms while being infected with the coronavirus. A total of 80,240 cases have been seen in China from which 49,856 people were recovered from the infection and about 3,000 people died because of this. 

How Lethal It is? 

As about 3,000 deaths are recorded, the death percent of this epidemic is just 2%. In comparison to the last decade’s Epidemic i.e. SARS, which had about 9% of the death rate. 

So, the severity of this coronavirus is less than all other diseases. The death rate is low i.e. 2% according to the WHO.  

Which Continents are Affected by Corona Virus Infection

The first case of coronavirus was reported in China. Soon this spread worldwide in the various other neighboring and far more countries i.e. Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, and South Korea. The other countries where some cases are seen are Italy, France, Europe, North America, Middle East & Africa.  

Most cases of spread were because of people who traveled through or from China. Human to Human transmission has been proved but all the cases of widespread epidemic are not linked to China. 

Coronavirus status in china

On today, 5th March, 2020, China has declared 90,000+ cases of infected people in which 3500+ has been declared dead by Chinese authorities. 

How to prepare for Corona Virus

Corona Virus has been spread in almost all parts of the world. Here is how WHO has instructed to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. 

Corona Virus Prevention Measures

These are the simplest steps to stay safe from coronaVirus.  

  1. Wash your hands frequently and stay away from people who are ill.
  2. Do not go outside if you are sick.
  3. Use a face mask, if you are still ok.
  4. Keep medicines and other stock of resources in your home
  5. Create a coordination with your family

Wash your Hands Frequently 

Washing hands is not a very big step towards prevention but it helps. Scrub your hands for 20 seconds properly and rinse with a dry towel. 

Don’t Stay Outside, if you are Sick 

If you are infected or even doubted, then avoid going out of your house. Do not ride a vehicle or use public transportation to avoid any contact with other people. 

Use a face mask, if you are still ok

Using a Face mask is not a safe step towards health. So if you are a health care worker who is still working in a hospital, then using a mask will help you. Medical Officials have said that using masks by the general public must be restricted. Because this will only reduce the resource for health professionals. 

A simple medical mask does not prevent inhaling viruses from the air. Special masks are available for the purpose. 

Keep medicines and other stock of resources in your home

It is suggested to keep a supply of 30-days with all the prescribed medicines and hygiene products like detergent, diapers, and soap. Also, keep your food supply for the next thirty days at home. 

Throw the tissues after blowing your nose. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant to keep the infection away from home.  Clean your daily use things like TV remote, Mobile phones, calculators, etc for safety. 

Create a coordination with your family

Prepare your family members with basic evacuations and resources.  Make an emergency plan and prepare with them accordingly. 

If your kids are in school, then make discussions with school authorities about plans on schedule change, early dismissals, and awareness programs. 

In the case of elders, you need to make a plan of taking care of them if they fall sick.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Corona Virus

As the disease is a new one, there is less information about it. The most common questions asked by the common people are given here. 

Which Age Group is more prone to the Corona Virus Infection

There is no age bar for this infection. A small lid or an adult of old age can be infected by the same. So keep all the precautions and stay safe from it. 

What are the treatments available for CoronaVirus Infection 

There are no treatments or drugs available for the infection to date. The only way is prevention and control measures

Kids and adults should keep all the preventive measures to minimize the spread of cough and respiratory infections with others. 

Can black people get coronavirus? 

CoronaVirus can infect any person. There is no exception with black people. So read all the preventive measures and implement them effectively. 

Does coronavirus spread through chicken

The animals which are listed for doubt in coronavirus infection are pangolin, bats and some sea snakes. But eating chicken is also banned due to some reasons. Try to avoid any non-veg food till the real cause isn’t found. 

What mask should be used for coronavirus Infection

A normal mask won’t help you in spreading it. An N95 respirator mask is used for preventive measures. Using it needs some minutes of training, so if you are going to have it, then do the training process too. 

How does COVID-19 spread?

Corona Viruses infect humans on the nose , lungs, and throat. The most common infection is through the respiratory droplets that are spread when you cough or sneeze, close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands touching something with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands

Can COVID-19 be transmitted when a person is not showing symptoms?

Yes, a person who is infected can be seen with no symptoms at all. The research is still in the process to check whether some symptoms can be detected or not. 

This is why primary contact and a direct touch of an infected person is not advised. Use the best hygiene methods to stay away from the infected areas and go for a check-up if needed.

I am planning to travel to China, what is the current advice?

The Government and health authorities have advised us to postpone any travel plans to China for a few months. If it is not necessary, then do not go to any country i.e. China & nearby.  Travelers must check the Travel Health Notice for China before making any plans. 

I am a returning traveler from China/Iran, what I Should do as a precaution 

If you are returning from China/ Iran, then you will be kept in medical observation by the country’s medical authorities. After returning home, isolated people from meeting for a week for any further spread of disease. Go to the doctor again if needed. 

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