Crystal Clear Spotless Skin Tone Home Remedies in 10 Days

good skin
good skin

We all are aware that beauty plays a very dominant role in our society today. The need to look beautiful is not only to attract the opposite sex but also to feel good from within. One major factor behind looking pretty is the skin and how one takes care of it. Hence, this article is going to lay light on – crystal clear spotless skin and how to achieve it within a span of 10 days.

Home remedies for glowing skin for oily skin

One way to achieve crystal clear spotless skin is by taking care of the excess oil in the skin. Thus, we are going to lay below some home remedies to cure oily skin and how to make the skin shiny and form a glow

Wash your face

For crystal clear spotless skin and an oil-free one – it is compulsory to keep washing your face again and again. In fact, if you suffer from oily skin, then it becomes even more important to keep washing your face. However, do not overdo it since soaps and other chemicals used on the face can be harmful after an extent.

Blotting papers

blotting paper

If one suffers from oily skin, then they should carry blotting papers along with them. These are a little expensive, but they are quite useful and will come handful for people having oily skin



Honey is very good for a crystal clear spotless skin.  It contains antibacterial and antiseptic components which come very handy for skin that is smeared with acne and pimples. Put some honey on to your face, let it dry for about 10 minutes and then wash it off.


This may come as a surprise but oatmeal is also very good for oily skin. It helps to absorb the excess oil, and apart from just doing that it also removes dead skin. Oatmeal can be mixed along with yogurt, honey, or even mashed fruits. Thus, if one is craving a crystal clear spotless skin then this is the way to go!


Almonds are good not only to keep away the dead skin but also to absorb the excess oil and make the skin healthier and shinier. One can grind the almonds, mix honey in it. Make a thick paste and apply it on the face. Once that is done you can rinse the pack off the face!

Aloe vera

aloe vera

In order to do away with oily skin, one should also apply aloe vera to the face. Take some gel from the plant and apply it on the skin. Let this pack be on till the next morning. By doing this every day, one will be able to see drastic changes in their skin.

Home remedies for glowing skin for dry skin

Apart from just oily skin, people also suffer from dry skin which can be quite painful. Thus we are going to lay down some home remedies for dry skin. To read below:

Use coconut oil

coconut oil

If one’s skin is dry then they should definitely apply coconut oil. A skin which is dehydrated becomes alive and enhances a glow when coconut oil is used. Hence, if you are a victim of dry skin then make sure to apply coconut oil and see the results!

Drink milk


One should be warned that here we imply that it is through drinking milk that the dryness from the skin goes, and not through applying milk on the face. Hence, if one craves for a crystal clear spotless skin, then they should drink milk every day

Petroleum jelly

If one suffers from dry skin then they should apply petroleum jelly every day. This is a very good remedy and people who fell victim to dry skin have very good things to say about it.

Home remedies for glowing skin for brides

Before getting married, brides have the need to look beautiful and have a crystal clear spotless skin. Thus, in order to achieve a glowing skin right before marriage – one should read this carefully.

Sleep properly

So, it’s just a week to go for your wedding, and you being the bride are obviously very stressed with all the preparations and all. Thus, in order to have a glow on your skin on the day of the marriage, it is important to sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep can devoid one of the glow on the skin!

Drink lots of water


Water also keeps your skin hydrated and thus if one is a going to be bride then make sure to drink lots and lots of water. This will also bring about a glow on one’s face!

 Avoid oily food

Oily food contains no good components in them. Thus, if one wants good skin then they should avoid oily food and eat only meals that contain nutrients and are healthy. So if you are a bride to be – then we’d recommend you to eat healthy, drink healthy and feel healthy

Do not sleep with makeup on

It is not good to sleep with makeup on. This is so because, it can block the pores, leading to acne. This may tend to damage the skin cells and leading the skin to become dry. Hence, if you’re soon the bride to be then make sure to not sleep with the makeup on!

Exercise daily


In order to keep a crystal clear spotless skin, one should exercise daily. This especially so when one is going to get married and has to look their best. With exercising, the skin becomes refreshed and has a shine to it.


Thus, we hope you gave this a good read and if one wants a clear and a spotless skin then the above ways can do wonders. Be it just any day, a day when your friend is getting married, or a day when you yourself are the bride. The above remedies are very good and help to keep the skin shiny, acne free and clear. Hence, we hope this article is worthwhile and a good read

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