Cupuacu Butter Benefits for Skin Allergies & Hair Scalp

Cupuacu Butter Benefits for skin and hair scalp. Uses and creation of home made products using Cupuacu Butter in cream , Soaps , conditioners & balm.

Cupuacu Butter : Health Benefits & Domestic Uses

Cupuacu Butter is a very good moisturizer option for your skin. If you are one of those who is trying to find some alternate for the artificial skin moisturizer, then you can use it for your skin. 

Cupuacu Pronunciation

Many of you must be thinking that what this word cupuacu is pronounced. It is pronounced as (coo-pwah-soo). 

Benefits of Cupuacu Butter 

Cupuacu butter is seen as an alternative in the moisturizer products. Cupuacu butter is a natural moisturizer as it is consisting of natural fatty acids. This composition is very helpful in dry and moisturising skin. 

The products which are super moisturizers are used widely in lipsticks, moisturizers and conditioners. The highest quality of cupuacu butter is cold pressed for a long period of time which is extracted from the Cupuacu fruit. 

How Cupuacu Butter is Extracted 

Cupuacu butter is extracted from Cupuacu tree. These trees are very common in Amazonian forests. The butter is extracted from the seeds of fruit. These seeds are very rich in cosmetic and medicinal value. 

Cupuacu tree is a very long vegetation. At extreme it is seen as 10 m of length. These seeds are used to make some bakery products like white chocolate. 

Appearance of Cupuacu Butter 

Cupuacu butter is light tan in color. It is little creamy and soft to touch. Nutritionist are thinking about some other plans for cupuacu tree , but that is not our point of interest. 

Nutritional properties of Cupuacu 

Cupuacu butter is a thrice fat combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The properties which attracted interest of skin care Industry are sterols and essential fatty acids. 

Sterols are basically steroid alcohol or vegetable fats. Cupuacu Butter is a very strong competitor to other moisturizing agents like Kokum butter. It can attract upto 2.5 times moisturization to the skin. This huger moisturization acts as skin hydrator and in plumping. 

Cupuacu Butter is not used in Sunscreen, but it some protective properties from harmful sun radiations like UV rays. 

Benefits of Cupuacu Butter 

Cupuacu butter helps in Skin Growth & Regeneration

Cupuacu Butter is a boon on earth for human skin. The medicinal properties of Cupuacu butter helps in skin allergies and acne problems. The medicinal properties of Cupuacu butter is due to abundant nutrition of Vitamin K , E & other fatty acids. 

Cupuacu has rich in Antioxidants 

Anti-Oxidants is one of the reasons why people’s skin start looking dull and tends to look older. Those antioxidants helps in repairing damaged skin. Free radicals can fasten the skin aging, dark patches & dull skin. To keep looking young and healthy in respect to your skin’s appearance, Antioxidants are very useful.  

Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Signs of aging are seen by many factors on skin. Cupuacu butter helps hiding the signs of aging on skin. Any effect of infection on skin is reduced by Cupuacu butter. Basically it helps in regeneration of healthy skin cells on body and helps in skin inflammation. 

Cupuacu Butter is an Excellent Moisturizer

Now you already Cupuacu Butter is an excellent source of skin moisturizer. This is why it is the first choice for soaps, creams & moisturizers. The moisture provided by cupuacu butter is extremely helpful for itching and dry skin.

Moisturizer for Lips 

Moisturizing lips in winters is very necessary for all. If you are a person who travels a lot in various climate conditions, then you can feel such symptoms of chapped lips. Many a times. Extreme summer can also de-moisturize your lips. 

There are some other reasons of chapped lips. If you are suffering from such condition, then using cupuacu butter as lips moisturizer can helps in preventing lips from external factors. It helps in hydration of lips naturally. 

Healing & Clear Skin

Clear skin is a very simple way of showing healthy body. Our face is the mirror of our bodies health. Acne isn’t a big problem, but it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Acne is produced by bacteria, and cupuacu butter is helpful in producing antioxidants which can kill those bacteria and clear your skin. Also scars of a skin can be removed by cupuacu. 

Cupuacu helps in skin regeneration and healing faster. A person with dry and degenerative skin can be cured and replaced with moist and soft skin after regular use of cupuacu butter. 

There are various other benefits which can be made by the cupuacu butter. I.e. 

  1. It is used in creams with less concentration.
  2. Cupuacu helps in scars, stretch marks removal.
  3. As Cupuacu is a high source of Vitamin E, it helps in nourishment and hydration of overall skin . 

Skin Toning 

Toning of skin is useful when your skin is deficient of vitamins, nutrients and hydration. The pH of skin can be balanced using Cupuacu. Balancing of skin’s pH helps in prevention of dryness and wrinkles. Cupuacu has been a better cure in anti-aging of skin. 

Mostly the wrinkles on face are found on the forehead and eyes. The antioxidant of cupuacu is strong enough to remove free radicals in the skin and cure skin from wrinkles. 

Cupuacu makes skin elastic

In the younger ages of human, we all are bright and beautiful. In this appearance ,are skin is very helpful. Our skin is seen taut and elastic. This is because at a young age, our skin is rich is collagen and elastin. These two are names of protein which helps in skin to stay stretching. 

But soon when the human starts aging, these two proteins starts depreciating from the skin and our skin starts looking old and aged. 

Cupuacu butter’s rich nutrient can help in rescuing our skin’s grace as it was earlier. If a person starts using cupuacu butter for a longer time, then it helps in creation of elastin in skin and maintains the skin elasticity for longer time. 

This can helps in longer life of skin de-aging. The other nutrient i.e. collagen can also be produced in skin after longer usage of cupuacu , it helps in looking younger than your real age. 

Cupuacu helps in protection from Harmful Sun rays ( Natural SPF)

SPF or Sun Protection factor are products made for skin to prevent it from harmful sun rays. Sunburn is caused by UV rays present in the sunlight. Most of the UV rays are kept out from earth via Ozone layer. 

But the UV rays which enter from the Ozone , is very harmful to the skin. Long exposure to skin can cause various premature symptoms to the skin like wrinkles, aging & skin damage. 

Cupuacu can be used as an SPF product to prevent skin from the harmful sun radiation. Not only it prevents skin from radiation but also provided enough nutrients to skin. 

Hair Care with Cupuacu 

The moisturized protein in Cupuacu has helped to skin in multiple ways as told above. As we know hairs are directly related to the skin. Cupuacu helps in nourishing hair scalp. 

The nutrient is Cupuacu make your hair scalp silky and soften it. It also helps in brittle hair, frizzy hair and dry scalp , if used for a longer period. 

Melting Point of Cupuacu Butter  

The melting point of Cupuacu Butter is 36 degree Celsius. It is solid at room temperature and melts as you put it on your skin. This property is helpful in spreading it in your skin like a lotion and locking moisture to hydrate the skin. 

How to use Cupuacu Butter at Home 

Cupuacu Butter isn’t something which is found easily as raw form. But if you have arranged it from your level, then you can use it many ways for your skin and hair health. 

Using Cupuacu Butter in raw Form 

If this is your way of using Cupuacu butter, then it is a very wise choice. Just follow the steps and do it as written below. 

  1. Rub the Cupuacu Butter between your hands and melt it. 
  2. Apply it on your hair & skin
  3. Enjoy the natural essence of Cupuacu on your skin. 

Using Cupuacu on Home-made Cosmetics

If you are using Cupuacu in your homemade cosmetics, then this must be your composition in the various cosmetic products. 

Name of CosmeticRecommended Percentage of Cupuacu Butter
Lotions & Creams2 to 20%
Hair Conditioners2 to 10%
Handmade Soaps2 to 10%
Balm (Salves)5 to 90% 

Go ahead and create a wonderful product using our Cupuacu Butter.  If you have any questions about how to formulate your product with cupuacu butter, just let us know.  Happy Making

Final Words 

Cupuacu butter has same medicinal values like Kokum butter. Both are extracted from its fruit’s seed. Cupuacu Butter is better moisturizer as compared to the Shea butter & Kokum butter. It is measured that Cupuacu Butter is 2.5 times more moisturized than shea butter. Because of this reason , it helps in many ways to skin and hair diseases. 

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