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9 ways to cure Athlete Foot with Home based Treatment

9 ways to cure Athlete Foot with Home based Treatment

athlete foot

Most health freaks and people who are athletes undergo the trauma we are going to focus on today. When one exercises a lot with closed knitted shoes, certain fungal interrupts between the toes. This is very common and is called athletes foot or tinea pedis. As mentioned before, this is very common and nothing to worry about. To cure this athlete’s foot we are going to lay down – Cure Athlete Foot with Home Remedy

What is Athlete Foot & its Symptoms?

Thus, As mentioned above athlete’s foot is when certain fungal starts to appear between the toes. This is caused mainly due to wearing tight shoes and your feet sweating a lot. Before one can understand that they have tinea pedis, there are certain symptoms that they might be able to adhere to.

athlete foot

These being an itching, burning sensation between the toes, the emergence of blisters on the feet which itch continuously, when the skin starts to peel easily when raw skin starts to appear on the feet and a time when the toenails become discolored, thick and crumbly. Thus, if one finds themselves under the folds of either of the symptoms – do read the pointers we are going to lay down to cure athlete foot with Home Remedy

Causes behind athlete’s foot

This fungus usually travels and adapts itself to people’s feet when the shoes and socks are very tight and create a moist environment. When people walk barefoot on the ground, and this especially happens to people whose areas between the toes is very damp!

Home remedies for Athlete Foot

Tea tree oil


One can cure athlete foot with tea tree oil. This oil works wonders because it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Most athletes when faced with the fungal situation, applied tea tree oil and were very content with the results. Thus, this oil is an excellent way to cure athlete foot with home remedy



In addition to this, when faced with an athlete’s foot, garlic shall come to the rescue! Soak the feet into a bucket of hot water and garlic and find yourself relieved from the pain and itchiness. The only problem one faces is that garlic can leave a strong lasting smell

 Hydrogen peroxide foot fungus

One very good way to cure athlete foot with home remedy is to apply hydrogen peroxide. This is important as it helps to kill bacteria and fungus and makes the skin on the foot smooth again. What one needs to do is – soak your feet in a bucket with hydrogen peroxide and water. However, clear warning, hydrogen peroxide can sting if one has cracked skin or even open wounds.

Apply plain yogurt

plain yogurt

One of the ways to cure athlete foot with home remedy is to apply plain yogurt on the area! This works well because yogurt contains probiotic bacteria which provides instant relief and cure. Make sure to apply the yogurt on the infected area. Once that is done let the yogurt dry and rinse it thoroughly. It is suggested to use only plain yogurt and not any flavored one!

Cure athlete foot with Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a brilliant way to cure athlete’s foot. What one needs to do is take a bowl of hot water, pour some Epsom salt into it, and then dip your feet in it for about 15 to 2o minutes. This certainly works as Epsom salt contains anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful in treating the condition. Thus, this is a fast and effective way to cure athlete foot with home remedy

Apple cider vinegar for athlete’s foot fungus  

apple cider vinegar

One can easily cure athlete foot with the help of apple cider vinegar. Take hot water and add some tinge of apple cider vinegar to it. Once that is done, soak athlete feet into it, and leave it there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This is a good way to cure athlete foot with home remedy. This works well because it contains properties that help reduce pain and inflammation. Apart from that, this vinegar fights away fungal infections

Let your feet breathe

It is known that athlete’s foot occurs in warm, moist areas. Hence, one should try leaving their feet open and get a little air on them. The best way to do this is by wearing open sandals and not tight shoes that make one’s feet sweaty and moist. In short – let your feet breathe! One of the best ways to cure athlete foot with home remedy

Apply talcum powder

Nevertheless, this is a good home remedy as it tends to keep the infected area dry and clean. Thus, by doing so – the talcum powder makes it quite difficult for the fungus to thrive and spread. This powder will provide aid and relief to the infected area, hence a good way to cure the fungal area on the feet

Green tea

green tea

This is a very good home remedy, what one is required to do is soak their feet in green tea. Once this is done there will be fewer symptoms indicating peeling and redness. This is due to certain nutrients in green tea which are called polyphenols. However, one needs to know that this method will take patience as it does not happen very quickly. One would need to soak their feet in green tea every day for about three months. However, it is a good way to cure athlete foot with home remedy


Thus, the above home remedies to do away with athlete’s foot are natural and have worked for many. People suffering from fungal around their toes have applied the above remedies and seen good results. However, we cannot assure that it will work for all.

Go to a doctor if

Although there may be a case where the above home remedies are not helping at all to replenish the fungal area, in that case, one should go see their doctor and take the prescribed medication. We hope this article was helpful in enlightening and providing information regarding this treatment and natural cure for this infection! Hence, we hope this was a good read

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