Demodectic Mange Home Remedies – Causes and Prevention

Demodectic Mange in dogs

Demodectic Mange Prevention and cure. Check Mange Home remedies in dogs withe frequently asked questions

These are the thoughts about man’s best friend. Those of us who had the privilege of their company as owners could testify to their virtues. What impresses most is their intense affection, their comradeship, gratitude, friendship, and above all their loyalty. There are innumerable stories about them. Here is my personal one.

For 10 years I owed a pomeranian named Tipsy Normally for animals the correct grammar is “IT”. But I would call her “She”. All Dog openers would testify to my misuse of grammar. She was a friend to every visitor at our place, she welcomed them and impressed them with her beauty and intelligence. One cold December night my family had gone out of the station. It was 12 o’clock and I was preparing to sleep I realized that Tipsy was not in the bedroom. I located her at the gate waiting for my family to return, suffering from cold, but unwavering in her loyalty.

Not even a scrap could be picked up by an outsider from our home. Anybody who did that would attract her anger.

Once My sister laid her Yoga mat but delayed her practice, Tipsy was in action barked her back to the yoga mat and, sat through the entire practice and moved only after the session was over.

No parent could be more scrupulous in ensuring that their kids are disciplined. God has created her to be a dog but she had all human virtues and none of their failing.

Imagine if such a creature gets Mange, An atrocious disease of the canine. The pain to the animal as well as to the owner is immense.

The disease is preventable and also curable but it is a tough customer to deal with.

  1. What is It?
  2. Preventive measures that I would undertake to prevent my pet from suffering?
  3. How difficult is it detect the symptoms?
  4. Is the disease curable easily?
  5. How did my pet get this disease?
  6. Can I afford to be negligent, And instead focus on watching TV?
  7. Q and A

Demodectic Mange

Mange is a skin disease caused by parasites which burrow into the skin. The word mange suggest poor condition of the hairy coat. due to infection. Mange is extremely uncomfortable and potentially contagious. It can infect your other pets and occasionally human being too. If untreated Mange can be potentially life threatening too.

Demodectic Mange Causes

Mange is caused by two types of mites called.

  1. Sarcoptic mange
  2. Demodectic  mange.

The former is highly contagious, though human beings are not prone to this mite.

Demodectic mange Prevention

What are the effective preventive measures?

 There are no known measures, but keep your dog happy, allow it plenty of exercise and keep it hygienic. Avoid its contact with stray dogs.

Demodectic mange Symptoms

What are the symptoms associated with the disease?

If you see your pet having intense itching, her skin is red and she is suffering from hair loss than in all probability she has been attacked by mange.

If she is suffering from Demodectic Mange than their would be bald spots, there would be scabs on her skin and can cause ungainly sores.

Initial Symptoms in Dog

At first site

  1. If her skin shows redness, rash and itching
  2. If there are ugly sores
  3. If her skin is scaly or scabby
  4. If she is suffering from hair loss

Home Remedies for Demodectic Mange

What is the cure for the disease?

 Easiest cure available is Sulfurated Lime, It relieves itching caused by parasites and ring works. The solution is used to rinse the animal every 5-7 days. Keep on repeating the process till mite infection is clear of mites.

If the infection is generalized than use shampoos containing Benzoyl peroxide. Also, give oral medications as prescribed by your local vet.

 Apple Cider Vinegar for Demodectic mange

Apple Cider Vinegar has anti septic and anti bacterial properties

  • Add half a cup of ACV with equal amount of Borax and warm water.
  • Use a sponge to apply it on all part’s of the dogs body.
  • Let it dry on its own.
  • Take care not to scrub or rub the dog.
  • Dog’s face has to be closed as it might lick the mixture, borax can be extremely harmful for the dog if consumed.
  • The mixture can also be sprayed over the dogs body.
  • ACV can also be administered orally to the dog, It will rebalance the PH and help him get rid of mange skin.
Honey remedy for Demodectic mange

It is both antiseptic and anti-oxidant. If applied to the affected portion of the dog’s body can help in treating sores and build immunity. Honey is a readily available product which can be applied to any wound from burns to bacterial infection. Apply the same to the sore part of Dog’s skin.

 Use Olive Oil to cure Demodectic mange Prevention

This is another readily available product that can be applied to the infected body of your pet. Few drops mixed with a cup of water should be applied to the skin of the disease on a daily basis. The treatment should be continued till the sore spots disappear and skin gets its natural look.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax Remedy for Demodectic mange

Follow the steps as given below to apply on Dog’s Skin.

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide with Borax powder, Give it a sponge bath.
  •  The treatment would effectively curb mange over a period of time. It will also keep your dog’s skin smooth and its texture pretty.
  • Make sure that infected dogs surroundings’ are also kept clean with the application of above remedies.
  • Mange will eventually disappear over a period of time.
  • It is not a very tenacious disease and would readily surrender to discipline and medication.
  • You can save your prized pet a lot of discomfort by merely being vigilant.

These natural remedies can be applied once a while as a preventive measure. Some breeds are more susceptible to the malady compared to other ones.

A pet is a responsibility, not only does it need your love and affection but your constant care. Dog’s skin should be brushed regularly. It should be given at least a fortnightly bath. Its bedding should be kept clean and exposed to sunlight once a week. Dog’s coat often gives an idea of general health. So time spent rubbing and scrubbing is a time well spent. Any outside contact with other dogs should be watched over and remedial action is initiated.

A disease like mange takes time to manifest, so the close watch would help you discover it at the nascent stage a remedial measure then taken would nip the disease in the bud.

 Your pet is a prized possession next only to your kids as Tipsy was to us.

“What happened to her”? She finally went to paradise, after living her complete life after giving us a million smiles. It fulfilled her mission of giving smiles to everybody who saw her, knew her or ever interacted with her. She is the reason why street dogs in our area consider our house as their own, they can rest and are fed with immense love. She taught us that dog might be a lowly creature in the world’s eye but for us they are as good as human beings.

Demodectic mange FAQ

Is Mange a communicable disease to humans ?

Good news is no, Human beings cannot catch contact mange from dogs, As human skin is a bad host to the animal parasite called Sarcoptes scabiei hominis.

Is mange Fatal?

No it is not in itself, but it could so enfeeble doge systems that they become susceptible to various other ailments which can eventually kill them. It can make a dog very unhealthy to the extent that the dog may stop eating or drinking.

How Mange Affects on cats?

Cat and dog are quite similar to each other. A cat infected with mange would feel non-stop itching and scratching. The symptoms will be shown within a week. Soon there would be patchy skin with air loss. The most affected portions are ears and face.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar help your dog?

As we know mange spread because of causing mites. Apple Cider Vinegar relieves on itching and kills mites. This vinegar regulates the pH levels. The only caution is not to use on damaged skin.

Do mange Mites live in Carpet?

Yes, Mange mites live in carpet, bedding, clothes, and carpets. Let’s not go into the biological terms, but please clean your carpets. Your dusty carpet may be the reason for your dog’s health.

How long is sarcoptic mange contagious?

A mange mite can survive up to 21 days in the highest of 60 to 77 Fahrenheit temperatures.

Will Lysol kill mange?

Yes, spreading Lysol is a good option for a house with pets. These type of infection prevention techniques contains permethrin on surfaces and clothing. You can apply alcohol and Lysol separately to kill bus and mites in your fabrics on hard surfaces. Wash your clothes and linens in hot water and free them from mites.

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