Dry cough remedy and its instant results that help one recover

Dry cough remedy
Dry Cough remedy

Having a certain infection is always troublesome, especially if that illness is a dry cough. Here one will find dry cough remedy. There is a certain tinge always at your throat which causes a certain irritation, and the need to keep coughing. There are obviously various medications that your doctor can prescribe, but we are going to emphasize on home remedies which will help one to do away with a dry cough!

Famous home remedies for dry cough


 First and foremost is the yummy honey. It is always better to have it raw, this helps in doing away with dry cough and makes your throat less irritable.

Salt water

gargle with salt water. It is best to gargle at least three times a day. Saltwater tends to draw moisture away from a swollen throat and hence causes the swelling to go. So say yes to saltwater and do away with dry cough


Third, do remember to take steam. This is a very good dry cough remedy. Steam has been one of the oldest remedies for a dry cough, and no doubt one of the best and effective ones.


Turmeric remedy

Fourth, turmeric is very good for a dry throat and is used by a large number of people suffering from a cough. It is credible because it contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Marshmallow root

Fifth, the very edible marshmallow root. One can have it in tea. Boil water, prepare tea and add some marshmallow root into it. Make sure to drink this tea at least three times a day!


Sixth, have an intake of probiotics. This doesn’t essentially work on a dry cough but helps to boost the immune system, thus relieving one from getting any form of infection. Hence, probiotics are very helpful.

Warm liquids

Lastly, it is also good to have hot and warm liquids like tea, coffee, ginger lemon tea, and other such drinks. These help to soothe the through and remove the irritation.

Go to a doctor if

Hence, the above natural remedies will come to use in order to do away a dry cough. The above remedies are homemade and natural. However, if your cough is serious and not getting better, then do hurry and pay a visit to your doctor.

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