Effective home remedies for dry lips treatment and their result

picture showing dry lips

People undergo various infections and diseases. One can choose to go to a doctor, but home remedies do their magic as well! Today, we are going to talk about dry lips treatment, and home remedies that will help do away with severe chapped lips.  Lips mainly get dry in winters – so how to deal with dry cracked lips? What is the ingredient behind dry lips cure? What to use for chapped lips? Finally what is the very renowned dry lips remedy?

We are going to go on a journey of dry lips treatment and answer all the questions above. We believe in providing best of home remedies for any kind of infection, and hence, today you will witness a remedy for severe chapped lips.

Home Remedy for dry lips

But before we delve further into that, we have to understand why chapped lips appear, and why is dry lips treatment important. 

picture showing dry lips

Most of us face dry lips in the winter; however, there are other reasons as well as to why one faces dry lips. It is because of the cold dry air and the sun’s rays that chew the moisture out of one’s lips. Apart from this, air-conditioned rooms can also lead your lips to be dry. Finally, breathing through one’s mouth causes chapped lips. Hence, we are going to talk about dry lips treatment and home remedies that are good to cure chapped lips!

In short chapped lips are caused due to – Excessive licking of lips, sun damage, smoking and drinking, sun damage, allergies, certain medications. Below are given dry lips remedy and dry lips treatment.


picture depicting water

One of the very things that will do away with dry chapped lips is water. Water is not only good for the lips but your entire beauty. Water helps to keep a glow, remove pimples and most importantly make your lips pink and remove dryness. Water is the one essential thing that one should drink every day. At least 3 big bottles a day. This is a very good and effective way for dry lips treatment.

Lip Balm

picture showing lip balm

We all keep a lip balm with us thinking that it would help us to moisturize our lips. There is no doubt that it is a good dry lips treatment, however, it does not last. Lip balm helps only for the moment but when it comes to long-lasting effects – lip balm is not your friend. It’s like making friends with someone only for a short period of time, you still haven’t met your true best friends. Water can be just that as mentioned above. So, even though lip balm will cure chapped lips for a little while, one needs a long term solution!

Coconut oil

picture depicting coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very good home remedy for dry lips treatment. What makes it so good is that they are very good natural moisturizers and lubricants. The oils that are contained within them helps to do away with the dryness in the lips and make them red and cherry like. Not only do they make your lips pink, but also keep away any form of infection that might be coming by your side. Coconut oil is also cheap and easily available everywhere. So, don’t wait – go ahead and apply some of that oil on your lips.

It is a natural moisturizer of your lips and makes them soft and supple. It soothes your skin and treats chapped lips by reducing inflammation. Apply a few drops of oil to your lips before you retire for bed. Do it for a few days.

Honey and Vaseline

picture showing honey

Honey and Vaseline is another very good and affordable product for dry lips treatment. Honey contains anti-bacterial properties and is very good for healing of any sort. Not only honey, but vaseline is also very good for the skin and prevents it from drying and losing its glow. By combining honey and vaseline together one comes up with a very effective home remedy for dry lips. Hence, dry lips treatment can actually be very affordable and easy to achieve!


Let the layer of dead skin cells go of its own. In case it does not rub your lip with a homemade mixture of olive or coconut oil along with sugar. Wipe it clean with a wet sponge after 10 to 15 minutes. There are lip scrubs available that will soothe your skin.

Rose petals

picture depicting rose petals

Apart from just the above natural cost-effective home remedies, one of them is also rose petals. Rose petals are very good to nourish one’s skin and contain Vitamin E. Apart from all the nourishing that they provide, rose petals are also good to retain the natural color of the lips! Rose petals are very useful in hydrating and nourishing dried lips.


picture showing cucumber

Cucumber is known to be cool and refreshing. In fact, it is very good as a hydrating agent for the skin. All the dryness of the lips and it being chapped will go away in a couple of days of applying it. Again, it is a home remedy and something which is affordable and easily available. This cool vegetable can be your new best and refreshing friend!

Aloe Vera

picture showing aloe vera

Aloe vera is known for many of its traits. Dry lips treatment calls for the use of this gel which contains natural ingredients that help chapped lips, and help in removing the dead layer of the skin. Apart from that, like cucumber – aloe vera also provides a cooling and refreshing effect. This gel is good for all beauty treatments. Apart from just the dry lips treatment, it is good for the face, marks, burns and all skin problems!

Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a very good habit. Drink plenty of water, it will ward of dehydration, which happens when body loses more water than it has taken in. To make up for this loss body draws water from the cells including lips. So drink water even though you don’t feel thirsty. With body replenished with enough fluids you will find your lips supple and healthy once again.

Use a humidifier

Air Conditioned air in the room is often dry; it causes lips to become parched and dry. Use a humidifier to keep the air moist. It would not only help your lips but also your entire skin.
Similarly in winters air is drier and it removes moisture from the lips. Hence again a humidifier is required to keep the skin and lips moist.

Avoid smoking

Smoking damage your lips. Tobacco is dangerous for the sensitive skin of the lips. It causes them to dry out and eventually crack. It also has numerous other negative effects on the body. Once you quit smoking you will see that lips will go in auto heal mode. So if possible keep that little white stick away.

Green tea bags

picture showing green tea bags

This may come as a surprise but green tea bags are also very helpful for dry lips treatment.  Why this is useful is because green tea bags contain antioxidants and tannins. These are very useful for healing the dry and dehydrated skin on one’s lips.  Not only this, but green bags are also said to soothe the burning sensation that one feels on the lips.

Lemon juice

picture showing lemon juice

Lemon juice is very good for dark and chapped lips. Juice is not only good for the inner beauty but also the outer beauty. Lemon juice with a dip of honey can work wonders for the lips. Not only does it help in removing dryness but also helps in keeping one’s lips red and pulpy!

So, above are the various home remedies that have been listed. What is so good about these remedies is that they are all natural and very cost effective. It’s a surprise when women don’t have to spend money when it comes to beauty. But, clearly here for chapped lips and dryness – one can go cheap! This is an article on dry lips treatment and how they should be prevented. Usually, home remedies are the best cure for chapped lips, but if you need another suggestion and are undergoing serious dryness, then you can always refer to a doctor!

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