Eyelash glue irritation remedy and its instant results

eyelash glue irritation remedy

Eyelash glue irritation remedy is very common, as women desire to look beautiful and hence use a lot of artificial things – one being eyelashes

Women desire to look beautiful all the time, and thus, one way which enhances their beauty is by wearing long eyelashes. These add beauty and tend to accentuate women’s features. However, fake eyelashes are put on with the help of glue. This glue can cause much irritation and hence our main topic for today is – eyelash glue irritation remedy

Hence, One should be made clear that eyelash glue does not only cause irritation but can also have an allergic reaction.  Yes, we know that looking beautiful comes right on top of most women’s priority list and hence, we are going to lay down ways that can help prevent irritation in the eyelash

Ways to prevent eyelash glue irritation

  • Apply these in a room with good ventilation and a fan
  • Before applying these lashes make sure to clean them properly
  • Use as little glue as possible
  • Make sure that when one is applying these lashes, the eyes remain close

Symptoms of eyelash glue irritation

Some of the symptoms and side effects of eyelash glue include –  one suffering from bloodshot red eyes, a burning sensation in and near the eyes, continuous and persistent itching, an acute pain near the eyes, redness and swelling. If one finds themselves under any one or two of the symptoms, then do go ahead and read this article since we are going to focus on – eyelash glue irritation remedy

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Home remedies for eyelash glue

Eyelash glue eye irritation is widespread, and hence we are going to lay down some home remedies for eyelash glue

Take an allergic medication

Sometimes these eyelashes not only cause irritation but are also allergic. Thus, it is suggested to take an allergy medication like Benadryl to soothe the irritation and pain.

Wash the eyes properly

One of the excellent eyelash glue irritation remedy is to rinse the eyes properly. First use warm water and after a couple of minutes switch the warm to cold. This helps to remove the glue properly, hence preventing any form of irritation. It is imperative to rinse the eyes properly

Use a cold compressor

This is a very good remedy to soothe the eyes. One is asked to put something cold on their eyes – be it in the form of a gel or a bag of ice. This coldness will end up soothing the pain and help in making the irritation go away.

Aloe Vera gel

aloe vera gel

A very effective way for eyelash glue irritation remedy is to apply aloe vera gel. This is a very famous and accessible way to do away with the irritation – since it reduces the itchiness and burning. This gel is perfect not only for healing but also to freshen and rejuvenate the skin

Use a moisturizer

Another way for eyelash extension irritation treatment is to apply a moisturizer around the eye.  Use an everyday moisturizer that is not scented – this will help with the itching and is considered a very effective eyelash glue irritation remedy

Cortisone cream

This cream is very good to soothe the lashes after they start to itch due to the glue. If one is facing any form of irritation, redness or even itchiness – then this cream should be applied. This is available at almost all local stores!

Keep eyes shut when applying the eyelash

Throughout the process, it is necessary to keep one’s eyes shut. If they try to open them for even a little while, the fumes can enter the eyes – which will cause the eyes to sting and water. This will create a lot of discomfort and itchiness! Hence, one should always keep their eyes shut during the process.

Make sure the room is ventilated

It is essential that the room is kept airy and appropriately ventilated. The process takes a lot of time and hence it is suggested to keep the room ventilated. Get a fan or even open the windows if one has to! The more the air, the much better the task to clear the fumes away! This is a very good eyelash glue irritation remedy!

Allergic reaction to eyelash extension glue

One may also face an allergic reaction to eyelash glue. This implies that the glue is causing not only a certain form of irritation but also an allergic reaction! One can simply be allergic to eyelash glue.

As we know our main focus today is on eyelash glue irritation remedy, however, listed down will be specific symptoms that will indicate one is suffering not only from irritation but an allergic reaction!

The points to be kept in mind are

  1. Is one experiencing a certain discomfort around their eyes?
  2. In addition to that, if there is a sense of irritation around the lash line
  3. Is the lash line swollen?
  4. And can one see a redness around their lash line?

If one falls under any of the above symptoms then it’s a sure thing that the eyelash glue is more than just a mere irritation. It is an allergy!


Hence, the above is an excellent way to understand what eyelash glue irritation is, and when this slight irritation can become an allergy. In both cases, home remedies have been laid down. Some of the important ones being to keep the area ventilated and make sure there are fans in the room while applying these eyelashes.

Another way to get rid of the allergy is to drink Benadryl. This will be very helpful in not only soothing the eyes but will aid in removing the allergy

Visit a doctor if –

Hence, One should not take the irritation lightly, as it may transform to a severe allergy. And in that case, the above home remedies may not work – thus, if that happens, then we suggest one to seek professional help of a doctor. In addition to this, the doctor may be able to prescribe medication that is efficient and that have instant results. Make sure to keep the area clean and not take this irritation very lightly. Yes, although beauty does come with its hassles; one has to take precautions!

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