Upper Eyelid Twitching : Causes, Complications & Treatment

Eyelid Twitching Causes and complications. Home remedies to prevent and treat.When to worry and visit a doctor.

What is Eyelid Twitching ?.

Eye twitching is an experience most of us had gone through. It is an innocuous experience, which usually lasts for several minutes. It might be extended to hours and in certain cases days. Most of the time, the experience is harmless. Our upper eyelid starts going on and off at regular intervals. No amount of will can stop it from lightning up and down. In rare cases, it signifies a more serious underlying brain or nerve disorder.

Eyelid Twitches Complications

It is often associated with omen, good or bad. It has a scientific name blepharospasm, Medically it is known as Myokymia. The term describes different involuntary muscular movements. Most of them show electromyography(EMG) evidence of spontaneous group discharge.

Eyelid Twitches Treatment

Stress: A twitching eye is a sign of stress particularly related to eyes. Computer revolution while taking the strain of other muscle groups has been rough on eyes. Never in the history of humanity has the olfactory organ placed under so much strain. Be it work or pleasure. Overuse of computers, smartphones can trigger a twitching episode.

Yoga is a great stress reliever, and if practiced for  40-45 minutes at least thrice daily, the results would be overall good health and well being.  Calmness and serenity associated will add to your positive aura, and the benefits would spread to your interpersonal skills. This would lead to reduced stress all around.

Tiredness: Lack of sleep can also lead to the twitching phenomenon in the eyelids.

Eye strain: Minor vision problems caused by lack of proper glasses put immense strain on the eyes. They undergo overuse. This puts the entire system under strain and could lead to twitching. Make sure you are using the right pair of spectacles. If you spend the whole day on your computer, follow the 20-20-20 rules. Take eyes of the computer every 20 minutes, look at a point about 20 meters from yourself for 20 seconds. This would give your eye much needed rest.

Overuse of computers, tablets, and smartphones also is a common cause of eye strain. Eyes do not get enough rest. Muscle system under stress leads to twitching in the area.

Caffeine: Excessive usage of tea, coffee, soft drinks can cause spasms in the eye area. It can also reduce the quality and quantity of sleep. To reduce its consumption for a good night’s sleep. This will also reduce twitching.

Allergies: Allergen releases a substance called histamine, which causes twitching. Doctors often prescribe antihistamine eye drops as a solution. But overuse is not recommended. Eyes are the most sensitive human organ. So if required, the falls can be administered with caution.

Alcohol: Consumption of too much alcohol can cause eyes to twitch. Keep an eye on your alcohol intake. If possible, avoid it altogether.

Dry eyes: It is a phenomenon associated with people above the age of 50. The eyeballs need to be continuously lubricated. This lubrication dries off because of overwork on computers, or because of certain medications. Dry eyes can be caused by stress and tiredness. Tear stimulating drugs can be prescribed for the treatment. They give lubrication to the eyes. Moist eyes will reduce twitching 

Nutritional imbalances: According to some studies lack of certain nutritional substances, such as magnesium, can trigger eyelid spasms

Allergies: People with eye allergies can have itching, swelling and watery eyes. When eyes are rubbed, this releases histamine into the lid tissues and the tears. This is significant because evidence indicates that histamine can cause eyelid twitching.

When you take remedial measures, the twitching goes away. In rare cases, some eye twitching still persists, it can be treated with Botox injections that help stop muscle contractions.

Home Remedies of Eye-Twitching Prevention

Cucumber:  The slices of humble vegetables are often placed over the eyelids to remove the impact of strain and stress. Well do the same thing for twitching, place cool slices over the eyelids, Lie down in a comfortable position, and let nature do its job.

Potato:  Place a couple of slices of potatoes over your eyelid.  This will soothe the entire system around the eyes bringing necessary relief.

Bananas:  They are rich in magnesium and potassium. Twitching is at times considered to be a result of vitamin deficiency, and often a vitamin supplement is prescribed.  So eating bananas could give relief to the problem.

Avocados leafy vegetables beans b are all rich in magnesium hence their adequate consumption will help maintain normal muscle and nerve function. 

Warm Compress: Place a warm compress on your eyelids for 5-10 minutes these would contain the twitching.

Steaming: Bring your face closer to the steamer and let the steam not only cleanse your face but also make you comfortable as far as twitching is concerned.

Yoga exercise: Massaging your eyelids with your fingers as part of your yogic routine would strengthen the muscles. This, in turn, will reduce problems associated with twitching.

 Exercises to prevent eye twitching

 Blink your eyes tightly

Shut your eyes as hard as you can then open them, repeat the procedure several times. This would give quick relief, as this would lead to increased blood flow in an around the area. Twitching should 

Make your eyelids droopy

Drop your eyes halfway and keep them in a place for a few seconds. This process would again give your eye muscles exercises and make the twitch go away.

Tratrak:  It is a yogic exercise. Extend your right arm in front of your nose, uplift your thumb, focus on it, and start moving the thumb from left to right and then right to the left. Keep your eyes focused on the thumb. Take care to keep your neck steady.  This exercise will improve your overall eye health. This is one of the reasons which give yogis perfect eye site even in old age.


Focus on your breadth sees it coming in and going out; this will make your inner self at peace. This lowered stress state will ensure that any twitch around eyes goes away. As you practice start extending the time. Longer practice will help you develop mindfulness and inner peace. This improves your overall health and well being.

Some other causes: People suffering from MS could have eye twitches because of several Conditions such as nystagmus and inter-nuclear ophthalmoplegia.  A disorder caused due to a lesion in the brain.

 In Case:  Twitching disorder persists consult your Doctor, there can be a remote chance of a great disorder.

Eyelid Twitches Prevention

A few simple things to follow to reduce twitching:

  • Splash your face with water from time to time.
  • Use palming techniques to rest your eyes.
  • Take a break from your computers.
  • Drink plenty of water, around eight glasses per day.
  • Exercises, let your body sweat 

Develop a hobby; it will keep your mind occupied and healthy.

Eye Twitching FAQ

Is twitching related to a nutritional deficiency?

Vitamin B-12 deficiency is supposed to because of the disease. So is magnesium deficiency. It maintains heart rhythm, blood pressure, and heart rhythms. Bananas are rich in magnesium. Hence their daily intake is recommended.

When should Twitching cause concern?

If your eyelid completely closes down or if you have difficulty opening your eyes and twitching starts happening in other parts of the body as well.

Is eye twitching a sign of seizure?

Eye Twitching is a muscular problem. It has nothing to do with nerves, So even if it persists for a couple of weeks, it will have nothing to do with seizures.

Is Eye Twitching a sign of MS ?.

People who suffer with MS experiences myoclonus. It is a sudden and involuntary twitching in a group of muscles. It’s a reaction of nerve cell that send wrong signal to the muscles and results into demyelinating lesions from MS.

How long an eye Twitch lasts ?

There is no fix period of twitch. Sometimes it goes away in few minutes. Some last for few hours. SOme goes away with night sleep.

Do Eye Twitching is a deficiency ?.

Magnesium maintains body functions in a steady way for B.P , enzyme reactions and heart rhythm. An adequate mineral intake is necessary for body to cause eye muscles regulations. Experts have suggested myokymia is a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

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