Successful home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting

Home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting. Some include consuming mint, avoiding alcohol and smokes and drinking plenty of water

These days food infection is very common around not only our habitat but also in the foreign land. Hence, one has to be very careful in terms of what they consume and not consume. Various foods can contribute to stomach aches, food infection and more importantly the very common infection called diarrhoea. Every single being has faced diarrhoea at least twice in their lifetime! We are going to shine light on – home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting, but before we unearth further, let us come to terms with what diarrhoea is. Stomach problems should not be taken lightly, as later they may become a serious concern and hence one can also be hospitalised. Thus, read below what diarrhoea is and the home remedies to get rid of stomach aches.

What is diarrhoea?

It is basically a stomach infection where the stool is passed on in a liquid form, and a person desires to go to the washroom very often. This is basically a stomach infection which can torment a person. Stepping out of one’s household is not a very good idea since the stool and the craving to go to the washroom can come anytime, anywhere! This infection is not rare at all, and many victims fall prey to it. So, when one is suffering from this stomach infection – try not going outdoors, as you might find yourself in a position where your stomach will suddenly start aching and will need to pass on liquid stool.


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Now that we have stressed on what diarrhoea is, many people puzzled with this idea seek answers to questions like – what can I take to stop diarrhoea, prevention of diarrhoea and most importantly diarrhoea treatment?

Diarrhoea symptoms

There can be mild as well as acute signs of diarrhoea. In terms of the mild ones they include the urgency to go to the washroom again and again, suffering from nausea and vomiting frequently, and abdominal cramps

While the above are the mild symptoms, some serious ones include fever, blood while passing stool, when one is generating pus in faeces, and also when a person is a victim of frequent vomiting!

So, if one is of the opinion that the above symptoms apply, then please do read this article with a high attentive level since we are going to highlight home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting

Causes behind diarrhoea

There are many reasons as to why one may fall prey to this infection. Some reasons being food poisoning, if one is suffering from diseases like typhoid and cholera, drinking too much alcohol, and undergoing emotions like stress and anxiety. It has been suggested that antibiotics can also play a crucial role in causing diarrhoea


Now that we have covered different aspects of diarrhoea, it is time to highlight the home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting. Do read below carefully, as the remedies below can work wonders, and free your from the clutches of diarrhoea in just a matter of days!

Home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting

Drink lots of water

One is suggested to drink lots and lots of water. This is a very good home remedy for diarrhoea. When one drinks water they are prevented from being dehydrated. Apart from just that water also aids in absorbing useful nutrients from food and beverages. Water is a good way to prevent a bad stomach. Water at the end of it is not only good for diarrhoea and stomach problems but also helps with various other remedies. Basically water is a remedy for everything and anything!

Avoid lying down

It has been proven that a prey to bad stomach should avoid lying down since when the body is in that position the acid in the stomach is said to travel backwards which can ultimately lead to a heartburn

Hence, try avoiding being in that position especially right after eating!


One of the good home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting include eating ginger. This is so because it contains certain chemicals like gingerols and shogoals. These are helpful because they help in speeding up stomach contractions – hence, improving digestion.

Hence, one should consume ginger for sure, and this can be done by either eating it raw or mixing it in one’s food!


Mint does come as a surprise, as many people don’t mention it as a remedy. However, it is one of the crucial home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting as helps in preventing vomiting and does away with diarrhoea, it also ends up reducing muscle spasms in the intestines, and more importantly, it relieves one of the pain.

Hence, mint is consumed not only for the taste but also for the benefits it comes along with

No drinking and smoking
no drinking

In order to rid one of diarrhoea, one has to stop consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. These only lead to upsetting the stomach further. Alcohol is difficult to digest and thus causes damage to the liver and the stomach lining.

In addition to all this, it is a simple remedy. One has to make some changes in their lifestyle and lead a healthy life if they want to get away from the clutches of diarrhoea

Avoid foods that are difficult to digest

One of the very good home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting is to consume foods that can be digested easily, and to avoid those that can’t. One will only lead to the stomach being further upset if heavy food is consumed, and hence avoid the following:

Avoid fried foods along with fatty ones as well as they take time to digest and hence cause an upset stomach. And finally, avoid salty or heavily preserved food items!

Consume figs

Figs are an important factor as they keep the stomach free of any infection and disease. They also aid in furthering good digestion. Hence, if you are a person with an upset stomach then eat figs at least some number of times a day. This will rid one of diarrhoea or any other stomach problems!

Thus if one is suffering from stomach problems then figs should be included in their everyday diet, and one will see instant results.

When to see a doctor

Hence, we hope the above article came to use in terms of home remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting. The above are very effective, however, if they don’t end up applying to you, and your stomach sees no improvement – then we suggest you to see your doctor. We expect that this article has helped in providing one ample information in terms of what to do when the stomach is upset, and when is the right time to pay a visit to the doctor

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