Fenugreek Health Benefits and Side Effects

What is Fenugreek 

Fenugreek or methi is a very useful herb in Ayurveda. The most popular use of fenugreek is for spicing various foods and recipes in the kitchen. But there are various medicinal uses of this herb. 

Fenugreek is great flavoring agent which is used in the bakery, dairy & condiments. Many supplements are made of it and supplement industry is taking huge benefits of this herb. 

Fenugreek has nutritional and medicinal benefits , for this reason it is known as a potential nutraceutical. 

Fenugreek Origin 

Fenugreek was found in western mediterranean for the first time. Soon it was discovered in Indian & chinese regions. Through the fenugreek species differ in all the countries, all of them have multiple uses.  

Ayurveda have stated multiple benefits of fenugreek. Here we are going to provide you some of these. 

Anti-diabetic properties

Fenugreek is composed of various anti-diabetic elements in it. These are fiber, saponin, and the amino acid jointly called 4-hydroxyleucine. 4-hydroxyleucine helps in increasing insulin in humans.  

“If it is given in a controlled way, then it can cure type-1 and type-2 diabetes” According to the National Institute of Nutrition in India.

Antioxidant Activity

Flavonoids and phenolic are the chemical compounds which are responsible for the anti-oxidant in human body. Fenugreek is helpful in reducing the harmful effects of free radicals and reduces aging in the human body. 

Anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic activity

Fenugreek seeds is helpful in reducing the tumor cells and various carcinogenic activities. Fenugreek consist of phytoestrogens and saponins, which helps in controlled way of killing cancer cells in the body and reducing the damage.  

Hypocholesterolemic activity

The various bad cholesterol agents present in the body which creates various heart diseases can be reduced by fenugreek extracts. The main bad cholesterol agents are triglyceride, and LDL. The fiber, diosgenin and galactomannan helps in controlling high cholesterol levels 

Antigenotoxic activity

There are many processed food items which can cause mutation in the genetic code and leads to abnormal growth of the cells in the body. In short, this can cause various cancers in the body. Consuming fenugreek regularly can help in reducing the cancer agents and results in reduction of chromosomal aberration

Anti-inflammatory activity

The skin inflammation can be reduced in the body by using fenugreek extract. This extract contains alkaloids, saponins, and flavonoids. Aqueous extract has been recommended in reducing skin inflammation.  

Antimicrobial activity

The fungus infection in the body can be cured by fenugreek. The seeds extracts can reduce the infection because of defensin. This protein i.e. defensin is helpful in reducing and removing the fungal infection from the body. 

Researchers have found that fenugreek extract can be helpful in reducing the spread of Rhizoctonia solani (type of fungus) and reduces the spore germination. 

Gastroprotective effect

Fenugreek seeds oil is helpful in improving digestion of food. Indigestion can cause gastric and constipation in the body. The extract has anti-gastric property

This is because of phytic acid, saponins and trigonelline present in fenugreek seeds which can reduce ulcer risks in stomach.  

The fenugreek seeds aqueous extract is helpful in fastening the healing process of wounds due to the antioxidants present in the body.  

Improves testosterone levels 

A study has shown that eating a small amount of testosterone seeds in the diet with exercise can help in various ways. 

A group of 30 college students were asked to do exercise and eat 500 mg of fenugreek in the diet. The following results were seen in that. 

  1. 2% decreased body fat
  2. Increased testosterone levels
  3. Increased strength

Regulates Blood Sugar levels 

Fenugreek extract consumption can help in reducing the blood sugar levels. Also there is less insulin secretion if taken regularly. 

People who were given fenugreek were observed in less sugar levels in blood. Due to high fiber in fenugreek, the insulin secretion can also being controlled. 

Chronic Appendicitis 

The roasted fenugreek seeds are helpful in chronic appendicitis. The aggravation caused by appendicitis can also be reduced by it. There are various other symptoms which can be reduced by this extract are 

  1. Abdominal discomfort
  2. Mild abdominal tenderness and pain, 
  3. malaise and lethargy 


Put 800 ml of water mixed with fenugreek seeds powder and boil it. Reduce the water upto 200 ml. This warm water must be used for gargling and rinsing of mouth. 

Doing this daily can help in reduction of inflamed tonsils and bacterial infections. Many viral infections can be prevented by the same. 

Sore Throat (Pharyngitis)

People who are suffering from sore throat can used the fenugreek powder. Rinsing mouth with this can helps in sore throat. Throat infection is generally developed due to the bacteria. 

Drinking fenugreek water is helpful in night for cough throat. It also helps in less throat inflammation and irritation which helps in sound sleep. 


Mumps can be cured with a mixture of fenugreek seeds, flour paste and lemon juice. Apply the mixture of the affected areas to reduce the pain , inflammation and swelling.  

Bad Breath

People who are having bad breath can rinse their mouth with fenugreek water. Those who have poor dental hygiene are mostly suffering from bad breath. 

Bad breath is caused by bacterial growth in the mouth and fenugreek can kill the bacteria gathering and helps in reducing the bad breath by making it a dry mouth.  

Kidney Stones

Fenugreek is helpful in prevention of renal stone formation in kidney. Fenugreek consumption reduces the calcium in kidney. The formation of excess calcium oxalate can amplify the risk of kidney stones formation. 

Even people who have chunks of calcium oxalate in their kidney can be reduced by producing more urine from the body. As the amount of urine increases, it invokes the kidney to break stone formation and flows with urine out of the body. 

People who have a history of kidney stones must be using fenugreek for reducing future risks. 

Reducing risk of Cataract

The diabetic people are more tend to develop cataracts in the eyes. The fenugreek extract can help them in reducing the risk of cataracts. The consumption of fenugreek for reducing cataract risks must be in the form of leaves , powder and seeds. 

Prevents Anemia

Fenugreek is an excellent source of natural iron. The persons who are having iron deficiency can be benefited by having fenugreek in their diet. The anemia is generally seen in women in the menstrual flow caused by menorrhagia and polymenorrhea.  

Regular use of fenugreek helps in reducing the risk of anemia and increase iron content in the body. 

Fenugreek Side Effects

As per any entity in the world, fenugreek has some bad effects too. The most common side effect is loose stools. 


Sometimes, fenugreek is used to discharge mucus with stool from the body. But in many cases, it can lead to multiple loose stools which tends to see weakness in body. 

Excessive Sweating 

Excess eating can cause you unusual sweating in body. Also it can lead to headache. Many people have seen the following side effects by fenugreek. 

  1. Skin rashes
  2. Itching
  3. Swelling in face or throat

Problems caused to pregnant Women 

Women in pregnancy are advised not to eat fenugreek, as it can cause them fever or headache. In some cases, the baby’s health can be affected. This can be miscarriage , premature delivery.

Bleeding Disorders

The seeds and leaves of fenugreek can cause very opposite affect in a body. As the fenugreek leaves have cooling potency while the fenugreek seeds have hot potency. Eating seeds can cause heat in the body which may result in internal bleeding. 

Frequently Asked Questions related to Fenugreek usage 

Can eating Fenugreek as food spice cause any pregnancy problems?

No, the amount of fenugreek used in flood as spice is too little. Any problem happens only if the dosage is more than 6 gm daily. The quantity used in the food is a lot less than this. 

On the other hand, this type of risk is more common with using fenugreek extract not with natural fenugreek.

Can Fenugreek eating with food as a spice leads to early pregnancy

There is no chance of such an event to happen. The quantity is too less used in food, which can only enhances food taste, not early pregnancy. 

How fenugreek must be eaten to reduce various heart diseases?

Fenugreek soaked in water for 12 hours can be used to reduce various heart risks. If taken on an empty stomach in the early morning, the symptoms of heart problems can be reduced. 

Is Fenugreek Sprouts are helpful in Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Only fenugreek powder is helpful in the RA disease. No other form must be consumed in this condition.  

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