Fenugreek Seeds for Hair Growth : Natural Home Remedy

Fenugreek Seeds natural remedy for Hair growth home remedies reviews. Causes and Prevention of Balness using methi seed. Hairloss natural cure

Hair Loss is a terrible problem

Enfeebling of any body part is usually associated with age. There are obvious exceptions, but then they like accidents can be attributed to bad luck. However, hair loss is a problem that can be normal for elderly but catastrophic for the near young. 

Computers Professional and Baldness : Is that related?

For example, Individuals who switch countries, like those computer professionals who after moving from India to the USA, often find themselves losing hair at an alarming rate. Bathtubs can be lined with recently lost hairs. Their economic future, while showing an upward trajectory often becomes messed with declining follicle fortune. A condition if taken to conclusion, can adversely impact their matrimonial value,  For Which young girl would like to tie the knot with a baldie?

What are Fenugreek Seeds ?

As long my uncle loses his hair, it is a sign of growing maturity, as soon as I start losing mine, it is a sign of probable bad luck in the matrimonial market. So how to stop worrying and start living with declining hair density. 

Feneugreek Hair Growth Home remedy

The answer lies in the domain of home remedies.

Our strongly recommended one is the use of Fenugreek seed. It not only replaces lost hair but also strengthens them. However, before we come to it here are a few overall hair care remedies.

There are multiple ways of strengthening one’s hair

Let’s start with the diet. A protein-rich diet such as soy. fish, meat helps hair health. So does a diet rich in Vitamins A , B and E. They help in production of Sebum, maintain healthy cooler and improve blood circulation to the scalp helping hair follicle in its function. Respectively.

Next comes massaging with oils. The topmost oil on the list is almond oil. It contains Vitamin E, a product rich in antioxidants. It not only reduces hair fall but makes them stronger and reduces the problem of spigot end. It also improves memory and overall mental health. Other oils, such as Lavender also can be used.

Avoid smoking, alcohol, and stress. Do know what is bad for your hair and avoid it. Do not rub your wet hair let it dry on there own. Use a wild comb. Exercise helps in overall body health. So walk, swim, ride a bike for 30 minutes every day. Stay hydrated as water is an essential component of your hair. 

Strong shampoos are harmful to your hairs so use the mild ones. Rub your scalp with ginger juice, onion juice or garlic juice.  Green tea can also be rubbed on the scalp foe=r a few weeks.

Eating fenugreek seeds for hair

 Fenugreek seeds are recommended in Ayurveda. They are anti acidic and is highly recommended for people with Vata and Kapha Constitution. 

Methi  is used as a condiment in traditional cooking. It not only improves flavor but used in controlling diabetes, helping lactation in new mothers, and inducing labor. The seeds contain Vitamins like B-complex, Vitamin C, and Beta carotene. It also contains certain steroids.

The compound Saponin found in the seeds has antibacterial properties and improves the overall immunity of the body.

Other benefits of the seeds are they reduce inflammation and help the absorption of sugar in the body. It is suitable for treating digestive problems like constipation, gastritis, and indigestion. 

They are a boon in the control of diabetes and also help fight bad cholesterol. Seeds soaked overnight in half a cup of water are recommended for those troubled with acidity. The water is consumed first thing in the morning. 

Fenugreek seed for hair growth: The soaked seed blended with aloe vera gel(1 tablespoon) coconut oil and few drops of rosemary oil when applied regularly would lead to a healthy scalp free of bacteria and fungus. It will strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth

It helps in the treatment of dandruff, reduces hair loss, brings natural shine to them and most importantly help regrowth of the lost hair.

Eating Fenugreek seeds for hair growth

Methi is crushed in a mixture to a powder form. This form can be mixed with coconut or olive oil and applied to the scalp for a few minutes. The treatment if repeated over a while would fetch positive results. 

 Are there any side effects:– Yes, there could be many ranging from an allergic reaction to asthma to hypoglycemia( low blood sugar). Other side effects gould be flatulence(gas), diarrhea, an at times loss of consciousness.

Answer to the initial question: Hair fall is your problem, not your uncles. His bald head might be considered as a reflection of maturity or in certain societies that of wealth. You need not worry as hair fall has a natural remedy in the commonly available condiment called fenugreek seed. Once you start using the seeds, your hair would be insured against premature loss. Your market value in the bridal market regained and if you are a computer professional from India to the US both the trajectories professional as well personal would be taken care off.

Other properties of Fenugreek seed.

 It helps in reducing arthritis pain. It also protects the heart as it contains galactomannan. It also reduces blood pressure. Potassium in it counteracts the negative effect of Sodium on the blood vessels. 

 Polyphenolic flavonoids present in the seed also improves Kidney functioning. And prevent damage to cells.

Hair Loss Prevention & Causes

Head should be kept clean:- If you have oily hair chances are you would experience dandruff during the summer season. Use natural shampoos that contain aloe vera to clean the scalp. This would reduce dandruff formation and hence lessen hair fall.

Clean your hairs Often

Bike riders often wear a helmet at times for long hours. The sweat formed is harmful to the hair, and long term results could be harmful. Next time you plan to ride a bike tie a bandana over your head. Excess sweat thus formed would be absorbed, preventing hair loss.

 General health: should not be neglected as diseases like viral infection not only cripple the body but also impact the hair growth. They also have a deleterious effect on the hormonal system. An imperfect system would naturally enhance hair fall.

 Be wary of medication: Certain medications may be leading to hair fall as a result. If you suspect any medication of yours need a second look. Don’t hesitate to consult a Doctor. There are always alternative medications available.

Be wary of certain chemicals: Chemical hair color products could damage your hair. Prefer the natural ones if you need to or else avoid using hair colors altogether.

Yoga: Certain Asanas like shirshasana ,hal asana, sarvang asan , Surya Namaskar helps in improving blood flow to the brain. Yogis have often been found to have a head full of hair. Their hair turns grey at a much later age, and even than they display little hair loss. 

Pranayama like kapal bhati and Anulom Vilom are an integral part of any yogic exercise and help in overall well being including a scalp full of hair. WHO recommends 2 and a half to three hours of exercise weekly.  Simple exercises can be done from the comfort of home. The TV channel can be switched from Movies and Sports to Yoga and health.

Fenugreek Hair Fall Remedy FAQ

I have thin hair; can I use Fenugreek for better hair density?

Yes, Fenugreek seed has been proven to improve hair thickness. Application of its paste along with coconut oil and a few drops of Rosemary, applied over a month will help reverse the process of hair loss.

I am bald, Is there no remedy?

Again answer is Yes, Fenugreek paste applied overnight for a longer time, maybe a month will help. It would also help in combating Eczema and Acne.

What are other ways of regrowing hair?
  1. Massage is extremely beneficial
  2. Aloe Vera is a semi wonder herb for skin ailments
  3. Ginger Juice a teaspoon applied daily can help
  4. Onion Juice; again on its own or mixed with Ginger Juice
  5. Coconut oil: People living near the Coconut belt have been traditionally found to have a richly endowed scalp.
  6. Fish Oil
  7. Ginseng
 I Use Onion Juice, how long it would take to see the desired effect?

It took about two weeks to have a positive result. The majority of people found some benefit or another. It improves blood circulation, which in turn vitalizes the hair tissue.

Does Fenugreek reverse gray hair?

Yes, can reverse premature graying of hair. The process might take some time, but it is very doable?

Conclusion :- If Elon Musk can dream of nuking Mars, you can certainly dream of getting back your hair filled scalp, and you don’t need his intelligence or his enterprising attitude. All you need to be you and Fenugreek seed.

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