Five Worst Foods to Avoid for Good Brain heath & Memory Loss

Brain is the paramount control over the human body. Each and every body part is controlled by it. Like other important parts like lungs, heart , brain controls all of them. 

Above two lines are enough to explain to any person, how important your brain is to your body. But are we doing enough to care for it? 

Well taking care of the brain has many ways, but here we are going to discuss all the food items which have negative effects on the human brain. These foods can create negative effects on the brain that show results in mood and memory that increases the risk of dementia. 

An estimate has been made that more than 65 million people on the earth will suffer from dementia. But if you watch your food and reduce the frequent eating of those negative foods, then , your risk can be decreased. 

Worst Foods for Brain Health

In this article , we are going to provide the details of seven foods that affect the brain in negative ways. 

Excessive Sugar Drinks 

Beverages like soda, energy drinks and packed fruit juice comes under the category of sugar drinks. We all know that the sugar drinks increase your weight in an abnormal way and risks us in type 2 diabetes. 

  1. Drinking too much sugar drinks can increase the risk of memory loss
  2. As these types of drinks have a high amount of sugar in it, it can increase the risk of dementia. 
  3. Most sugary drinks consist of high fructose corn syrup, which can lead to High BP, Obesity and arterial dysfunction. 
  4. All the above risks can lead to dementia. 

Studies made on animals have shown that high fructose can create a resistance in the brain in the form of insulin and can cause dis functioning in memory, learning & neurons. 

More studies are needed in the theory to develop this statement, but one part is clear that intake of high amount of fructose in sugary drinks can affect your brain in the bad ways  

Some alternatives to sugary drinks include water, unsweetened iced tea, vegetable juice and unsweetened dairy products.

Foods with high Trans Fats

Trans fat or Unsaturated Fat creates a bad effect on the brain. 

Trans is found in animal products like meat, dairy products which are not on the unhealthy food list. The unhealthy trans fat which needs to be avoided are hydrogenated vegetable oils. 

The most commonly found list of trans fats are 

  1. Shortening
  2. Margarine
  3. Frosting, 
  4. Snack foods
  5. Ready-made cakes 
  6. Prepackaged cookies

Those who consume high quantities of trans fat tend to be more risky on Alzheimer’s Disease, poor memory and lower brain functions. 

The proof of direct connection of trans fat and poor brain function is not present now. But there are many other bad effects of health by trans fat. These are heart problems & inflammation. 

Saturated fat has shown increasing the risk of Alzheimer disease

Refined Carbs

Refined carbs have sugar and highly processed grains in it. Such carbs have a high glycemic index which shows a spike in your blood sugar & insulin levels. 

Such food when consumed in higher quantities, it often provides a high glycemic load. High glycemic load means that such food increases your blood sugar on daily consumption.  

High glycemic function can impair your brain functions such as memory loss in children and adults. 

A study was done in a university where people who eat more fat and refined sugar have poor memory than others.  

This is because a part of our brain called hippocampus inflames , which affects the brain in memory , responsive to hunger and fullness cues.  

This inflammation is a risk for various diseases of the brain which at top is Alzheimer and dementia. 

Adults who are consuming more than 50% of their daily calories in the form of refined carbs have already doubled the risk of mental diseases. They are more prone to the risk of mild mental impairment and dementia.

Carbohydrates have other effects on the brain. Kids of age six to seven who eat high refined carbs in diet can be bad in non verbal intelligence.

This study could not totally prove that refined carbs are the only reason for the low performance in non-verbal intelligence. Healthy carbs are found in vegetables, fruits and legumes. 

Foods with high Processing

Processed food is high in sugar, salt & fats. The most common such foods are chips, sweets & noodles. 

Processed food has high calories and low nutrition. These foods cause instant weight gain & create bad health symptoms on the brain.  

A study showed that people who have fat around the organs also had damage to brain tissues. Some of them also has sudden decrease in the brain tissues in the early stages of metabolic syndrome. 

So it was concluded that processed food can affect the brain in a negative way & can be severe to degenerative disease.  

More results of the test done on people are

  1. People having a diet of unhealthy ingredients results in low sugar metabolism in the brain and decreases brain tissue. This can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. 
  2. People who consume more fried foods and processed meats shows low scores in learning & memory.
  3. Diet which includes more red meat, processed meat & baked beans shows more inflammation declines in less than 10 years.  

 Another interesting thing that was found is that a brain barrier exists between brain & blood supply for the whole body. The barrier or membrane protects the brain from entering any external substance.  

Eating too much processed food decreases the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. 

This molecule is helpful in better long term memory, learning & growth of new neurons. 

The best advice to reduce the consumption of processed foods is to replace them with fresh food like fruits, vegetables, meat & fish.  

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is an enjoyable beverage while eating food. But some time people start taking it without any limit and soon see adverse effects on their bodies. But that body has brain too which is also 

Drinking too much alcohol reduces the brain volumes & metabolic changes the chemicals which are used in the brain to communicate. 

Alcoholics have Vitamin B1 deficiency which can be severe and leads to brain disorder called Korsakoff’s syndrome. This syndrome can show severe damage to brain i.e. confusion, unsteadiness & eyesight weakness. 

The best device for alcohol is to take it in limits and must stay in control. There are many adverse effects on the body and brain. 

So here we are going to provide you simple suggestions for it. 

  1. Always drink in limits and do not make it a habit. 
  2. If you are a pregnant woman or having an infant then avoid alcohol completely. 
  3. A pregnant women drinking can harm the brain of his fetus and the baby can be born with an alcohol crisis after birth. 

Fish High in Mercury

People who eat fish may have known that a small quantity of mercury is stored in fishes. This is because fishes live in polluted water that gives them exposure to the mercury affected water.  

As the primary food of humans is fish, the mercury ultimately reaches the human stomach. A very small amount can be taken out by our digestive system. But if you are eating too much fish, then it can be harmful for your health. 

Mercury can affect the brain, liver & kidneys. It can also affect a fetus inside a pregnant woman.  

The most common effects of mercury are 

  1. Disruption in the central nervous system, neurotransmitters and stimulation of neurotoxins.
  2. Mercury can also affect the production of new brain cells in the body which can lead to cerebral palsy.  

Fish is a very healthy food in our diet but if you are buying fish from a shop who catch fish from the polluted water bodies that it can be a little harmful for you. 

Final Words 

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