10 Top Most Healthy Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a hard task and so you need to definitely make some inevitable changes in your diet to make it happen. If you eat the right food, of course you can shed 2-5 pounds weekly. We have selected 10 top most foods that cause you to lose weight on a very good pace. Read this article further to know what all foods are helpful in shedding body weight in a few weeks’ time.

Lose weight at home with the help of the following foods in your diet:

Definitely, the kind of food you eat no doubt sets your fitness. There is no surprise, if you have not yet been able to get an aspired level of fitness by shedding weight from the fleshiest parts of your body because you cannot do it without making strict changes in your food intake. You will surely have to compromise your favorite dishes to be in the good size. After all, your personality will be far better after having managed the right fitness level. So, read further for all the healthy food, which we have brought for you, try to include them in your meals now if you have not yet done it.



There are many people who are not aware of the nutritional benefits of this vegetable. It is also known as German Turnip. You can get it from most of the stores or vegetable markets from all across the world. The best part of this vegetable is that it can be eaten raw as well. But if you wish you can even cook it. Surprisingly, this is rich in amino acids which are arginine and isoleucine. On the other hand, it comes with very low calories and carbs. Definitely, one has to cut on calories and carbs to have better body shape.

Celery root

celery roots

It is very simple to cook celery roots. They are rich in fibres, potassium, magnesium and many other vitamins. The reason why we are telling you the healthy way of losing weight is because when you start cutting on your calorie intake, it straight away impacts you skin and hair. But if you do it right, then with right size, you even own beautiful and attractive skin and hair. Like Kohlrabi it can even be consumed in several forms. You can either cook them or have in soup and salad forms too. Above all, you can substitute celery root to potatoes also.

Sweet corn

sweet corn

Good food to make one feel fuller with. Even if you consume the entire ear of corn, you will never consume more than 100 calories. So, you can eat it to cut your calorie intake. It is no doubt one of the natural weight loss foods, which is very easily available in nearby areas. When we talk about sweet corn, it comes with buttery flavor. You just need to make sure to eat very less butter. So, while cooking just add a pinch or two in it. This way, it will remain healthy. Overall, low calorie foods are more helpful in burning extra fat from one’s body.



Leeks are available in onions. But you can digest them more easily than onions and garlic. They are no doubt very green and leafy type of vegetable. So, they are simultaneously very high in fibres too. All the foods which are high in fibres soothe the digestion. Ultimately, you can lose weight very easily.

Swiss chard

swiss chard

Of course, the diet plan plays a very crucial role to lose the body weight quickly without much stress. Swiss chard is very healthy. It comes from the family of beets and spinach. Surprisingly, it is full with several vitamins. So, you do not harm your health even if you cut on your calories. It can be used in omelets too.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

A quick weight loss foods is Brussels sprouts. Helps because it keeps you full for a long time and you don’t have craving for any in-between snack. This again helps you in losing a lot of weight. You can check out the best recipe for it as per your convenience.

Bok choy

bok choy

Bok choy is another very rich in fibres vegetable and you can feel full just after eating one cup of it. Of course, it contains high proportion of water which keeps your body hydrated for long. In addition, it is also very beneficial for one’s digestive system.

Runner beans

runner beans

Runner beans are no surprise very rich in protein. They are so good because they contain high amounts of fibre. Due to its fibre content, one will feel way fuller than intaking foods that are not rich in fibre. Hence, the need to eat more decreases. It also helps to lose belly fat.



Being green and leafy, sage is rich in fibre content. This leafy vegetable is a sure cause behind making digestion easier. Thus, one should eat this everyday



One of the greatest ways to burn fat is consumption of pumpkin. Yes, this is true that some people cannot eat all what we have mentioned here. But do it for the sake of your health and good body weight. You can even have it in the canned form.


fit man and woman

We were talking about foods for weight loss. For better results, try eating them on a regular basis. You will sure be benefitted by them and go in the perfect body shape gradually. Thus, if one wants to lose weight instantly and naturally then the above home remedies are the best way to go about. One should especially eat food high in fibre as they make you feel full – once you eat something that fills you up for a long time, your need to bunge or eat something else reduces automatically. We hope the above article is a good way to point out how to lose weight and become thin. Do remember though – do not starve yourself. Not eating is the worst thing a person can do!

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