How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows Overnight and Instantly

dark elbows

Having dark elbows is very common, and this occurs not only in men but females as well. It is not a pleasant sight as one part of the skin is way darker than the rest of the skin. However, there are ways to deal with it, and hence we are going to lay down – how to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly.

Dark elbow causes

dark elbow

There are many reasons behind dark elbow: In short dark elbows occur mainly due to the accumulation of dead skin, when one is overexposed to sun and develops hyperpigmentation, if one is continuously taking birth control pills, dark spots due to pregnancy, and skin conditions can also be a reason behind dark elbows.

How to lighten elbows fast and elbow whitening home remedies

To get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly one can seek various home remedies that will help to do so. Some of these being

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Research and study have proven that aloe vera can help make the skin whiter and smoother. This is mainly due to a process called alpha-adrenergic receptor stimulation – that occurs instantly when aloe vera is applied to the skin. One should ideally use the plant itself, but if that is not possible then one can go to the stores and purchase some aloe vera gels and creams

Baking soda

This is a perfect remedy to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly. This is so because baking soda contains lightening properties that are an excellent way to treat dark elbows. Put the baking soda on the dark patch on the elbow, mix a bit of water to the baking soda. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and see the results!

Citrus fruits

citrus fruits

There has been research and study that showcased that citrus fruit extracts were very much needed to lighten skin and dark patches. These are not just the supplements but from actual fruits.

 To make this combination one should squeeze the juices of citrus fruit. After that is done, one can use cotton to dip into the juice and then apply it on to the elbow. One should do this every day!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is beneficial to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly. It is a perfect moisturizer and thus, helps to whiten the areas. Apart from that one should apply coconut oil on areas that are dry and patchy. This oil does wonders and is found anywhere and everywhere!



One should grate them or cut it into slices and apply it on the dark elbows. They work so wonderfully because they contain catecholase – this is a skin lightening enzyme. Potatoes also contain properties that help to lighten areas like the elbows and knees naturally.

Hence, this is a good remedy to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly.

Gram Flour

The above is very popular to get rid of dark elbows and patches. In terms of how to apply it – take gram flour and mix it with water. This paste should remain on the affected area for about a couple of minutes. This mixture is so amazing because it contains exfoliating properties that remove the dead skin and makes the area whiter and smoother

Lemon oil

A way to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly is by applying lemon oil. Mix this compound with coconut oil and see instant results. Lemon is perfect to remove the dark skin as it has natural bleaching properties which are good for the skin, and makes the skin whiter and much better in looking

Apply yogurt


One can find their skin becoming lighter and whiter by applying yogurt on the dark elbows everyday. In terms of the period, one should apply it for maximum of twenty minutes, and wash it off with water. Yogurt is also an excellent moisturizer and helps to heal dry skin. The properties contained in yogurt are very good for the skin



One is suggested to apply cucumber on to the dark area of the elbows. We all know that cucumbers are very cooling and relieves one of the itchiness and pain. It helps one to feel fresh. Apart from all that, cucumber has natural bleaching powers, and thus one should take a slice or two of cucumber, place it on the dark part of the elbow, and leave be for about 15 to 20 minutes. The results will be showcased immediately!

Hydrogen peroxide

To get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly one should apply hydrogen peroxide. This is a top-rated skin lightening agent that helps to get rid of dead skin cells and makes the skin smoother and whiter. Hence, one should used this often.

Apply some papaya


One can get rid of the dark area and the patchiness by rubbing papaya on to the area. This is considered a perfect remedy because papaya is rich in antioxidants and has bleaching properties as well. Thus, application of papaya everyday will do wonders for the dark skin on the elbows!


Thus, the above has been stated many ways to get rid of dark elbows overnight and instantly.  These remedies are natural with no side effects. However, for some people, the result might take place overnight, while for some it may take days to see a difference. However, that should not deter one from losing hope. The above are very useful and have been proven by study and testimonials of people to work wonders, and usually give an 80% result.

However, if you find yourself in the deeper side of the ocean with none of the above home remedies having an impact on the dark area around your elbow, then maybe one should visit their dermatologist and seek professional help.

This in no way indicates that the above home remedies are non effective and will show no result. That is untrue, however, it all depends on the severity of the situation – and if you find your situation to be very intense and cannot be cured by just home remedies, then yes – visiting a dermatologist is the answer to your problem.

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