Various benefits of green tea for dandruff and its importance

green tea

Green tea for dandruff. Not only does green tea make the hair more shiny and glowy but also provide for several health benefits

As advertisements have shown and portrayed to us the various shampoos and oils that are good for one’s hair. These may work but they are not natural remedies, and we aim to make one’s hair more lustrous and thick through natural products. Did you know about – Green tea for dandruff? Knowledge like this is essential and very useful, since it’s very good for the hair and it’s cheap!

Winters is the time when one’s hair gets conquered by dandruff, and whatever you may do, these little white things come back in a span of just some time. Let us today focus on green tea for dandruff and its various benefits

Questions About Green Tea for hair

Many questions arise – how good is green tea for hair? What are the green tea benefits? What are the green tea hair benefits? And green tea benefits for hair and skin. Although, these questions are very similar and basically focus on one main thing – how good is green tea for dandruff and hair!

green tea

Green tea is catching up and is very popular among the masses today. Apart from just the hair, it is said to be beneficial for many other things as well. Before we delve into that, let us first discuss the importance of green tea for dandruff

Green tea for dandruff                                  

Green tea is very healthy and contains most properties that a body requires. Since our topic and emphasis is on hair, then we can show how green tea will be a benefit to it

It is very rich in catechins, which reduce a certain property called dihydrotestosterone. By reducing this, we are also reducing hair fall.  Apart from just the hair fall, green tea also promotes hair growth!

green tea for dandruff

Apart from making sure the hair doesn’t fall and leading to lustrous hair – green tea also fights dandruff. And the very amazing part of this is that green tea is not expensive, yet very effective.

We are going to guide you as to how the process should go.

  1. To make this recipe one will some green tea, be it in the form of leaves or tea bags.
  2. Apart from that side by side heat the water
  3. Once the water is heated and is boiling, add the tea leaves or the tea bags
  4. This mixture should be put on the hair, and left overnight
green tea

One doesn’t have to keep this mixture overnight, but it has been proven that by keeping it all night – the effects and results are quicker and better. The very first thing to do is wash your hair, and rinse it properly.

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Once that has been achieved put the green tea on your hair and put a cap over it. Leave it on for some time. Green tea for dandruff is excellent – and when you’ll wash your hair, this will be proven. Apart from just reducing dandruff, it also enhances the quality of the hair and moisturizes it

Many question as to how and why does this rinse work?

What is it about the green tea that dandruff runs away?

Green tea as we all know is enthused with antioxidants that help to shed off dandruff from the hair. Apart from this, green tea also comprises of antiseptic properties which are very useful in treating an itchy scalp. Green tea not only does away with dandruff but helps in hair growth and making the hair lustrous and shiny!

However, green tea alone is enough but if one is seeking for even better results then add a tinge of lemon to the tea. This recipe is something one can easily make and more importantly it is way cheaper than all the shampoos and oils that are suggested on advertisements!

However even though we have provided one with information on green tea for dandruff, the topic doesn’t end right here. Apart from strengthening the hair – green tea has other benefits as well, mainly to do with one’s health

Health benefits of green tea

Prevents cancer


Green tea is said to help cancer patients. Study has shown that people residing in countries where green tea is popular have fewer numbers of cancer as compared to countries where people don’t drink this tea.

Green tea is said to work wonders in the following type of cancers – ovarian, bladder, lung, stomach, skin and breast

There has been a lot of study on this and it has come to the conclusion that it is due to the polyphenols in green tea that cancer can be prevented

Makes the heart stronger


Green tea is also said to make the heart stronger and preventing any form of heart diseases.  A study was conducted and it was shown that people who drank at least five cups of green tea a day had fewer chances of having a heart attack or any other heart disease as compared to those who didn’t drink green tea at all

So, yes green tea is good for your heart, and makes it stronger!

Weight loss  

Many people drink and indulge with green tea mainly for this reason. Yes, green tea is very important to lose weight.  It may be considered as a myth, but drinking this tea only causes benefits and not many side effects. So if one does want to consume it, and feel that it is having a good effect on the weight, then carry on!

Apart from just the benefits, people should also be aware that green tea has side effects as well

First and foremost people who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid drinking too much of this, as it can lead to nausea, anxiety, insomnia or even an upset stomach

Apart from this one is suggested not to take green tea with stimulant drugs. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate!


So, we have very nicely covered not only how green tea for dandruff is good, but also the several other health benefits that this tea has to offer. However, with all the good also comes the bad, and this is emphasized by the side effects green tea carry with them

But, it is very evident that the side effects are way little as compared to the positives, and hence we would suggest one to consume this tea and be healthy! Do keep a count on how many you consume though, an excess of anything can be bad for the health!

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