Hangover Home Remedies for Fast Recovery

Hangover Home Remedies : Causes , Factors & Prevention Techniques. Faster recovery for alcohol using natural treatment using yoga , meditation and diet

Hangover Definition

It is the visible effect on the body visible the next day after consuming an excess of Alcohol during the previous night. It has physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

Physically you will feel fatigued and weak. You may also feel excessive thirst and dry mouth. The symptoms may be accompanied by Nausea, Vomiting, or stomach pain. It is not uncommon to feel dizziness or a sense of the room spinning. 

hangover causes
hangover causes

You may also feel mood disturbance, such as depression, anxiety, and irritableness. Most hangovers go away on their own. The body can detoxify one drink per hour, hence the best solution is to drink in moderation i.e. one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. 

Causes of a hangover


Alcohol causes your body to produce more urine it acts as a diuretic. This causes thirst, dizziness, and light headedness. 

The immune system

Alcohol triggers an inflammatory response from the immune system. It may trigger certain physical symptoms such as inability to concentrate, memory problems, decreased appetite and lack of interest in usual activities.

The Stomach

It increases the production of stomach acid and delays emptying of the stomach. These factors cause abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. If Alcohol is consumed empty stomach, it can pass on to small intestines from the stomach. The small intestine has a much larger absorption area compared to the stomach; hence, Alcohol is absorbed more quickly in the bloodstream. 

Blood sugar

Alcohol can cause your blood sugar to fall as it leads to an increase in sugar level. The result would be fatigue, weakness, shakiness mood disturbance, and even seizure.

Blood vessels

It causes blood vessels to expand, which can result in headaches. Alcohol contains other compounds called congeners. Congeners impart flavor to the drink. They also have chemicals that can trigger headaches.

The sleep quality

You may sleep longer, but deep sleep would elude you. Instead of feeling fresh, you would get up tired and depressed. 

Factors that make a hangover more likely are: 

If you are drinking on an empty stomach: If it is little or no food body absorbs Alcohol much faster. So it is a good idea to snack with your drink. You would also drink slowly if you have the food along with it. 

Using other drugs such as Nicotine along with Alcohol

Smoking and drinking together are fairly common, but they tend to increase the next day mess. Nicotine may actually reduce blood alcohol concentrations. The effect may encourage more drinking to achieve the desired high , which can lead to a greater level of toxic aldehyde in the body.

Not sleeping well or long enough after drinking

You typically need to sleep between 7-9 hours of sleep to get up fresh the next morning. In case you have not got the necessary hours of sleep, your symptoms of a hangover will persist.

Having a family history of alcoholism

A study found that the genetic influences on several measures of alcohol hangover were up to 45% i.e. almost half. There are people who can consume large amounts of Alcohol without getting the dreaded hangover, while others may complain of it even when they have consumed relatively less Alcohol.

Drinking darker colored Alcohol

Dark alcohols have additional amount of flavoring agents called congeners. They are found in larger amounts in dark liquids such as brandy, bourbon, darker beers and red wines. Congeners add to your existing hangover.

Hangover Prevention Technique

If you have memories of nasty hangover and want to prevent one, here are a few tips that you can follow.

Eat before and while drinking

The rate of alcohol absorption is slowed down, so does alcohol consumption. Reduced alcohol intake will have a lesser chance of hangover, without reducing your sense of enjoyment.

Drink water between drinks

It will keep you hydrated. You will also drink less Alcohol Following each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water will keep your body’s toxin throwing system in top gear.

 Know your limits and only drink in moderation

Take responsibility for your and family’s sake. There is no way to prevent a hangover except for a reason mentioned. If possible, tell your buddies about your limitations. Start with a non – alcoholic drink to quench your thirst. Ensure that you alternate between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. If possible, avoid heavy drinking circumstances.

Take it slow

Sip your drink, Drink soda water or Juice after having an alcoholic beverage, Take precautions not to on a drink empty stomach. Avoid the company of people who encourage you to drink more. Also, avoid situations and places where you are encouraged to drink more. 

Control your stress

Stressful situations often induce a desire to consume Alcohol, be aware of them. Practice ways and means to deal with stress such as a hobby, playing sports, painting, playing a musical instrument, having a pet. They all will substitute the desire for Alcohol.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is the science of mind; Its very purpose is to get rid of your habits. It cleanses the mind of desire to consume Alcohol. People who have practiced deeper meditative paths like Vipassana have found a noticeable decline in the desire for Alcohol.

 Write down your goals: You are more committed to your goals if you have written them down. Share the same with your family and friends. Have non –alcoholic days in your plan. 

Once you have a plan stick to it. Don’t even once do away with it.

Other reasons for hangover:

Blood Alcoholic concentration

It is the % of Alcohol in your blood stream. The maximum levels permitted are .08. It means amount of ethanol in your system may not exceed .08 grams in 100 ml. of blood.  

 Sex: Women are considered to be more liable to have a alcohol. Numerous studies have testified to the same. There could be many reasons for it. Probably the way their body metabolizes Alcohol is different from that of men. 

Men have more amount of stomach enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase compared to women. It is an enzyme that breaks up the Alcohol in the stomach.

 Weight: People with heavier bodies tend to have lesser hangover when compared to lighter individuals for the same amount of Alcohol consumed.

Age: Younger people tend to have lesser hangovers compared to their older counterparts.

Home remedies

Drink Water

If you are feeling groggy after a night out rehydrate your body as much as possible, drink plenty of water. Although by sleeping overnight, your BAC has been reduced to zero, meaning there is no more alcohol in your system, It is advisable to drink lots of water.

Drink other fluids

You have lost and potassium from your body, drink other liquids such as sports drink, coconut water, a soup that can restore the same. Fruit juice that contains fructose and Vitamins B and C help the liver flush out the Alcohol much successfully.

Consume sugar when you are drinking

It is known that fructose speeds up alcohol metabolism when you are drinking. Consume fructose while you are drinking, since fructose metabolizes pretty fast. Drink orange juice along with your Alcohol

Eat Ginger

It is known to reduce the effects of nausea and vomiting, Nibble on it after your hangover. Studies have shown that ginger, tangerine pith, and brown sugar reduce nausea if consumed beforehand.

Take plenty of rest

Go back to sleep if possible. It is nature’s best cure for a hangover. Let the body re-heal itself.


If you are used to it, don’t cut your exercise. Exercise releases a large number of hormones and neuro-chemicals such as endorphins that boost your energy and give you an additional kick. It also releases adrenalin. It will give you a mood boost. The key is to get your heart rate up and muscle burning, just enough to release the chemicals. Don’t push yourself too hard as you are already fatigued and dehydrated.

Eat Breakfast

Electrolytes in food help replenish the system. Eat easily digestible food such as toast and cereal. Avoid food that is greasy or too rich. You can always eat a couple of bananas or a dish of papaya to go along.

Cold Showers

They have a lot of benefits, taking them after a hot bath will raise your heart rate. This will increase the flow of blood and help the body get rid of ill effects pretty fast. It might be a bit uncomfortable but is worth the trouble.


In a study, it was found that coffee, along with aspirin, is one of the best cures for a hangover. However, if you are having tremors or nausea, then the cup of coffee might worsen it.

Carbon or Charcoal capsules

Their toxin absorbing capacity has a wide range of medicinal use. The body cannot absorb charcoals, so consuming them after heavy drinking ensures that the toxins are drained from the body in the form of feces. They are already used for stomach and kidney ailments.


Hangover is a self-inflicted problem. It causes billions of dollars worth to the economy. The best cure is prevention. With a little bit of determination and sagacity, the problem can be easily contained.

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