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Health benefits of dry figs | Nutrition | Soaked in Water Overnight

Health benefits of dry figs and their importance today

health benefits of dry figs

We are living in a world where one needs to keep a watch on what they eat, and how to maintain a healthy diet. Today we are going to focus on health benefits of dried figs. Figs early morning are the best way to go. Figs are rich in fibre and other nutrients which help to keep one full and remove constipation.  We are going to first talk a little more about figs and healthy ways to eat figs

Figs are found to be of different colors be it purple, copper or even yellow-green. They can be used in jams, ice creams, and other baked items as well. One very good news is that one can get figs all throughout the year! However, only in dried form. It contains nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorous and vitamins.

picture showing dry figs

Figs are very common in India today and are usually eaten dry. There are several health benefits of dried figs. In today’s age and day, people require food that will build their health and give them energy. One such food is dry figs. We are going to talk about figs benefits

Let us elaborate on health benefits of dried figs –

Weight loss

picture showing weight machine

Many people who are obese, and are in urgent need to lose weight – dry figs might be their best food! They are very low in calories, hence making it a very healthy food to chew on. Weight loss is difficult to achieve, but with a diet like dry figs, one may achieve it only in a matter of some days!

Improves digestion

image showing good digestive system

Dried figs are very rich in fibre, thus preventing constipation. Dried figs help in making one feel full, and no longer in desire for other food. It helps to clean one’s digestive system and hence are considered a very good food to eat.

Prevents heart diseases

image showing heart

One of the very important health benefits of dried figs is that it contains antioxidant which remove radicals that can damage the blood vessels and lead to heart disease. Hence, dried figs are very important to eat, they help one in living a healthy lifestyle!

Prevents breast cancer

picture showing breast cancer

Women are in danger of many diseases and infections. Two of the important being menopause, and breast cancer. It has been said that women who consume a good amount of dried figs are way healthier and have fewer chances of falling ill and getting any sort of infection! So, eat figs every day and be healthy.

Good for skin

picture showing good skin

Dried figs are healthy not only in terms of heart and other diseases but also in terms of skin. Health benefits of dried figs include having a good skin free from all sorts of rashes, pimples, and infections. In fact, dried figs can help do away with wrinkles, and make one look younger than their age. So, eat ample amounts of dried figs – they will definitely help to keep your skin clean and pretty.

Leads to long luscious hair

Figs are not only good for the skin, but also for shiny long hair. In today’s time, women and men take so much stress that their hair tends to fall. In such cases, eating dry figs are very essential. Thus, we can now understand the various health benefits of dried figs.

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Regulates blood sugar

blood sugar control

Dried figs are very important to keep one’s health in check. They are very rich in potassium, which helps to regulate the blood sugar level in the body.  A high potassium diet is said to help people with diabetes. Hence, eating dried figs are very helpful in keeping one’s health problems at check!

Treats sexual dysfunction

Dried figs are used for treating things like sterility, low endurance or even erectile dysfunction. They are definitely referred to as powerful fertility and sexual supplements.  But some people may be misguided because dried figs contain valuable minerals and vitamins – may be the cause for an increase in stamina and energy, which people have mistaken for a sexual urge. However, whatever the case be, dried figs provide one with an ample amount of stamina and energy!

Good for throats

One of the very good health benefits of dried figs is that it treats sore throats. Figs are high in mucilage content, which helps in healing and preventing sore throats. Thus, if one has been suffering from a sore throat for quite a while, then it is suggested to eat dry figs. One will find relief in just a matter of days!

Helps in constipation

image showing constipation

Being highly rich in fibre, figs are very good to control constipation. When one eats fibre, they have a good bowel system. Hence, if one is constipated and suffering from piles, then it is bet suggested to eat dry figs!

Prevents kidney stones

Dried figs are also useful in preventing kidney stones. One should ideally boil some figs in water, and once it is cooled down – consume this water for a few days. It is said to be very helpful in handling kidney stones


In short, dried figs are very good because they help in respiratory disorders, constipation, indigestion, stomach ache, fever, earache, boils, liver diseases, control blood sugar and help in diabetes, removes piles, make one’s skin and hair glow, improves bone health, benefits and provides for a healthy heart and most importantly helps in weight management.

The above benefits of dried figs will help one living a very healthy lifestyle. As mentioned dried figs are found throughout the year, and to consume them will not be a problem! Dried figs are good for not only internal health but also for one’s outward beauty – be it acne, pimples, growth of shiny long hair or any other such beauty cares. If one is having any health issues, then the natural way to go about is by eating dried figs every day. We are not kidding when we highlight the benefits of figs. Thus, we hope the above health benefits of dried figs help you, and make you consume it every day!

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