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Several health benefits of dry dates and their importance

Several health benefits of dry dates and their importance

health benefits of dry dates

People today want to keep healthy, and hence want to eat healthy and adopt various nutritional qualities from what they consume. Dates is one of the foods that should be eaten every day.  Dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, energy, fibre, sugar and they also contain calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Thus, to consume dates means to live longer, and healthier. Let us talk about health benefits of dry dates. One can have it as a healthy dates snacks and relish the yummy taste.

We are going to throw light on dates benefits, how healthy dates are, healthy facts about dates and most importantly what are dates?!

picture showing dates

Dates are very common in Dubai, and most of the shipments to India come from there. Dates are categorized into three broad categories being – soft dates, dry dates, and semi-dry dates. Consumption of this dry fruit leads to many health benefits. Dates are grown on trees called date palms and are native to the Middle East. People belonging to the Middle East consume dates in a very high dosage. They are sweet and very yummy! Let us now move on further and talk about the health benefits of dry dates.

Some health benefits of dry dates

Lowers cholesterol

Dates are said to contain very little fat, and eating them in small quantities every day is actually very good! This will also help one to keep a check on their cholesterol. Apart from that one will also witness weight loss and a clearer and prettier skin.  So, what are you waiting for – go and eat some dates!

Rich in proteins
picture showing proteins

One of the health benefits of dry dates is that they are very rich in proteins. Eating dates every day in a small amount will only do one good! Dates help one in staying fit and strengthening the muscles and bones. People, who go to the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle, consume a couple of dates every day.

Rich in Vitamins

Not only are dates rich in protein but also contain vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, A1, and AC. A doctor would not suggest you to take vitamin supplements if one is eating good amounts of dates every day! Apart from all this, dates will also increase one’s energy levels since they contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Thus, this being one of the very important health benefits of dry dates

Improves bone health
helps improve bones

Dates are highly effective if one wants to prevent conditions like osteoporosis.  Dates are very good for making bones stronger since they are rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. All these properties are very important if one wants to keep their bones strong. Go get yourself some dates!

Good for the nervous system
image showing the nervous system

One of the health benefits of dry dates is that they are very good for the nervous system. They are loaded in high amounts with potassium, and also contain a little sodium. These properties are essential to keep the nervous system in check. Potassium is especially good to keep the cholesterol in check and prevent one from a stroke

High amounts of iron

If one is suffering from iron deficiency, then dates are your new best friends. People with less iron should consume a good amount of dates every day. Severe iron deficiency may end up causing tiredness, fatigue, shortness of breath or even chest pain. Hence, one should eat dates. Apart from this they also lead to purification of the blood.

Good for digestion
picture showing good digestion

One of the health benefits of dry dates is that they help in digestion. One should soak a few dates in water, and have them daily. If one does this, then their digestive system will improve. Also, since dates are so rich in fibre –they are suggested for those with constipation and other digestive problems!

Very good for clear and beautiful skin
image showing good skin

Since dates contain vitamin C and D, they are very good for the skin – it keeps the skin smooth and works on its elasticity. If anyone is undergoing any form of skin problems, then eating dates will surely do away with them! Dates also contain anti-aging benefits and help prevent the accumulation of melanin in one’s body. Hence, eating dates every day helps one’s skin glow and become smooth!

Fixes hangovers

It has also been said that dates are very good for the day after one drinks a lot of alcohol. They are said to cure hangovers easily. To do so one has to rub the skin of dates and then soak it in water overnight. After that one can eat it – this may help one with their hangover!

Helps in weight gain
picture showing weight

There are people who also need to gain weight. If that is the case, then eating dates can come to use! It contains high levels of sugar, protein and other vitamins that will help one to put on. It has also been said that if dates are eaten with cucumber, then the weight is gained at a normal level

Sexual health

It has also been said that dates help in one’s sexuality and to have a baby. If a couple is trying to conceive for a long time, yet no results – then it is suggested to eat dates. It has been noted that dates help and are very good for the male’s fertility. So, eat good amounts of dates!


We hope that the benefits of dates mentioned above, make you want to incorporate them in your daily diet. People question as to how should dates be consumed and eaten – To this our answer is that dates are eaten best like the way they are! The can also be put in porridges and small snacks. This will add to the flavor and make one’s dish even tastier! Dates can be added to cakes, bread, and other such dishes. But the best way to go about is, to keep dates in your refrigerator and eat a small amount every day!

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