Health benefits of garlic and how consuming them can improve lifestyle


In today’s age and day one needs to keep a lookout about their health and how they live. It is highly crucial to eat the right things – it should be healthy, with not too many calories, and should have a healthy effect on the body. Our main focus today is on – the health benefits of garlic.

There are many people who do not realize the importance of eating garlic and honey, and eating garlic empty stomach, thus many questions are raised such as – health benefits of eating raw garlic, health benefits of garlic juice and the health benefits of garlic and onions! Thus before we go further, let us unearth the health benefits of garlic

Fresh garlic benefits

Acts as a blood purifier

There are many people who suffer from acne and other blemishes. If that is the case then one should eat lots of garlic. This will only promote healthy skin. Apart from just purifying the blood, it also helps one to shed off some weight. One should eat garlic early mornings on an empty stomach to see results!

Relieves one from a cold and flu


Garlic is a very good remedy and there are many health benefits of garlic. If one has the flu or even a cold then eating cloves of garlic will help to do away with all of that! Garlic enhances the immunity system and thus saves one from falling prey to any kind of illness. Apart from eating it raw, garlic can be added to certain dishes and food items!

Prevents heart diseases

heart health

Thus, garlic is a very good home remedy and especially when it comes to removing heart diseases, and keeping ones heart strong! It can also regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels. One should ideally consume garlic raw as it has more medicinal and health properties as compared to when the garlic is cooked wholly.

Helps to prevent cancer

There have been several studies that have said that if one consumes garlic then one can be saved from the stomach and colorectal cancer. In fact, garlic, as we all know, boosts the immunity system of the body, thus prevents one from catching any sort of infection or diseases.

Good for skin and hair

Garlic does wonders in preventing the skin from aging and looking old. It helps to keep the skin young and fresh! In fact, eating garlic every day can provide relief from skin conditions like eczema. Apart from that it also helps people to deal with athlete’s foot and ringworms. Apart from the skin, garlic is also good for the hair, as it helps to prevent hair loss.

Removes toxins from the body

Garlic is also good for the body as it removes all forms of toxins from the body. Toxins are bad for the body, and thus eating garlic means to excrete these from the body easily. Hence, one should consume garlic every day!

Helps to treat yeast infections

Hence, many women face yeast infections, and garlic is a very good way to do away with them. Thus, one should eat a good amount of garlic in order to do away with a yeast infection. Hence, women falling prey to this should definitely consume garlic.

Good for the eyes

good for eyes

One of the health benefits of garlic is that it is very good for the eyes.  This is mainly because garlic helps to reduce intraocular pressure, which is a major factor that causes glaucoma. Apart from that garlic also tends to suppress organisms that cause Keratitis.

Good for the liver

Garlic is also very essential for one’s health as it produces enzymes that help in detoxification. There are many people who are occupied by fatty liver diseases. These people, if consume garlic, can help the liver to function properly again!

Reduces cholesterol

We all are pretty much aware that garlic helps to reduce the cholesterol levels. This is mainly because of one consumes garlic every day then there comes a reduction in triglycerides and cholesterol. Garlic is also known for reducing arterial plaque formation

Reduces hypertension

Garlic is very good to reduce the stress levels, especially people who suffer from hypertension. A major component of garlic includes allicin – this is very good to relax the blood vessels or lead to an increase in the pressure. Hence, eating cloves of garlic every day can be good for health!

Improves digestion

Garlic helps to maintain a good digestion level. It has various health benefits and thus consuming it will help to better the digestion. Garlic is helpful in doing away with swelling, irritation, inflammation and other such issues.

Enhances the libido

Thus, with the help of garlic, one can rejuvenate sexual prowess. This is mainly due to the aphrodisiac properties that it has. Garlic promotes sexual libido in both men and women. Apart from that, garlic helps to prevent the nervous fatigue that one may find in a hyperactive sexual life

Controls asthma


There have been many incidents when people with asthma have eaten garlic and be cured of asthma. Garlic is a very good remedy and used by many asthmatic patients. Hence, there is no denying about the various health benefits of garlic

Side effects of garlic

In addition, apart from having the many benefits garlic also has several side effects that should be looked into. Too much garlic can cause irritation in the digestive functioning of the body. However, even though this might happen, garlic is one of the very safe herbs that should and can be used!


Thus, above have been laid down several benefits of garlic and why one should consume them. They are very healthy and by incorporating them in the everyday diet one will witness a sure change in their health and they will feel way better. We hope this article was worthwhile and informative about garlic and its uses. However, an excess of anything can have its side effects and thus one should keep a watch on how much one should consume and not consume. Eating garlic every day will surely and certainly improve one’s condition and make one healthier.

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