10 Health Benefits of Living Caffeine-Free

This article is not about leaving all the caffeine from your beverages. People are drinking it’s too much like never before. Caffeine is one of the drunkest components in our drinks.  Beverages like coffee are a $ 25 billion industry.  

Caffeine is a healthy component and provides us various other health benefits. Some of them are fast metabolism and low risk of brain diseases. So, here we are providing some benefits of going caffeine-free for a few months. 

These are the top ten benefits of cutting your caffeine beverages. 

Less anxiety

If you are suffering from too much anxiety , then you must reduce your caffeine supply. Caffeine provides a burst of energy which can be used by us. It can also provide us flight hormones. This leads to an increase in anxiety, heart palpitations, nervousness and panic attacks. 

If you are already having such symptoms in your body, then you would become worse in case of you. High doses of caffeine can increase chances of depression in kids.   

Better sleep

If you are taking too much caffeine, then you must be sleeping less and alter your sleep cycle. If you take coffee for too long, then you will have restless sleep and daytime drowsiness. 

This happens too easily, when you consume the coffee before six hours to your bed. If you cut your caffeine supply to less, then you will see that your sleep patterns will be restored to normal and you will get better sleep in the nights. 

More efficient absorption of nutrients

Your body can absorb a lot more nutrients, if you consume a less amount of caffeine into you. Caffeine is comprised of tannins which can possibly limit the absorption of 

  1. Calcium
  2. Iron
  3. Vitamins

The condition can be worse for those who take too much caffeine and do not eat a proper diet or in old age. Reduction of caffeine can help you in better nutrient absorption. 

Healthier (and whiter!) teeth

Teeth heath is inverse in tea and coffee. The high levels of tannins present in caffeine can cause buildup and discolored tooth enamel. Research has proved that prolonged use of tea and coffee can lead to enamel wear and decay. 

Balanced hormones for women

Women will surely get benefits by reducing caffeine. If you start drinking less tea and coffee, then your estrogen levels will soon be increased. 

A study has revealed that if woman’s drink 200 mg of caffeine per day, then it gives different results in an Asian, Black and european women. 

This quantity will elevate the estrogen levels in asian asian and black women. While in the case of white women, it lowers the estrogen levels. 

 Estrogen levels change can be harmful and health risk, if you are suffering from endometriosis, breast cancers and ovary cancer.  Caffeine is not linked to all these diseases if it leads to high estrogen levels, then indirectly it is. It can also worsen your menopause cycles. 

Lower blood pressure

Caffeine is good for blood pressure control. Regular use of caffeine shows a rise in blood pressure levels due to stimulatory effects on the nervous system. 

If a person takes 3 to 5 cups per day, they he could be risking his heart health and heading to cardiovascular disease.

Balanced brain chemistry

Caffeine directly affects a person’s mood. Many people start working after they drink a cup of coffee. Just Like other addictive drugs, caffeine works the same. Caffeine behaves like drugs and it can affect your brain chemistry in various ways. 

People who do not drink any caffeine do not have to worry, but if you drink a nominal amount of caffeine, then you would feel some withdrawal symptoms in the same. You would experience some kind of temporary mood changes in you. 

If you are very regular in caffeine drinking, then your symptoms can be between 12 to 24 hours. The symptoms can be seen through two day in some cases. 

Fewer headaches

Caffeine can produce headaches in us. The unpleasant side effects can take a few days for some cases. Many of us feel a headache, when we forget coffee or tea in the morning. This is one of the most withdrawal symptoms. 

Other could be 

  • brain fog
  • fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritability

If you do not have any withdrawal symptoms, then you could be at risk of developing chronic headaches sometimes. 

Healthy digestion

Too much coffee can disturb your stomach and results in indigestion. Coffee creates a laxative effect that stimulates the bowels. If we consume large amounts of coffee, then you could have diarrhea or loose stools. 

Caffeine beverages can be a source of developing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

You may age better

If you are habitual of having tea or coffee in the morning, then caffeine helps in collagen formation and affects our skin, nails, and body. 

Who should avoid caffeine?

You need to avoid all caffeine in your beverages if you are one of these cases. If anything or all applies to you, then caffeine can be very harmful for you. 

You’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Women who are pregnant or about to be pregnant must avoid caffeine. It is a very important part of you and your baby’s health. Caffeine can result in miscarriage and a decrease infertility. 

You’re prone to anxiety

If you are already suffering from an anxiety disorder, then you could worsen your condition in case of it. Caffeine shows an increase in various psychiatric conditions. It can amplify the irritability, hostility, and anxious behavior.

If you are having any digestion problems

If you are a person with some minor digestion problems or worse, then caffeine could create very adverse effects on you. You could have acid reflux or diabetes. 

People with such conditions must avoid coffee. 

  1. acid reflux
  2. gout
  3. diabetes
  4. IBS

You take certain medications

People who are doing a medical course for any medical condition are advised to avoid diabetes. Such drugs listed here are 

  1. antibacterial drugs
  2. antidepressants (especially MAOIs)
  3. asthma drugs

If you are trying to reduce or avoid caffeine, then you would soon be seeing some withdrawal symptoms, then you can try some alternatives in the meantime. Drinking coffee has its own benefits, but using too much can be harmful in your cases. 

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