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This is a condition which shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. Hepatitis B is basically an infection of the very important gland called the liver. Due to Hepatitis this organ loses its strength and becomes very weak. There is a reason to worry when one is a target of the Hepatitis virus – it is contagious and can be spread through blood and bodily fluids. However, it doesn’t get transferred through coughing and sneezing! We are going to lay stress on – Hepatitis B causes

Hepatitis B symptoms

A person with Hepatitis B will see various symptoms, these mainly occur after 4 to 5 months since the person has been a prey to it. One can determine whether they are suffering from Hepatitis Virus if they have continuous abdominal pain, their urine is quite dark in color, continuous fever, and a loss in ones appetite.

Hepatitis B causes

Hepatitis B causes

Hepatitis B is mainly transferred by a virus. As mentioned earlier, this disease is highly contagious and can be transferred from one person to another through blood and other bodily fluids. Therefore, one should have safe sex. However, one doesn’t need to worry about interacting with people who have this virus, as it doesn’t spread by touch, coughing or even sneezing

Sexual contact

If you have unprotected sex with someone suffering from this, then your chances of getting Hepatitis B are very severe.

Sharing needles
sharing needles

If a needle is contaminated and used again on a person – then the infection can travel to the person who was clean of this disease. Thus, sharing any needles or blood and body fluids can lead to Hepatitis B

Mother to child (genes)

This infection can also be transferred from the pregnant mother who has hepatitis B to the child who is yet not born. However, there is good news – the newborn can be vaccinated and be saved from getting infected.

Thus, now that we have focused on Hepatitis B causes, let us understand some hepatitis B home remedies.

Bitter leaf
bitter leaf

Bitter leaf as proven by study is very good in fighting Hepatitis B. Many have suggested that those suffering from this should include bitter leaf in their diet, and can chew it just like that or mix it up in their food itineraries

lemon juice

As we have already discussed the Hepatitis B causes, let us focus on the remedies as well. Lemon is a very good remedy for this influenza, all one basically needs to do is consume large amounts of lemon juice every day. Have it at least three times a day

Drink plenty of milk

Drinking milk with a tinge of charcoal is supposed to be very good for those with hepatitis B. Milk with charcoal gives one energy and should be consumed daily by the prey to hepatitis B. Make sure the milk is not spoiled

Corn Silk
corn silk

Apart from the Hepatitis B causes, let us focus on the remedy as well. One of them being corn silk. Take some chopped corn silk, and let it boil in water. Drinking this is supposedly very good, and one should intake it as many times as possible in a day. It’s not only good for hepatitis but other diseases as well.


This can be seen as one of the most effective home remedies. Crush the dandelion and put it in a glass of water. Let this mixture heat. Drink this mixture every day to see good results. One is suggested to have this half an hour before every meal

Green tea
green tea

A person with hepatitis B should have loads of green tea. This is because it is very rich in antioxidants. Being rich in these, they enhance proper functioning of the body, mind and the liver. The liver functions well due to the well-balanced secretion of juices.


Water is regarded as not just a remedy for hepatitis B, but for every other ailment as well. It is the best way to do away with any form of disease and infection.

Hence, even though our main topic of discussion is Hepatitis B causes, let us take a look at some few other points


There are also various and tons of herbs that help to fight hepatitis B. There are a countless number of them. They can be bitter, and hence mixing them with something can make it tastier and easy to eat.

Is Hepatitis B curable

Many are very afraid of this disease and question whether it is curable. Even though we have aid down Hepatitis B causes, let us understand more about this disease. It is a liver infection – it doesn’t really have a cure for it, but one can prevent it for sure. It is suggested to get the hepatitis B vaccine and have safe sex

Hepatitis B transmission

Hepatitis B

This virus as mentioned earlier is contagious and can be spread easily. Thus, one needs to take precaution in terms of getting injected, having sex or coming in contact in terms of blood with people who have Hepatitis B. This virus can also be seen at birth itself. Hence, one needs to take a lot of care in terms of having safe sex and going to hospitals that are clean and not unhygienic. The good news is – this doesn’t spread through sneezing and coughing.


Hence, at the end of the day, we have brought light to hepatitis B causes, what are the symptoms, how it can be passed on from one person to another, and the various home remedies to treat this infection of the liver. Do understand that if the above remedies are not working then one is suggested to visit their doctor. Hepatitis B should not be taken lightly since it is also fatal. And if right precautions are not taken the person can die

As mentioned earlier Hepatitis B can travel easily from one person to another through blood, needles and other bodily fluids. Hence if you are aware that a person has hepatitis B – try not exchanging any bodily fluids – in short having sex or making love with them

Apart from the above home remedies visiting a doctor is also a suggested idea, especially if the situation becomes too severe and can cause death.



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