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basil leaves

In today’s stressful and competitive times, it becomes essential to eat healthy and remain healthy. Today one is prone to millions of infections and diseases, and hence there is an urgent need to keep a watch on what one consumes, and what one doesn’t consume. Since we are talking about eating healthy, the main focus of this article lies on – holy basil benefits. Before we delve further, let us gain a lay man’s insight into what basil is

We know about the holy basil benefits, but before we unearth that further let us gain insight into what is basil leaves?

Basil leaves are also popularly known as Saint Joseph’s Wort. This is a very beneficial herb which belongs to the mint family. Due to its various health benefits – it is very commonly used in cooking and as a dressing.

There are some fun facts that one should know about basil leaves

basil leaves

–    The herb has anti-inflammatory qualities

–    Basil is antibacterial and hence can get rid of any bacteria in the body

–    Basil is highly nutritious with very little calorie, and hence one should eat tons of it!

–    Finally, people who eat basil will tend to look younger as they contain compounds that help to fight aging.

Benefits of eating basil leaves daily

There are many benefits of eating basil leaves, and one should know and understand the holy basil benefits.

Very good for digestion


One of the holy basil benefits is that it is very good for digestion. Thus, if one is suffering from a bad stomach or just having problems digesting – then make sure to eat basil leaves. They will relieve your stomach of the pain and make the digestion process easier.


Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, basil can be a cure for tons of diseases and infections. When one eats basil every day they are reducing the risk of a heart attack, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel conditions. Thus there are many holy basil benefits and incorporating this into everyone’s daily diet can be very useful

Skin benefits

skin benefits

Basil also helps to clear the skin and provides one with very good skin. In fact, oil made up of basil is very good for skin that is oily and needs cleansing. This oil also removes impurities and clogged pores. One should apply this oil on the face every day, and by doing so – the person will see tremendous changes in the way a person looks and how the skin feels

Fights depression

Basil also helps to fight depression and anxiety. This is done as this leaf stimulates neurotransmitters that pretty much are responsible for generating hormones that lead to happiness. Apart from that, it also enhances one’s immunity and clears their way from catching any infections or diseases. These are one of the good holy basil benefits

Diabetes management


Basil leaves are also good for people who are diabetic. This is because basil leads to a slow release of sugar in the blood. This is good for people who are diabetic. This leaf also helps to cut down the cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Detoxifies the body

basil leaves

Holy basil benefits are that it provides one a different outlook altogether, a healthier and a nicer lifestyle. Basil leaves are very good for the liver, and they help to flush down all the impurities that are within the body. Thus, it is very much recommended that one make basil leaves a part of their diet

Holy basil for hormone balance

 Holy basil also aids to balance the hormones. This is mainly done as Basil contains cortisol. Apart from that holy basil plays an important role in protecting against chemical and environmental pollutants. This is good because these can lead to other hormonal imbalances. In fact when it comes to hormones – this leaf is good for holy basil estrogen dominance!

Increases the metabolic rate

One should eat basil in order to keep the body healthy and lean. This is mainly because by eating basil helps to increase the metabolic rate. Basil contains a high amount of manganese which contains enzymes responsible for increasing the metabolic rate and reducing the cholesterol level.

Source of energy

Holy basil benefits are that it is very rich in energy. This is mainly because it contains copper. Including copper in one’s diet is good as it helps to reduce the effects of fatigue and feeling tired. In fact, people have suggested using basil in smoothies in order to keep the energy level high.

Good for eyes


Basil leaves are good for the eyes as they contain beta carotene. This basically helps to prevent muscle degeneration. Apart from that basil also produces high levels of Vitamin A and Ascorbic acid that is good for the eyes!

Helps to fight cancer

These leaves also help in fighting cancer. Thus, in today’s age and day when one can fall prey to any type of infection/disease/disorder, it is good and helpful to eat basil which as mentioned earlier aids in fighting cancer, and saving lives of people by doing so!

Apart from the above, there are various other benefits of basil and these include – reduce memory loss, reduce depression and anxiety, relax the blood vessels, remove bacteria from the body, improve fasting blood sugar, prevent a certain type of cancer, and many more!


 Thus, above have been laid down various holy basil benefits and how inculcating basil into our everyday lives will make people healthier and devoid them from any form of infection, disease or illness.

It is essential to make lifestyle changes and a very important way of doing so id by eating the right food and exercising regularly. By the right food, we mean basil out here. Basil, as we all have understood, has various health benefits and makes one skin glow and removes all form of blemishes and acne!

Hence, eat basil, live basil and see the change and difference right in front of your eyes. We hope this article has been worthwhile in providing one with ample information regarding basil and its health benefits!

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