Home remedies for acid reflux and their instant results

In today’s time and age people are prone to many infections and disease. One of them is acid reflux. This is regarded as a very common condition which ends up leaving a burning pain in the lower chest area. This basically happens when the stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe. We are going to lay focus on home remedies for acid reflux. Be aware that this can be a very serious issue and hence should be looked at immediately

Facts about acid reflux

This is popularly known as heart

In addition, acid reflux is basically a case when stomach contents go back into the esophagus

This reflux tends to create a very burning pain in the lower chest area which usually happens after eating

Obesity and smoking can be a cause of acid reflux

The most common way to treat this is through drug treatments

Acid reflux symptoms

Some of the very common symptoms of acid reflux include heartburn, regurgitation, bloating, black stools, burping, hiccups, nausea, weight loss, and wheezing

Thus, if one falls under the category of any of the above symptoms then they surely have acid reflux.

What is good for acid reflux home remedy

Do not overeat

acid reflux

Thus, one of the best ways to avoid acid reflux is by not overeating.  There has been research and study that has shown that larger meals end up worsening the reflux symptoms. Thus, a good way to prevent acid reflux is by eating small meals, and not stuffing yourself.

Lose weight

lose weight

Altogether, It has been suggested that one should shed some weight to avoid acid reflux. With people who are healthy, the diaphragm strengthens the lower esophageal sphincter. While this happens, the muscle ends up preventing large amounts of stomach acid from leaking into the esophagus. However, if one has a lot of fat then the pressure in the abdomen can be high – which will lead the lower esophageal sphincter to get pushed upwards.

Limit alcohol intake

no alcohol

Alcohol may increase the chances of acid reflux and heat burn. Alcohol only helps in aggravating the symptoms. Even in taking alcohol moderately may cause acid reflux in people. Thus alcohol should be avoided if one doesn’t want to suffer from heatburn

Don’t drink much coffee


There is evidence to prove that coffee enhances the chances of acid reflux and thus one of the good home remedies for acid reflux is not to have too much of coffee. This weakens the lower esophageal sphincter – hence, increasing the risk of acid reflux.

Chew gum


Study and research has proven that chewing gum reduces acidity in the esophagus. In fact gums that contain bicarbonate are very effective.  Chewing gum leads to an increase in the saliva and thus help clears the esophagus of acid. However, on should note that it may not reduce the reflex itself.

Avoid raw onion

raw onion

There has been ample study  that has shown that people who had acid reflux and who ate raw onions tended to find an increase in the heartburn, in comparison to eating a meal which didn’t contain raw onion. This is because one finds more gas in the fibre in onions. The onions only increase heart burn.

Don’t drink too much citrus juice

One of the acid reflux treatment home remedy is to not drink too much of citrus juice. The acidity that is contained within citrus juice is not the only reason as to why acid reflux happens. Orange juice that contains a neutral pH also hastens and enhances the symptoms. Though citrus fruit may not cause acid reflux – it can however increase the heart burn

Eat less chocolate


There has been evidence that suggests that eating chocolate syrup will weaken the lower esophageal sphincter. There is another study conducted too that said that drinking a chocolate beverage also increased the amount of acid in the esophagus.

Try and avoid mint

One of the good home remedies for acid reflux is to avoid eating mint. Study has proven that high dosage of spearmint may make the acid reflux symptoms even worse. Thus, though there is not much evidence – one is suggested to try not eating mints.

Don’t sleep on your right side

Research and study has proven that sleeping on the right side is worse for the acid reflux. The reason is not clearly stated , but one may be that the esophagus enters the right side of the stomach. Due to this the lower esophageal sphincter sits above the level of stomach acid when they sleep on the left side.

Thus, one when sleeps on their left side, the stomach acid covers the lower esophageal sphincter, This only increases the risk of acid leaking through it.

Food that neutralize stomach acid

Some particular foods and drinks should be avoided to neutralise the stomach acid. These contain:

Consuming alcohol,  drinking carbonated drinks, and in taking coffee, chocolate and citrus juices.

In addition, foods and beverages that should be consumed include:

Of course, Ginger tea, Yogurt, milk.


Thus, the above are some ways that help to deal with acid reflux. However, in case one feels that the above remedies are not working and the condition is only becoming worse and worse then one should immediately visit their doctor.  Acid reflux can be a serious condition and thus one should pay much heed to it when it occurs.

However, as mentioned earlier the condition can be very severe and hence the above home remedies may not be applied. In such case, your doctor is your best friend.  Research and science has proven that a change in lifestyle and one’s diet can pretty much help to do away with acid reflux.

Therefore, We hope this article was worth a read and has provided one with ample information on how to do away with acid reflux. This article contains ample information that is beneficial and will help one to surpass this illness.

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