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gas and indigestion in toddlers

Having a baby comes with many responsibilities; it’s your own child which one is required to nurture and grow. There can be many times that toddlers face acidity and gas problems, and hence one should take many precautions. One of the ways to make sure the child doesn’t feel discomfort is by making him/her burp after every meal. Our main focus is – home remedies for acidity and gas problem and how to get rid of bloating.

Signs of gas problem in toddlers

There are a couple of signs which can tell us whether a child is having gas troubles. These include clenching fists when a child keeps squirming around, when the toddler is always uncomfortable, crying even though the child has just been fed, burping, and struggling during bowel movements

There are various reasons as to why gas develops in babies.  Below are laid down some reasons!

Swallowed air

There is no question that everybody tends to swallow some air. This especially happens when one is eating and talking. Thus, to reduce the amount of air intake one should eat slowly and in a calm manner. One should chew the food better in order to reduce swallowed air.


Apart from just the chewing, crying also affects the amount of air in the baby’s stomach. There are many reasons as to why baby cry – maybe they are hungry, they want something, or just simply because they are unable to communicate.  When children cry a lot they gulp air into the digestive systems. This can lead to gas pain and acidity.

Change in diet

There may come times when a change in the diet or adding something new might cause gas in your toddler’s stomach. Thus, parents should try following the natural diet, changing it slowly and not suddenly!

Other reasons that may cause a toddler to have gas and acidity are – certain antibiotic medicines that do not suit the child, if the child is lactose Intolerant, not drinking ample water, eating certain kind of food items, and have fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi!

Thus, parents should take note of the above reasons and realize why gas in the stomach occurs. Our main focus is on home remedies for acidity and gas problem. Thus, do read on below:

Home remedies for acidity in chest

Check fluid intake

One of the good home remedies for acidity and gas problem is to check the fluid intake. Make sure that your baby has ample liquids, since this prevents constipation and reduces gas in the stomach

Eats slowly

eating slow

As parents, one should make sure that their baby chews slowly and eats the food properly. If the child gobbles down the food – then there are more chances of having gas and acidity

Add more fibrous food

fibrous food

One of the good home remedies for acidity and gas problem is to add more fibrous food to the diet. By doing this the child’s digestive system will remain healthy and he/she will not have problems with gas

Massage your child’s belly

childs belly

This is a brilliant way of getting rid of gas in the stomach. Thus, as a parent one should massage their baby’s belly on and off. This remedy actually works wonders, and has been proven to be very useful!

Do not give acidic food

Good home remedies for acidity and gas problem is to not give your child acidic food. These include foods such as cauliflower, cabbage, peas, and even onions! Thus, if your child experiences gas problems then make sure to not feed them that!

Burp the baby


Burping the baby is the best way to get rid of indigestion and gas. As soon as you finish feeding, take a couple of minutes and make your child burp. This is a way that is adopted by all parents if he doesn’t burp – the food will not be digested and the baby will have an uncomfortable stomach!



Ginger is a very good remedy for an upset stomach. This is so because it contains chemicals such as gingerols and shogaols which help to hasten the stomach contractions. Ginger also aids in reducing nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Thus, if your toddler has an upset stomach – add ginger to his diet!



Cinnamon is a good home remedy as it works as an antacid and that helps in improving digestion and absorption. Cinnamon is excellent because it is loaded with nutrients and has a lot of benefits. Thus cinnamon should be chewed on; another added point is that – it’s quite delicious!

Cold milk

cold milk

Cold milk is an excellent way to treat heartburn. There is ample calcium present which ends up providing relief from the burning sensation in the stomach. Thus, if your child is suffering from indigestion or stomach problems then make him drink cold and not hot milk.



Many people eat jaggery after a meal because it is good for digestion. It helps to reduce acidity in the stomach, and thus, one should have jaggery every day after a meal. This works wonders for healing stomach and indigestion!

There are various other remedies as well which are considered good home remedies for acidity and gas problem. These include mint leaves, aloe vera, buttermilk, coconut water, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, gooseberries, Bananas, garlic, raw almonds, lemon water, papaya, fennel seeds, and tulsi.


Thus, the above home remedies for acidity and gas problem are very effective and work majorly. However, if your toddler continues to have gas, and feel discomfort even after applying the above remedies then the most common suggestion would be – take your toddler to a doctor! There are times when the situation can be very severe, seeking instant result. The home remedies above cannot provide instant solution and hence, a doctor is pretty much needed.

However, we want to assure you that the above remedies usually work, and are very effective and affordable as well. One doesn’t need to go out of his way to apply these home remedies. They are very easily accessible. Thus, we hope the article was a delightful read.  

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