Effective home remedies for alcoholism and their results

home remedies for alcoholism

There are families that get together every night and drink, this is not something one needs to worry about – but if someone is drinking continuously every day then he/she might be an alcoholic. Alcoholism does not only take over the person consuming vast amounts of liquor but also over their families who have to bear with the man indulging in too many drinks. It becomes a routine and an episode that happens every day. We are going to lay down – home remedies for alcoholism.

Families are tortured by this and raise several questions like – please provide some alcoholism treatment, what is alcoholism and its effects, the alcoholism effects on health and most importantly to understand why someone is drinking so much, what is the alcoholism causes?

home remedies for alcoholism

What is alcoholism?

A person is called an alcoholic when they drink every day and drink to such an amount that they are not able to manage their behavior or realize what they are doing. This is known as an alcohol use disorder.  Alcoholism is divided into three categories – mild, moderate and severe. Each of these categories have different symptoms.

People with this disorder feel that they can’t function properly without alcohol. This has a bad impact on not only the alcoholic but his families, friends, and everyone who cares for him.

Symptoms of one becoming an alcoholic

When one is on the verge of becoming an alcoholic, there are various symptoms that his/her family should look out for. Some being that he keeps craving alcohol, he is not able to control the amount of alcohol he consumes, he makes alcohol his priority when he cannot stop thinking of alcohol and wants to drink all the time, and he starts to behave differently after drinking alcohol.

symptoms of becoming an alcoholic

When one sees these symptoms, then be warned. Your family member is on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. Though one can go to a rehabilitation centre or even a doctor, we provide with certain home remedies for alcoholism

Home remedies may not be that effective, especially if the person has reached a severe stage, however, do give them a chance, and see if results are good or not!

Home remedies for alcoholism



This is popularly known as the needle based therapy and is proven to be very useful in doing away with alcohol cravings, the withdrawal symptoms, and tends to handle the anxiety and depression that goes along with it.

Not only alcoholics but many other people get acupuncture done for various health reasons. This is considered as one of the best home remedies for alcoholism!

Drink milk thistle

milk thistle

Milk thistle is said to be good because it is rich in silymarin. This is seen as very helpful in restoring health of the liver and protecting against any damage that alcohol has caused. Some studies have said that milk thistle may be good for livers that have been exposed to a lot of alcohol; there are some which are still not very sure how much milk thistle can actually help.

In meantime to absorb this thistle as it contains the antioxidant silymarin!


image showing celery

This is a form of juice that should be consumed every day in abundance. This juice is very good in terms of getting rid of one’s craving for alcohol. Though this is a small step in terms of home remedies for alcoholism, it is said to be highly effective.

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Grape juice

image showing grape juice

Grape juice contains a form of pure alcohol, and hence one should consume this every day. Once a person starts drinking grape juice and goes back to his normal diet – then his craving for traditional and hard liquor just goes away!


image showing dates

If one is on the verge of becoming an alcoholic or is an alcoholic then they should consume dates every day. Dates do wonders! Don’t eat dates just like that, have them with water. After a month of consumption, one will find that the tendency towards drinking alcohol reduces. Yes, dates can be your guardian angel!

Lemon and honey

image showing lemon and honey

Many consume lemon and honey to get rid of alcoholism. This works very well because honey contains sugar and fructose that help to remove the urge of alcohol. However, this remedy is not suggested for people with diabetes. Also, lemon and honey should be taken in warm water. This is a very effective remedy but not one recommended for people with sugar problems

Willow Bark

images showing willow bark

Willow trees are very useful in helping alcoholics. The bark of the tree has compounds that help in relaxing one’s craving for alcohol and keeps the brain calm. Hence, we should be happy that our nature that we always look out to disrupt – only gives us positivity in exchange

Eating bananas and apples

bananas and apples

Fruits like bananas and apples are very important. Alcohol tends to drain potassium from the body, and hence it is very compulsory to eat bananas since potassium is responsible for nerve impulse transmission.  The need for potassium in the body is very urgent.

On the other hand fruits like apples tend to reduce the craving for alcohol. Apart from that it also helps to remove toxins from the body. Hence, apple juice should be given to alcoholics quite often.



Exercising daily is not only a home remedy for alcoholism but for many other diseases and disorders. If one exercises regularly, then they tend to build control over their bodies, and this tends to reduce any form of craving for alcohol. Hence, it is important to exercise daily and be healthy. A healthy body will crave only healthy foods and drinks, and not things like alcohol and smoking


At the end of it, we would suggest that the best way to stop drinking is to sit with your family and loved ones and have a good conversation. Everything should be laid down on the plate. A family is a very strong support system, and taking help from the family and loved ones can be very useful. One is also suggested to see a therapist and find out the deep root causes behind one’s intake of alcohol.

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