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Several effective home remedies for arthritis pain relief

Several effective home remedies for arthritis pain relief


Home remedies for arthritis pain relief. which includes exercising, losing weight, meditating and eat herbal supplements with hot and cold therapy

Aging is a natural process, every day we grow. In fact, time ends up flying and one doesn’t realize how they become older with every passing moment. Old age can be relaxing as one can travel and explore the world. However, with the pro’s also come the cons. This being severe joint pains known as arthritis. As one grows older, their bones become weaker and start giving away. This can be a severe condition and can hamper one’s walking. These joint pains not only happen in old people but also children. Today we are going to lay down – home remedies for arthritis pain relief. One doesn’t necessarily need to visit a doctor since the remedies we will mention are pretty much natural with no side –effects, and very cheap and easy to follow. Before we unearth these, let us understand what arthritis is

What is arthritis

Arthritis is mainly common among senior citizens; however, it can occur among teens and children as well. This is classified as an inflammation of the joints area, which makes it very difficult for one to walk and travel. There are many types of arthritis, but the very common ones are – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriatic Arthritis. All the above are different from one another, and the pain varies along with the immunity system.


Now that we have determined what arthritis is and its very different forms, several questions are laid down, such as what are the natural supplements for arthritis? Is there an arthritis cure? The foods to avoid for arthritis? And most importantly can arthritis be cured permanently?

Symptoms of arthritis

One can find themselves under the umbrella of arthritis if they have fever, are facing depression, if they are undergoing loss of joint function, joint deformity, if they have started limping,  and if one is becoming anemic.


If one does feel that the above symptom s apply to them then they should carefully read the home remedies for arthritis pain relief

Causes behind arthritis


The main causes behind these joint aches are mainly growing old and not being able to take care of your muscles and joints. This pain can be very acute and can hamper one’s daily functioning. And, hence we hope you’ll read the home remedies provided by us with care and good attention. We hope that they help you find relief from the pain and do away with arthritis and make your bones stronger!

Home remedies for arthritis pain relief

Lose weight

lose weight

One very important home remedies for arthritis pain relief is to lose weight. If one is obese, or even fat a lot of pressure tends to lie on your bones, and hence makes one weak. Therefore, we suggest that one loses weight and becomes healthy!

Losing weight will only decrease the pain and increase mobility. Thus, start exercising from today itself if one wants to reduce the pain on their joints!

Exercise a lot


It is not only about losing weight but if one exercises that will improve the flexibility in one’s joints. Running fast and walking at a very fast pace can actually be harmful since a lot of stress lays down on the joints. Thus, one should do exercises where the impact on the joints is very low – these include aerobics or even swimming! These will help to make your joints flexible, without much damage to them

Use hot and cold therapy

Putting hot and cold pressure can be very good for the joints and the bone aches. One is suggested to take long warm baths; these showers will only ease the stiffness in the joints. Apart from that, a heating pad on the joints is also a very good way to provide relief from pain.

Apart from just the hot, even cold treatments can be very useful as home remedies for arthritis pain relief. Cold treatments help to reduce pain and swellings. An ice pack on the joints can do wonders and remove the pain instantly!

Eat turmeric


One of the very popular home remedies for arthritis pain relief includes consuming turmeric. This is useful as it contains a chemical called curcumin. Curcumin is known to reduce arthritis pain. Hence, one should consume turmeric and mix It in the dishes ones so longingly desires!



Massages are a very good way to reduce the pain in the joints. They are highly relaxing and makes one’s mind calm and removes all form of stress. Massaging the joints and the right areas only makes the bones stronger and way more relaxed. Also, it is important to get a massage therapist who knows how to deal with arthritis patients.



It is considered one of the best home remedies for arthritis pain relief. This is done so because meditation removes all forms of stress and makes the mind calm. When that happens, all the pain from the bones and joints tend to disappear. Hence, mediation not only relaxes your mind but also relaxes the pain in the joints and the bones

Hence, meditate every day and feel the change!

Herbal supplements

There are various and a variety of herbal supplements that help to reduce joint pain and relieves one from arthritis. Some of these herbs include – bromelain, devil’s claw, ginkgo, stinging nettle, thunder god vine, and Boswellia.

However even though the above herbs are natural, one should talk to their doctor before trying out a new one or changing from one to another, as there may be some side – effects associated with them! Thus, do take care


Hence, we hope the above remedies come to use. The above are one of the best home remedies for arthritis pain relief. They are easy to achieve and are very cost effective. Arthritis can be of many types, and to do away with the pain can become a major challenge, especially in old age. One’s body functioning is hampered by the existence of arthritis, and hence the above home remedies should be followed

Go to a doctor if

However, there may come a scenario, where the above may not apply, due to the severity of the disease. In such cases we suggest you to visit your doctor!

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