Home remedies for asthma cough and how it can be cured

Home remedies for asthma cough. Natural kitchen remedy like onions, garlic, ginger and breathing techniques are listed below

A lot of people suffer from asthma. It is a very common disease and many humans are affected by it. Asthma basically causes difficulty in breathing and is triggered when there is an obstruction in the flow of air in one’s lungs. We are going to elaborate on home remedies for asthma cough. Before we provide you with some home remedies, let’s discuss what asthma is

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What is asthma

One can suffer from mild asthma, acute asthma or be the receptor of severe asthma. It is a long term disease that causes trouble breathing and prevents a good amount of oxygen from reaching the lungs. Some signs of asthma are – coughing, wheezing, difficulty in breathing and tightening of the chest. Hence, today we are going to deeply study this disease

Can asthma be cured?

We have some good news for you! Apart from just going through the usual routine of visiting your doctor – we are going to emphasize on home remedies for asthma cough . Thus, doctors may provide you with a faster relief, but going about things naturally is always preferred. Addition to this we also need to control our breathing and do some breathing exercises.

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Home remedies for shortness of breath:

We are going to elaborate on ways of treating asthma. Many ask if there is a permanent cure for asthma? We cannot really answer that but can provide you with various home remedies for asthma cough. Below being some of them

Mustard oil

Granny’s recipe, very good home remedies for asthma cough. An old remedy, mustard oil mixed with camphor provides instant relief. This mixture has to be put on your chest. Once applied, one will find relief and a tinge of mint on their chest.  This is regarded as a very good home remedy for asthma cough. This never fails to provide relief


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Second, another very popular home remedy for asthma cough is ginger. There is no doubt that ginger always works and is one of the oldest home remedies for asthma patients. However, do not eat the ginger just like that – mix ginger with honey and pomegranate and eat it at least thrice a day

Breathing Technique

Third, apart from just the foods, it is also good to concentrate on one’s breathing. Controlled breathing is a very important part in doing away with asthma. Good breathing tends to generate more air in the lungs. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, when you inhale your abdomen should go out, and while exhaling your abdomen should go inwards. This is a highly recommended technique for chronic asthma

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Fourth, coffee is also a very good medium to do away with asthma.  It clears one’s nasal passage hence helping people to breathe easily. Not many people recommend caffeine but when it comes to doing away with asthma, it is a good technique!

Fruits and vegetables

Fifth, It has been proven that women and men who ate a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits had fewer chances of asthma, as compared to people who did not have a nutritious diet. Apple as a fruit is highly recommended and said to cure asthma. One should intake vegetables and fruits daily! This will make one healthy, better one’s immune system and do away with diseases like asthma.


Sixth, not many people like to eat onions because of the taste and the smell it leaves behind. However, onions are very good for people who suffer from asthma. It helps to eat at least one onion a day. Onion is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and is also said to clear the airways – helping one to breathe easily!

Omega – 3 fatty acids

Seventh, these acids are said to cure asthma. Found in different types of nuts, fish, and seeds – this is an easy way to do away with breathing troubles. Fatty acids are not only good for asthma patients but are very relevant to those with mental and physical conditions such as mood disorders, heart diseases etc. Hence, these acids should become your new best friend. Be healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking fatty acids!

Eucalyptus oil

depicting oil

This oil is very helpful in clearing out nasal passageways since it is very good to break down mucus. How does this work? One has to inhale this oil nicely and deeply. Put some drops of this oil on a napkin and put it near your nose. One should inhale this towel at night before sleeping. It will definitely bring about relief and a good night’s sleep.

Above have been mentioned various home remedies for asthma cough. These remedies have been suggested as useful and have been said to provide a lot of relief to people suffering from asthma. Apart from just in taking some foods, acids and inhaling oil – it is very important to keep a track of your breathing as well. Breathing exercises are very important to do away with asthma. However, if these don’t work – visit your doctor! Your asthma may be too severe to be treated by home remedies, do not avoid going to your doctor and taking his suggestion.

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