Instant and effective home remedies for a bad headache

Home remedies for a bad headache. Some include doing yoga, exercising and keeping away from strong smell i.e. without medicine

Life is already very stressful and competitive, and to sail it with a headache becomes even worse. A headache in lay man’s term is a pain in the forehead. The pain can be minimal or be very acute. How much ever the density might be, one cannot get work done with a headache. A headache is a painful way of living the day. We are going to throw light on – home remedies for a bad headache


Many question if there is a headache cure or a headache treatment. We are going to lay down some easy home headache remedies that will provide an answer to your question. Apart from that, we are also going to focus on headache causes and their symptoms!

Headache meaning

In short, a headache is this persistent pain in the head, it can also cause worry and difficulty in doing the daily chores. So, yes it does hamper one’s living style and the work that needs to be done. There are different kind of headachesmigraine headache, headaches due to sinus, and tension headaches.

Causes behind a headache

Before we delve into home remedies for a bad headache, we need to understand what the causes are. First there might be a problem with the blood vessels in and around the brain, second, a headache can be due to meningitis, a brain tumor or a traumatic brain injury can lead to severe headaches. There are some simpler causes as well – such as a hangover, concussion, dehydration, if a person grinds their teeth at night, influenza, panic attacks or even a stroke.

Symptoms of a headache

Let us understand and enlighten one as to what the symptoms of a headache are. Symptoms for headaches vary, and depend on the kind of headache one is undergoing.

 In the case of migraines the symptoms are blurred vision, nausea, loss of appetite, fever, and dizziness


During sinus headaches one feels deep and persistent pain on the cheekbones and forehead, one also faces nasal discharge, fullness in the ears, and facial swelling

As far as tension headaches go, the pain goes and comes on and off, there is a disturbed concentration, one also faces muscle ache and there is a lot of difficulty in falling off to sleep.

There are also such things as cluster headaches, and their signs include pain behind or around one’s eye, the pain tends to last for a short time but the headache comes back again in a matter of hours, these headaches tend to occur very often and usually at the same time span every day!

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Home remedies for a bad headache

Now that we have understood what a headache is, and the different types of headaches, let us further this article by laying down some home remedies for a bad headache

Drink water

image showing water

Water is a home remedy that is suitable for almost all types of illnesses and infections. It has been proven that dehydration leads to headaches, and hence It is very essential for one to keep drinking water, and keep themselves hydrated.  Hence, drink ample water every day.


Magnesium is a very good home remedy for headaches. People who get frequent headaches are said to have a magnesium deficiency. Hence, take magnesium supplements. However, these supplements can have some side effects as well such as diarrhea. So, it has been suggested to start with a small dosage!

Do not drink too much alcohol

image saying no to alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is also said to trigger headaches. Not only does alcohol lead to migraines but also causes tension and cluster headaches in a lot of people. Hence, change your lifestyle and make alcohol only a minute part of it – especially if one wants to get rid of headaches!

Get a good sleep

image showing someone sleeping

If one is not having a good night’s sleep and is sleeping for less than six hours then he/she is going to be more prone to headaches, as compared to people who get good rest and at least eight hours of sleep!

However, it has been suggested that people who sleep a lot are also prone to headaches, hence the right amount of rest is essential. Don’t sleep too less either too much!

Essential oils

image showing oils

This type of oil is very helpful in getting rid of headaches. It is considered one of the very good home remedies for a bad headache. They contain a very good aroma, hence providing one with instant relief. One has proven that peppermint and lavender oils are especially good for headaches!

Apply these oils to the temples and one will find instant results and relief!

Use a cold compress

A cold compress is very useful and considered a very good home remedy to do away with a bad headache. When one applies a cold compress – it tends to decrease inflammation, slows the nerve conduction and finally constricts blood vessels. All of these things are helpful in reducing pain.

Do some yoga every day


Yoga and any other form of exercise keeps one healthy. This is a very good way to get rid of the tormenting headaches! It has been proven by a study that people who invested time in yoga saw that the frequency of headaches had reduced and they felt lighter and stress-free as compared to those who didn’t take up yoga or any other form of exercise

So, exercising is actually good for a person, and helps them rid of all their stress, anxiety, depression and most importantly any form of headaches!

Stay away from strong smells

Inhaling strong smells can be a cause behind headaches, and hence it has been suggested to keep away from them.  These include smells of strong perfumes or even cleaning chemicals. A study has proven that people who are sensitive to smells faced headaches especially from a strong perfume smell

So, if your smell is sensitive then keep away from strong perfumes, and other forms of smells.


We have laid above several home remedies for a bad headache. However, if the above does not help and you continue to face headaches – then the good option would be to visit your doctor and understand and solve your condition with a medicine!

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