Home remedies for common warts and their outcome


Skin and beauty care holds much relevance today. Hence, we find not only the women specie but also the male surmounted by the idea of keeping themselves beautiful and taking care of their body and skin. Yes, beauty plays a major relevance today. We are going to emphasize on warts and – home remedies for common warts.

What are warts

First and foremost let us understand what warts are. They are not a pleasant sight and are a small, fleshy bump on the skin caused by human papillomavirus. As laid down before, they are not something one would associate with beauty, and many encourage them to be removed.  Warts are not usually welcomed or considered beautiful, hence the need for natural remedies to get rid of them

Many questions are raised by the layman when we bring up warts. One of the many questions being how to identify a wart? Warts treatment? And how to remove warts fast. These questions are very valuable and will be answered within the article


Thus, we are going to lay down some home remedies for common warts. But first, let us explore symptoms and causes

Warts symptoms

There are many signs that indicate if one has warts. Some of these being when the flesh changes color to white, pink or tan. When a certain part of the skin becomes rough to touch, an appearance of small and fleshy bumps.

So, if one finds themselves under such circumstances, understand that the weird thing on your skin is a wart. Hence, do read below various ways to do away with them and home remedies for common warts. But before we go on that path, let us delve into the causes behind warts

Causes behind warts

There are not many reasons behind why warts occur. The one very prominent sign as to why they occur are because a certain virus comes in contact with the skin. These lead to development of an infection. Warts mainly appear on skin that is broken, for example due to cuts while shaving and scratches

How to prevent one from having warts


One of the very best ways to avoid having warts is by avoiding to chew fingernails and cuticles. Second, make sure that you wash your hands often and use a sanitizer, third moisturize your skin, especially dry cracked heels, If you have a cut or a scratch – make sure you clean it well. It is also suggested to not share objects like razors, towels or socks. And most importantly don’t touch other people’s warts!

Thus, do the above and you may get a chance to never experience a wart in your life!

Home remedies for common warts

Apply potatoes


Potatoes are considered one of the good home remedies for common warts. All one is required to do is a cut a slice of potato and put it on the area infected by warts. The potato should remain there till the time the skin is saturated.It is suggested to do this process in the morning and night to see a difference!

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

One of the very good home remedies for common warts is to apply apple cider vinegar. Apply cider on a cotton ball. Tie a band aid to it and let it be on the wart for a couple of hours. One will make out an immediate difference

Duct tape

Who would have thought that duct tape would make a difference? One is suggested to place the tape over the wart, and let it be on till as long as you want. Once, you wish to remove it – put a new patch of duct take over the wart. One will see a difference in just a matter of days! Duct tape is actually one of the good home remedies for common warts

Apply an orange


An orange peel can also be very effective. Rub this peel on the wart. This will result in making the wart turn orange and darker. After a couple of weeks the wart will automatically drop off. Continue doing this for at least two weeks.  Oranges work wonders and will be helpful in removing warts of all kinds. Thus, considered one of the best home remedies for common warts.

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Nail polish

This is very helpful, paint the wart with a clear nail polish. Do this not once but every day. Once you do this, one will find instant results in a matter of two weeks. This is a very good home remedy and one will find instant results

Apply aloe vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very good remedy, and one should apply it on the wart. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the aloe vera juice. Once that is done, leave it on for a while. We all are aware regarding the benefits of aloe vera, and hence putting it on the wart every day, for a matter of weeks – will show one a huge difference!

Raw garlic


Raw garlic is a very good remedy. So if one wants to do away with a wart – just apply raw garlic over it for a matter of days – every day! One will find a major difference. Hence, raw garlic is considered one of the good home remedies for common warts!

Castor oil

Castor oil is a very good home remedy and comes to use for many ailments. One of the ailments being warts. All one has to do is purchase castor oil, and rub it on the warts every day for at least two weeks. One will see good results and will definitely be left happy with the difference castor oil can make!


Hence, we have laid down several home remedies for common warts. They are highly useful and effective. There is no doubt about that. But these home remedies, even though work well – they may take time to have an effect. Many people want fast results – and hence they end up seeking dermatologist help.

If your warts to not disappear in a matter of few weeks, even after trying the above home remedies, then one may seek help of a dermatologist. The skin doctor is a fast and an effective way to get a wart-free skin.

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