Successful home remedies for constipation and piles

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Home remedies that help piles & constipation, Treatment Tips & Causes. Some of these being drinking lots of water, and eating a good fibre diet.

We are a website that aims to provide our viewers with constructive and cost-effective home remedies. These are remedies one can try at home, and cure themselves of any infections, diseases or accidents that they might face. Today, we are going to showcase and understand a health issue, very popularly known as constipation. Below are going to be laid down home remedies for constipation and piles, but before we engross you into that, let us understand what constipation and piles are, symptoms of constipation, and more importantly causes of constipation!

What is constipation?

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Constipation mainly occurs when the bowel movements don’t occur frequently and are hard to pass. This can lead to one feeling that their stomach is always full, and an uneasy feeling in the stomach. Clearing one’s tummy is very integral, and should be done every day!

Symptoms of constipation

Many  question as to how to know if they are constipated – To answer this question, we are generously going to lay down some very common symptoms, that will lead one to realize if their digestive system in being problematic or not!

Some of the very common symptoms of constipation and piles are – if one is passing fewer than three stools a week if it’s a strain to pass stool, if one’s stool is lumpy and hard, and a feeling that one can’t completely empty out the stool.


If a person is facing any one or two of the above symptoms, then congratulations – You are constipated!

Now that we have outlined the symptoms of constipation let us understand why constipation and piles emerge!

The very common causes behind one having a troubled stomach and facing constipation and piles are mainly due to – a change in one’s eating activity, when one doesn’t drink enough water, eating too many dairy products, stress, medications can also have an impact, pregnancy and most importantly eating disorders.

Home remedies for constipation and piles and constipation treatments

Drink lots and lots of water

One of the best ways to do away with a constipated stomach is to drink lots of water. Dehydration can make one’s stomach bad, and hence we suggest one to drink a lot of water. Water is one of the things that are very important and have only good qualities, and the best part – it has no taste or calories!

Eat a good amount of fibre

fibre foods

One of the very best and effective home remedies for constipation is to eat a lot of fibre and to make it an important part of one’s diet. Fibre helps the bowels and the stool to pass through easily. Make sure to eat a certain food containing fibre every day. These include fruits like oranges and bananas!


Some people are under the impression that exercising helps to do away with constipation. Some consider this true while some feel that it is just a myth. Even though it might be a myth, it is still worth a try! After all, exercising can cause no harm, but only good! So, try going for a walk every day and admire the nature while you’re at it

Drink coffee

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One of the home remedies for constipation includes drinking lots of coffee. This drink is said to do away with constipation, as it ends up stimulating the muscles in the gut. Apart from that, coffee also contains a good amount of fibre. So, don’t hesitate – go get yourself some coffee, and drink up! Coffee will only give you a clear stomach.

Eat probiotics

Probiotic food has been proven to relieve one of constipation. They contain lactic acid and short chain fatty acids that improve gut movements, hence making it easier for one to pass stool. If one wants to get rid of constipation and piles, then we suggest them to eat probiotic foods. These are yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

Apart from just the foods, one can also take a supplement rich in probiotics!

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is one of the good home remedies for constipation. It is said to be an osmotic laxative that can be bought online easily. One can take moderate amounts of these supplements, they are very helpful is relieving one of constipation and piles!

People take a very high dosage of these supplements when there is a need to clean out the bowel before a surgery or before any other medical procedures.

Eat good amounts of prunes

image showing prunes

Prunes are said to be one of the best home remedies for constipation. One can eat prune like the way it is or drink it like a juice! Prunes not only contain high amounts of fibre but also contain a natural laxative known as sorbitol.

It has been proven that prunes might actually be more effective than fibre. Hence, if one is constipated, then eat a bunch of prunes or drink it like a juice.

Hot lemon water


Lemon water is very good to help clean one’s stomach! Lemon water is very helpful in flushing toxins from the body, providing relief from constipation. Have lemon water every morning, and you will see the wonders it produces! It helps to do away with not only short term but long term digestion.


So, even though many people take constipation and piles lightly, it can be very troublesome, and cause you a lot of pain while relieving stool. Blood can also be a part of this outcome. It is essential to drink lots of water and keep oneself hydrated, apart from that include fibre in your everyday diet. One might be appalled to see the amount of difference a banana can make!

Visit a doctor if

We have laid down several home remedies to do away with constipation and piles. However, even though the above are very effective, natural and contain no side – effects, your situation could be very heightened. In case that is the problem, then we suggest you to not only rely on the above but also visit your doctor. There are times when a doctor’s advice is very much needed, and it becomes absolutely necessary to take the medication that he prescribes

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